Irac 1.31.13


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  • An overview of GlobalResaerch activities to support UCSF international research. The project is funded by UCSF CTSI and collaborates with UCSF GHS
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Irac 1.31.13

  1. 1. GlobalResearchat UCSFTeresa Moeller
  2. 2. IRAC issues:What we work on after these meetings adjourn ¡  Creating community ¡  GlobalResearch forums- premiered at June meeting ¡  GlobalResearch News- outreach across campus ¡  Interest Groups- facilitating networking ¡  Social networking ¡  Creating resources and support ¡  Consultation service ¡  Working groups (travel, compliance, finance) ¡  International Database (IPD) ¡  GlobalHUB ¡  Ensure systems in development share global voice ¡  Supporting Early career faculty (JrGlobal) 
  3. 3. Creating CommunityGlobalResearch forums ¡  Use newsletter to drive users to site ¡  1,800 visits, 25% return rate ¡  Un-gated open resource- no login ¡  Critical mass not met- people are not posting
  4. 4. CreatingcommunityGlobalResearch News1800 initial subscribers 2770 current27% open (good for academia)News, events, funding, awards &gossipTracks GH active residents andstudents as they move to otherinstitutions, keeping them in touchwith UCSF abroad
  5. 5. CreatingcommunityInterest groups¡  Interest Groups- central point to join. Online presence for groups¡  Posting and updates are immediate¡  Assist in ID-ing members and maintaining email lists
  6. 6. Creatingcommunitysocial networking¡  Facebook- Bay Area Global Health Events¡  Twitter: events & RFA’s, syndicatable by anyone.¡  Google calendar? Auto-populates UCSF accts
  7. 7. Resources and SupportConsultation services ¡  A mechanism to credit faculty for time spent ¡  Available to external consultees ¡  Used to capture conundrums with no easy answer
  8. 8. Resources and support Working groups (travel, compliance, finance)¡  GH finance issues are developed in RA forums, as UC transitions to OE, the topics that are addressed are posted to the GlobalResearch Grants Management Forum¡  Travel safety subcommittee convenes quarterly for review and action (current hot topic is a unified UCSF approach to needle-stick abroad). Resources developed in the committee are posted to Risk management, the GlobalResearch Travel forum, integrated into student resources, and disseminated in the GlobalResearch Newsletter.¡  UC-wide initiative to standardize export controls- especially deemed export.
  9. 9. Resources and support International Database (IPD)Revamp of front and back end. Improve functionality & user interface.Add city data, tag programs by topic, parse by active vs archive.
  10. 10. Resources and supportGlobalHUBPartnering with the Office of Ethics and compliance to develop aGlobal HUB modeled on their Clinical Compliance HUB
  11. 11. Resources and supportEnsure systems share Global voice¡  With Profiles to syndicate as much data as possible¡  With contracts and grants, to extract old data and ensure new data systems collect GH data¡  With Risk Management, capture travel data¡  With CHR, capture old data and plan new systems
  12. 12. Early career faculty(JrGlobal) ¡  Identifying Research interest is difficult from a systems perspective¡  Identifying Global health passion is harder¡  Those who fund projects through NGO’s rather than UCSF are a missed resource¡  Many of the career hurdles that are impeded by Global work are left intact as faculty move onto the next hurdle¡  Convening JrGlobal’s formally and informally to identify and address issues, and foster collaborations
  13. 13. IRACcan help¡  Refer GH interested researchers to the resources¡  Include a cc to Paul or Teresa when someone asks a FAQ, we can make sure it gets posted, so you won’t get asked again.¡  You may be tapped for expertise as a consultant¡  You may be tapped for a working group¡  IRAC meetings feature new resources to support GHResearch, let your peers know about them¡  Senior faculty represent expertise in how UCSF conducts research abroad. We convene 3 or 4 times a year. 90 members means we average 25 attendees