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Global Transport Forum - Media Pack

  1. 1. Specialised events for the transport industry
  2. 2. About Global Transport Forum High quality events for the transport industry. Specialised events for the transport industry Collaboration and innovation We specialise in rail, metro and airport Through key relationships and extensive infrastructure. We focus on the key issues research interviews, our events are created for facing the industry, delivering in-depth the industry by the industry. We listen to you, technical and operational content in our clients, in order to deliver content with a strategic and commercially minded the power to make a real difference to your environment. Our team has a wealth of business. We deliver this content via unique specialist knowledge and experience across event formats: a creative blend of keynotes, the transport and the events industry. We are case studies, panels, breakout sessions, in a unique position to meet the needs of the workshops, technical visits and networking world’s airports, railways and metros through functions. Global Transport Forum events our events. are powerful platforms for senior industry professionals to meet, share information, network and do business. Our vision is to deliver world-leading, specialised transport infrastructure events with the highest quality of content and attendees
  3. 3. Our specialist areas Dedicated exclusively to transport infrastructure. To modernise Heathrow’s IT infrastructure Modernising the rail system Maximising metro capacity Delivering the airports of the future The capacity crunch Coping with increasing urban populations The rail industry is experiencing a global Ever increasing urban populations are putting Creating operational efficiency growth in passenger numbers. In 2008 great strain on the world’s metro systems. The majority of the world’s major airports Eurostar’s passenger numbers increased There is a need for a fast, efficient and are already operating at close to maximum by 10.3%. This trend is creating numerous continuous service. Metros old and new, large capacity. The industry has no choice but to challenges as capacity is stretched. However, and small, face many different challenges. react to these challenges. BAA has recently it is also a key driver in the development of The one challenge common to all is the need committed to investing £137 million to the industry. Advances in rail infrastructure to maximise network capacity. One option modernise Heathrow’s IT infrastructure. maintenance processes and technologies and is to build new lines; another is to extend Leading airport owners and operators are on the implementation of modern rail signalling existing lines. For optimum network efficiency, a drive to integrate processes and systems for and train control systems, are driving the ultimate aim is to maximise capacity on greater efficiency in airport operations in order efficiency, maximising capacity, reducing all lines, whether old or new. to maximise existing capacity, reduce costs costs and increasing revenues. and increase revenues. Reducing headways, increasing profitability A high-speed future To achieve this, metro operators must Expanding airport capacity Railways are increasing high-speed capacity reduce headways. This requires investment In the medium term it is inevitable that air to cope with future demand. The Spanish in new lines and new technologies, such traffic will continue to grow, leading to further government is planning to spend over as automatic train operation. This must be technical and operational challenges. The €100 million over the next 15 years on the balanced with the constant pressure to reduce industry is reacting to these challenges and development of their high-speed network, operating costs. Network improvements must creating opportunities for growth through one of many exciting developments. As we be brought online in a time and cost efficient airport modernisation and expansion. With move to a future of very high-speed rail, manner, if they are to increase cost recovery over $68 billion worth of infrastructure selecting and implementing the right high- ratios as well as capacity. In 2008 Eurostar’s passenger development currently underway across numbers increased by 10.3%. speed rail technology is ever more important. South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, we Global Transport Forum events bring together are witnessing the delivery of the highly Global Transport Forum events bring together senior managers, technical specialists and advanced airports of the future. Global rail infrastructure managers, operators and project leaders from metro operators, city Transport Forum events provide a forum for suppliers to discuss the challenges of today transport authorities and suppliers. They airport owners, operators and suppliers to and the opportunities of tomorrow. At our discuss the technical and operational discuss the innovations across technology, events, senior industry professionals shape challenges of designing, building, operating operations, design and development that are the future for an interoperable, efficient, cost and maintaining the fast and efficient metros driving the industry forward. At our events, effective and profitable railway network. of the future. attendees share their experiences and form the relationships that will harness these innovations and turn the vision into reality.
  4. 4. How we work Information-driven and innovative events for the industry, by the industry Relationships with industry leaders Our specialised Advisory Boards, made up The quality of Global Transport Forum events of the industry’s most respected leaders and is enhanced and guaranteed by collaborating innovators, meet once a year and constantly with key individuals and organisations from provide us with ideas for content, speakers across the industry. The major infrastructure and sponsors. Collaborating with the industry owners and operators on our Advisory Boards ensures that our events are always at the ensure that our content is customer led and cutting edge. independent. We also consult with each industry’s leading suppliers to ensure that all perspectives are considered. We actively seek the input of the most respected industry associations, in return delivering benefits to their members and widening participation. Partnerships with international and regional media outlets give us access to specific content and markets. The Spanish government is planning to spend over €100 million over the next 15 years on the development of their high-speed network.
  5. 5. Specialised content Thought-provoking delivery Uniquely, Global Transport Forum events Global Transport Forum delivers specialised deliver in-depth technical and operational content in creative ways. We select the best content that addresses the industry’s specific venues in the world’s major cities and invest strategic and commercial needs. We undertake in professional presentation. Delegates sit extensive phone and face-to-face research with in an open round table format to maximise key stakeholders and subject matter experts. information sharing. Dedicated networking As well as our events, we facilitate specialised time is programmed in to increase the learning online communities that communicate and and business development opportunities. network all year round. Our keynote speakers are the most respected Our highly focused conference agendas industry figures, and we carefully select feature the industry’s most senior figures. case studies to give insights into the most Our speakers bring extensive technical and innovative industry projects. We restrict the operational expertise to bear. Global Transport use of slide-show presentations and maximise Forum events always feature case studies participant involvement through multiple and insights from the major projects in each panel sessions, round tables and breakout sector we cover. sessions, all led by specialist facilitators. We deliver hands-on technical and operational workshops, demonstrations and site visits. The result is that Global Transport Forum events are productive, information-packed and stimulating experiences.
  6. 6. Event schedule Our events offer specialised technical and operational content. The European rail network is operating at close to High-speed rail is now connecting cities across Europe has thousands of kilometres of existing maximum capacity. Traditional signalling and train Europe. High-speed rail delivers a clean, efficient rail infrastructure that is struggling to cope with control systems significantly limit the frequency and sustainable mode of rail transport that offers ever increasing volumes of traffic. Whilst new rail of trains and hamper interoperability. This results dramatically reduced travel times. With numerous infrastructure is being planned and delivered it is in high costs and an inefficient use of network projects either in the planning phase or currently crucial that this existing infrastructure is efficiently capacity. Integrating advanced communications underway, there are numerous technological maintained, renewed and upgraded. Firstly, rail based signalling and train control systems will choices that must be made across infrastructure, infrastructure must remain functional, reliable reduce maintenance and lifecycle costs, and signalling and communications and rolling stock. and safe in order to cope with existing traffic. deliver increased safety, efficiency and speed. The Secondly, well-planned maintenance, renewals result is an increase in network capacity, offering and upgrades have the power to increase capacity rail infrastructure managers and operators greater on these overstretched networks. revenue generating potential. Signalling and Train Control 2010 brings High-Speed Rail Design, Build and Operations At Infrastructure Maintenance, Renewals together rail infrastructure managers, train 2010 is a forum for the world’s leading high- and Upgrades 2010 senior figures from rail operating companies, engineering consultants speed rail infrastructure managers, operators infrastructure managers, contractors and suppliers and suppliers. The industry’s innovators will and technology providers. They will discuss will meet to discuss technical solutions to the discuss system requirements, technology selection, the challenges of selecting and implementing challenges of managing rail infrastructure assets implementation and testing, helping to create a the correct technologies in order to deliver the and planning and delivering maintenance, cost effective, efficient, interoperable and profitable sustainable, fast and efficient high-speed networks renewals and upgrades European rail network. of the future. in a cost effective and efficient manner.
  7. 7. Our events provide specialised platforms for senior industry professionals to meet, share information, network and do business. Over $68 billion worth of airport infrastructure development currently underway across South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Ever increasing urban populations are putting great Whilst the global recession has had a huge impact In addition to delivering increased efficiency across strain on the world’s metro systems. There is a need for on the aviation industry, the majority of the capacity to manage the capacity challenge in a fast, efficient and continuous service. Metro operators world’s major airports are still operating at close to the short term, airports are undertaking major must reduce headways to increase service frequency. maximum capacity. It is inevitable that in the long airport expansion and modernisation projects to To do so, they must invest in new technologies and term air traffic will continue to grow, fuel prices meet the forecast mid-term growth in passenger bring these system improvements online in a time and will continue to rise and security will remain strict. numbers. With unprecedented airline expansions cost efficient manner. This must be balanced against Airport capacity will be stretched to the limit. and ever-soaring traffic the Middle East is one the constant pressure to reduce operating costs. Integrated, efficient airside and landside operations region that is aggressively pursuing a series of major are essential in minimising delayed flights, long developments. However it is vital that these big- queues, lost baggage, wasted time and rising costs ticket projects are delivered on time and on budget, and in maximising existing capacity. with minimal disruption to existing airport operations. CBTC World Congress 2010 brings together Airport Terminal Capacity 2010 focuses on the Airport Modernisation and Expansion 2010 senior management, technical specialists and specific challenges facing senior management will bring together airport owners, operators, project leaders from the world’s metros. Leading from airport owners, operators, ground support design, engineering and construction companies, innovators will discuss system requirements and companies, consultancies and technology providers. consultancies and technology providers. Industry technology selection, and best practice strategies The event will shape the operational strategies leaders will address the specific technical and for implementation, operations and maintenance, and highlight the technologies that will drive operational challenges of planning, designing and for both new lines and retrofits. They will shape the strategies that will define the fast, efficient, efficient ground support, cargo, baggage and delivering airport modernisation and expansion automated metro networks of the future. passenger handling operations that will maximise projects in order to increase capacity and cope competitiveness and profitability. with future demands.
  8. 8. 175-185 Gray’s Inn Road | London | WC1X 8UE T +44 (0)20 7812 0707 | F +44 (0)20 7812 0646 | E