Case Study for Legal Translation Services


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Case Study for Legal Translation Services

  1. 1. “A legal matter is like a story. It has a beginning and an end. We believe behind every story there’s another story. One that goes deeper. A story that gets to the heart of the matter. A human story.” The Pitmans’ perspective
  2. 2. Global Lingo got to the heart of the matter when translating a website for Pitmans Case study
  3. 3. WHO?
  4. 4. the largest law firm in the Thames Valley national expertise regional leadership local delivery over 150 years of expertise industry award-winners founder of InterAct Europe more than 30 different legal services wide range of sectors multi-national clients
  5. 5. WHAT?
  6. 6. Pitmans Business Immigration (PBI) website Translated from English into Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Simplified Chinese
  7. 7. Legal translation and proofreading
  8. 8. 8 -step process of translation: Pitmans upload the documents to be translated Files analysed by our Project Manager Sample translated texts written by specialised translators
  9. 9. 8 -step process of translation: is translated into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese Pitmans receives FREE quote and nominates the final translators
  10. 10. 8 -step process of translation: Pitmans receive the translated documents on time and on budget. Quality assurance check by Project Manager Independent linguists proofread the translated documents
  11. 11. There’s More
  12. 12. Global Usability Testing
  13. 13. A Global Usability Test provides peace of mind that translated and localised websites will display and work as they should for users who use languages others than English.
  14. 14. As in-country translators, our linguists approached the review from the perspective of the users in the target markets.
  15. 15. found for all languages that have been introduced in the setup process: Key issues Some of the main navigation and the page titles on the Simplified Chinese site had been introduced from an external source, using the Traditional Chinese writing system. This was inconsistent with the Chinese page content and not appropriate to the target market.
  16. 16. Simplified Chinese
  17. 17. found for all languages that have been introduced in the setup process: Key issues The flag used to navigate to the Brazilian Portuguese site was found to be the Portuguese flag, rather than the Brazilian flag. We recommended that this be changed, to ensure that Brazilian users knew that the site was aimed at them.
  18. 18. Brazilian-Portuguese
  19. 19. found for all languages that have been introduced in the setup process: Key issues The contact phone number provided to overseas users needed adding an international dialling code (+44), and providing a standard landline number instead of an 0800 number, as some overseas telecom providers may only support international calls to a geographic number (with an area code).
  20. 20. All languages
  21. 21. “The team at Global Lingo were excellent throughout, providing a fast response to any query, turning around requests for content within tight time frames and adding value with their Usability service. We are now considering further projects with their support.” Pitmans LLP Head of Marketing
  22. 22. Access the complete case study for Pitmans LLP Access other Global Lingo case studies Check out our legal translation services
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