Essential Aspects of Advanced Product Engineering


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Essential Aspects of Advanced Product Engineering

  1. 1. Essential Aspects of Advanced Product Engineering To explain in simple terms, product engineering is all about a set of methods of designing and developing a device, an assembly or a system so that it can be produced as a sales good through a production manufacturing process. It usually includes the practices that comprise the concerns such as cost, producibility, performance, serviceability, quality, consistency and other user features. Such product features are sorted out in a manner that the final product is attractive to the target users. It includes the development, design, transformation, manufacturing as well as the complete product. The term also includes the development of the product concept as well as the design and development of the products software, mechanical elements and electronics. Major Responsibility Areas For the ones that are willing to have a career in the field of product engineering and wants to be a part of Product Engineering Solutions of leading service providers, needs to have a clear idea about the main responsibility areas. They include the following:· · · · · · Product engineers usually comes up with a comprehensive roadmap and develops the fulfillment during the ramp-up and volume production The process identified and realizes measures for yield improvement, product cost reduction and test optimization Assists in defining a qualification plan and performs electrical characterization analysis Product engineering is the technical interface between the component development team and the product side. This is especially; true post the development phase and qualifications when a high volume production is functioning. Product engineering is all about improving the product quality and safeguards the product reliability. This is done by balancing the expense of test and test coverage that can influence the production falloff. The process assists in assisting failure analysis requests from consumers Product Engineering Skills Proper product engineering needs certain know-how and skills. An efficient product engineers must have in-depth knowledge about the following aspects:· · · · · · · · · Statistical procedures and tools Project management skills Manufacturing procedures Physical analysis procedures Product reliability and qualification methods Automatic test devices and tools Computer supported design and simulation programs Competent analytics work methodologies Problem solving skills Today service providers specializing in product R&D services, has their product engineering labs thereby providing a support base for companies that does not have a product engineering team of their own. It is also for the companies in need of support for a single or an entire product line. These service providers with the overseas product engineering lab provide their clients and consumers with a complete lifecycle R&D, support services with dedicated engineering teams.