Benefits of advanced communication software solutions


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Communication has an important role to play that significantly attributes to the Quality of the Software.

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Benefits of advanced communication software solutions

  1. 1. Benefits of Advanced Communication Software Solutions Communication has an important role to play that significantly attributes to the Quality of the Software. Both informal and formal communications needs to be assessed and evaluated equally. In majority of cases, the informal communications have been noticed to offer productive benefits than the formal means of communications. In addition to that, there are times when informal communication means helps you to cover the missing requirements, be it technical or business. It has been noted that the phase when the telecom providers or operators could generate revenue by strictly depending on voice communication is history today. In the recent time, a more significant aspect of the carrier’s revenue needs to be developed by certain value-added services like mobile content delivery, cloud-based PBX, LBS for mobile devices, M2M enablement services and many more. This expansion of the telecommunication industry has been instrumental in initiating the growth of what is now a distinguished market domain, i.e. the communication software solutions. With the requirement for new age service offerings driving the telecom industry, communication software vendors today are speeding up the forces behind innovation. How Communication Software Service Providers Help? In order to address this situation, today companies specializing in product lifecycle services have attempted to work with some of the leading communication software vendors and Tier-1 and Tier-2 mobile operators, wire line carriers and cable companies for speeding up their R&D practices and seamlessly incorporating the third-party solutions into their networks and other service systems. These service providers have developed several flagship products that today have become the industry standards in the SDP/VAS and OSS/BSS domains, ranging from the custom-built M2M and LBS platforms to business apps that can manage high levels of data and workflow. In addition to that, from design and development, independent verification testing and implementation, to integration and technical assistance, these service providers connects all the phases of the product development lifecycle. Some of the expertise areas include: OSS · Network/services inventory · Service provisioning · Service assurance BSS · CRM · Billing · Revenue assurance SDP/VAS · SMS/MMS, VM, LBS, PTT · Sync, roaming, presence · M2M enablement platforms · Unified communications With the rapid development in the sphere of IT and software technologies communication software solutions too have undergone major changes. Expert service providers have capitalized on these trends and enhanced the existing communication software technologies to serve the end users better. Furthermore, expert service providers today undertake a 360 degree approach in fulfilling the need of their clients and end users. Check out - big data analytics