[Mr. Yoo] Alllights Village Project


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Date: Dec. 7th 2013
Session: Plenary III: Global Peace Foundation – Making a Global Impact for Peace
Speaker: Mr. David Yoo Kyung Eui; President, Global Peace Foundation Korea, Republic of Korea

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  • 1. Appropriate technology : Alllights Village project develops techniology applicable to a project site and creates better living environments in the village around the world by providing appropriate technology.
  • [Mr. Yoo] Alllights Village Project

    1. 1. Alllights Village Project Since May 2012, in Philippines
    2. 2. Alllights Village Project “Sustainable community development” Allights Village is not just an aiding project but a program to build model villages embodying the vision of ‘One Family Under God.” Creates a sustainable community development model through uplifting human spirit and dignity. Applies various appropriate technology. Focuses on creating better living environment and utilizing eco-friendly energy in order to improve the quality of life. Develops capability of villagers through incomegenerating projects along with character education programs.
    3. 3. • About 1.9 billion people in the world live without electricity • 4,000 people die each day and 1 million more annually due to inhalation of poisonous gases in their homes. Smoke from biomass is one of the leading cause of deaths in underdeveloped countries • 54% of forest in the world has been deforested for domestic fuel • Countries where illiteracy rate is more than 50% are concentrated in Africa and Asia. -> Lack of Education passes down poverty to the children
    4. 4. About Alllights Village Project 1. TECHNOLOGY 2. EDUCATION 3. SELF-RELIANCE 4. PARTNERSHIP
    5. 5. Current state of Alllights Village 17 villages in 5 countries formed
    6. 6. Map of the Alllights Villages in Philippines Since Feb. 2012, GPF has carried out Alllights Village Project. We have implemented 44 projects in 13 Villages in Nueva Ecija Province, the Philippines. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Karugang Sinipit Camias Cabiao Nambabakalan Kaigorotan Rapu 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Tumana, Baranggay Macapsing Tumana, Baranggay San Esteban Carranglan Tamale Dumanas Sacalang
    7. 7. Activities & Results of AVP in Philippines, 2012-2013 Appropriate Technology - Solar Energy - Water Purifier
    8. 8. Since May 2012 8 out of 13 villages received electricity.
    9. 9. Since AVP was implemented, a Provincial Government or municipal government has been working electricity distribution, centering on AVs.
    10. 10. Despite electric power distribution, solar-power lanterns, street lights, and generators are still valid due to high cost of electricity usage. It is planned to develop a project of electricity provision by 2014 by constructing community energy system through income-generating projects in a project site.
    11. 11. Activities & Results of AVP in Philippines, 2012-2013 EDUCATION PROGRAM Character education Literacy education Technology education
    12. 12. Building ALLLIGHTS Hall
    13. 13. Alllights Hall Constructed in 7 villages
    14. 14. Training and Seminar Formation of Cooperation
    15. 15. Character Education 86% of villagers understand visions of AVP substantially People are more inspired to develop the community and live for the sake of others through character education.
    16. 16. People leanrned culture of sharing and how to socialize (27.5% respondents)
    17. 17. People are willing to put their own effort to develop their community and bring the harmony in the village (64.9% respondents)
    18. 18. Alternative Education Mae Pascua, a 2nd grader, from the 1st Alllights Village could study at night with a solar lantern and her score went up from the middle rank to the top 3 in her school. Her mother passed elementary course through Alternative Learning System (ALS)
    19. 19. “ Where there is LIGHT, There is KNOWLEDGE” Citio / Barangay Enrollment Sitio Nambabacalan Sitio Kaigorotan Sitio Tumana Sitio Rapo NAT ALS (National Achievement Test) (Alternative Learning System) 33% → 44% 80.55% → 85.74% 36 learner 8% → 13% 67.05% → 82.03% 68.67% → 81.21% 11 learner 19 Families 61 learner
    20. 20. ALS is actively spreading out not only children but adults especially who only got primary education (47.9% of adults)
    21. 21. Since ALS started, parents have been motivated to encourage their children’s education and taken more care of educational environment. 28.8% of villagers responded they sent children to school for character education
    22. 22. Alllights Hall functions as the center of town meeting as well as a place for education, service project by other NGOs. (Prior to AH construction these activities were organized in outdoors)
    23. 23. The 2nd village started community activities, centering at Alllights Hall. They made the first case of community-driven development by cultivating vegetables in a community lot near AH
    24. 24. Alllights Hall in the 9th village is used as a day-care center and residents rotate work shifts. Previously parents usually had to leave their children alone during the day because of farming and AH improved children’s nurture environments.
    25. 25. Activities & Results of AVP in Philippines, 2012-2013 INCOME GROWTH PROJECT
    26. 26. Carabao Project In 2014, Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) will provide one water buffalo to each family (total 50 families) in the 4th AV in Llanera, Nueva Ecija after buffalo’s residential facilities are constructed
    27. 27. ▶ 1 Carabao Dairy products Organic fertilizer ▶ Yearly income 2,400 USD 1 water buffalo can bring yearly 2,400 USD of income by producing milk and manure for organic fertilizer, which could be one of core axes of income-generating projects in the Philippines.
    28. 28. Currently average yearly income of AV residents is 1,080 USD. Carabao project is expected to increase the income by three times increased by more than three times $ 1,080
    29. 29. Activities & Results of AVP in Philippines, 2012-2013 Housing Project Partners: • LGU Llanera • Community Mortgage Program • Habitat Philippines • GPF Philippines • GPF Korea
    30. 30. Housing Project with Habitat for Humanity Construction cost per family 120,000 PHP Monthly rent 400 PHP Construction period 6 Months ※ Est. Total 120 units are to be constructed ※ Monthly rent 400 PHP
    31. 31. Groundbreaking ceremony
    32. 32. Activities & Results of AVP in Philippines, 2012-2013 PARTNERSHIP with domestic and global organizations (NGOs, corporations, governments)
    33. 33. Patron : Cardinal Rosales
    34. 34. Philippine AV is based on a partnership with a local government. Bongabon Municipal government invested for the land clearing, Korean Cooperation provided basketball court facilities, and Koreans volunteered in construction.
    35. 35. Partnership with the Department of Education, Division of Nueva Ecija Signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between Dr. Edna Santos-Zerrudo, Schools Division Superintendent, Nueva Ecija and Ann Montejo-Arevalo , GPF GlobALS
    36. 36. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between GPF and Provincial Government of Nueva Ecija PROVINCIAL ORDINANCE NO. 01-s-2012 A PROVINCIAL CODE ADOPTING AND PURSUING A PUBLIC- PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP) APPROACH TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT, CREATING A PPP REGULATORY AUTHORITY, AND PROVIDING APPROPRIATIONS AND INCENTIVES THEREFOR AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES . This code will provide for an efficient partnership between  Nueva Ecija and GPF be it in the area of funding,  counter-parting and project sustainability
    37. 37. Partnership with the Habitat for Humanity
    38. 38. Community development projects with NGOs, Companies and Government in Korean Korea Securities Depository 11th AV in the Philippines Korea Ex.Im. Bank KB Bank Love in Lights Korea NGO Associations the Philippines Samsung Insurance, Gyeong-gi and Kwangju Provincial Govt. GKL Indonesia Kenya
    39. 39. CRS Program & 1% Donation Campaign - By 2014 - 100 Companies - 10000 Donors
    40. 40. Alllights Village Project