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Simulated Phishing Attacks – Helping You Stay Prepared


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With phishing attacks wreaking havoc, enterprises need to take a proactive approach and engage in

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Simulated Phishing Attacks – Helping You Stay Prepared

  1. 1. Simulated Phishing Attacks – Helping You Stay PreparedWith phishing attacks wreaking havoc, enterprises need to take a proactive approach and engage inexternal threat monitoring against your brand, assets, and intellectual property. Most phishingattacks are naturally targeted towards the ones who are know nothing about phishing andconsequently end up paying a heavy price for their vulnerability. It is therefore essential to learn toidentify phishing attacks.It is found that the most effective people control against phishing is user education. Educating userson phishing protection and the risks of phishing, how it happens, how to identify phishing attemptsis imperative. In the past, there have been numerous employee awareness programs andanti-phishing solutions in order to limit these attacks. However, to contain the challenge arising fromphishing attacks, businesses in the field of information risk management and security services haveto look for a reputed service provider with powerful solutions who also conduct a simulated phishingattack.A simulated phishing attack works as a teachable moment and plays a crucial role in the subsequenttraining that works for the employee. In addition, it helps to get workers to realize just howvulnerable they are to attacks that use social engineering to gain their confidence.Some of the other benefits of a simulated phishing attack are:● Specific awarenessWhen workers fall for a simulated attack, they become more aware of the real threat and morereceptive to the message from IT security.● Improvement in the security awarenessSimulated attack programs help to open the lines of communication between workers and securitystaff, which in turn helps to improve the efficiency of general security awareness training.● Provides security training metrics
  2. 2. Simulated attacks allow you to track the effectiveness of your security training over time and totarget the areas or people that most need additional training.● Helps to focus on user behaviorPeople can be a weak link in the security chain when it comes to social engineering attacks.Conducting simulated attacks can help train an employee adequately on the basis of his weakness.Simulated attacks are a valuable part of user awareness training, when done right. And althoughsecurity awareness programs need to be a part of every enterprise, the best line of security defenseis educating users. Aid your employees against attacks by investing in solutions that can help theorganization in dealing with potential Phishing risks. Educating the users, the management, andemployees ensure that that organization is better prepared.Read More About: phishing awareness, anti phishing tool, Enterprise Spear Phishing.