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Emerging Market Boot Camps


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This presentation details out the four Boot Camps that the Global Markets Coaching program offers to Western companies who are seeking International Expansion into the High Growth economies of the world, in particular that of China and India.

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Emerging Market Boot Camps

  1. 1. Are You Ready ForInternational Expansion into China or India? Global Markets Business Coaching
  2. 2. Delivering Global Business Opportunities........Global Markets Business Coaching
  3. 3. we enable business owners to succeed in entering new marketsGlobal Markets Business Coaching
  4. 4. by coaching entrepreneurs, business owners and innovators on how to do business in emerging marketsGlobal Markets Business Coaching
  5. 5. this presentation is for those who are interested in getting involved in China or IndiaGlobal Markets Business Coaching
  6. 6. China & India’s Global Impact • With the rise of these two nations, there will be enormous business implications until 2050, mostly beneficial to the world • Both nations require enormous natural resources for their own development and their manufacturing needs • China’s growth is huge, but will peak • India’s growth will grow faster and bigger than China, the time for entry is NOW!Global Markets Business Coaching
  7. 7. How Will India Flourish? • India will contribute to global growth by revitalizing and investing in Western assets and through its huge growth of its domestic consumer markets • India’s economy is globally integrating through extreme integration, via large scale acquisitions, with advanced countries. This is being done with technology, branding and manufacturing assets.Global Markets Business Coaching
  8. 8. How is China Flourishing? • China’s growth will be mostly domestic consumption growth and limited global acquisitions. It already has the physical infrastructure and large state-owned enterprises. • China is expanding globally through other emerging economies i.e. Africa, Caribbean, Latin America and ASEAN, Central Asia and India.Global Markets Business Coaching
  9. 9. China & India’s Rising Tide • 2025 - India’s Share of World GDP will have risen from 6 to 13 % - thus making it the 3rd largest economy in the world. • 2025 - China will be the largest already. • Together China & India will account for a 40% share of global output, equaling the present share of the USA and Europe combined.Global Markets Business Coaching
  10. 10. What are the Global Repercussions? • The Full economic boom will have global repercussions similar to the same of the USA throughout the 20th century. • This will pose an unprecedented opportunity, as well as a challenge, to the West. • What should be your response?Global Markets Business Coaching
  11. 11. Your Emerging Market Endeavor Global Markets Business Coaching
  12. 12. There are 2 Main Reasons for Failure in Entering China or India • The lack of a Rigorous Market Entry Plan and • A lack of a thorough understanding of the Markets and the opportunities and risks per your industry, ability and ambitionGlobal Markets Business Coaching
  13. 13. Are You Ready for International Expansion? Establishing your business in a new emerging market can be both risky and rewarding. To determine whether you’re ready, work through these simple questions: • Why Expand? • Where to? • What are you selling or offering? • How will it work? • Who do you need to involve? • When will you be ready?Global Markets Business Coaching
  14. 14. Boot Camps to Prepare YourEntry into the Emerging Markets Global Markets Business Coaching
  15. 15. Global Markets Coaching Boot Camps • Exploration Camp - Exploration of the Emerging Markets of the World • Opportunity Camp - Matching Your Ambition with Opportunity • Market Entry Camp - Development of Your Emerging Market Entry • BRIC Development Camp - Developing Your Venture into China & IndiaGlobal Markets Business Coaching
  16. 16. Interested in Learning How to Fast Track to India or China?Global Markets Business Coaching
  17. 17. Global Markets Coaching Boot Camps Follow this Link to Learn about how our Boot Camps can Help you towards International Expansion enquiries@globalmarketscoach.comGlobal Markets Business Coaching