Services offered by mobile application development companies


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Services offered by mobile application development companies

  1. 1. Services Offered By Mobile Application Development CompaniesThe mobile phone market has expanded manifold over the last few decades and is one of the fastestgrowing consumer market today. In addition to that, what acted as a catalyst is the new age mobileapplication development and its innovative software. These applications are fast and easy to beincorporated with the mobile devices and helps in boosting sales. Today the world has become anapplication-friendly world where tech savvy and professional mobile application developers are providingus with user-friendly and timesaving applications that users can use on the go.Today the demand for technologically advanced phones has become so essential that with every passingday more and more software enterprises are foraying into mobile application development. Theopportunity to expand and create new business opportunities are more here, as the domain is increasingwith every passing day. A mobile application that is launched today is updated sometime later. There isscope for constant innovation. The market is filled with mobile operating systems and platforms such asBlackberry, Windows, Java, Android and Symbian and few more. Mobile application development is justnot another development method at work, but rather a process that helps to increase the productivity ofyour mobile device and also the total business life.Eminent software product development companies today are equipped with the processes, tools and thenecessary expertise and experience that helps them to develop mobile applications fast and in a cost-efficient manner. Some of the noted focus areas are- Location-Based Services (LBS) Mobile Media Streaming Presence & Social Networking Messaging & Syncing Mobile Advertisement & Ad Engines Mobile VoIP GamingThis apart, they have the experience with working with top-level companies and help them with efficientproduct lifecycle management solutions. Let us have a look at some of the mobile application support anddevelopment facilities that they provide:-
  2. 2. Developing mobile applications in J2ME, BREW, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry Conceptualizing mobile applications and eliciting requirements, for instance UI design, prototype, wireframes, user stories Designing, developing and testing applications Porting mobile applications between platforms and devices Developing server-side and infrastructure, including for location & mapping services Integrating third-party components on the server side, for instance SMS/MMS, billing, feeds, ads, content and many others Integrating carrier, SMSC and billing systems, for instance LBS platform for location determination Coordinating with carriers and device manufacturers for mobile application testing and certification, for instance NSTL, Java Verified Launching and distributing mobile applications Carrier Catalogs and Storefronts Providing maintenance and support servicesMobile application development is a booming industry and is estimated to increase inthe coming years. This offers an opportunity for the small and as well as large sizedcompanies to make profits.Also read on - Ecommerce solutions, Open source software deployment