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Brand Lab представя: Портфолио на Богдана Костова

Проект на Фондация Деца на България
Нов Български университет

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Brand Lab представя: Портфолио на Богдана Костова

  1. 1. Different prints project Freestyle drawing
  2. 2. Exploring different styles in one shape
  3. 3. These two collages are a mixture of a few techniques. First, I have used clippings from magazines. In the first for the belt(originally a image of a lamp) and in the second for the top part(originally an image of a handbag). Next, I have used transparent rice paper with which I have made miniature folded ornaments, constructing the garment. Third, I have finished the whole vision with water based paint.
  4. 4. Inspiration images
  5. 5. Process of making: materials used - newspapers and plastic bags Front side, over 100 origamis and over 50 hours of work Back side
  6. 6. Inspiration images
  7. 7. Process of making: Materials used - folios, over 100 CDs discs, paper. Right: finished design. The selected materials recreate the idea of reflective surfaces. They transform the light into various forms as they don’t have a definite color themselves but absorb the image of their surrounding.
  8. 8. This design task requires a collection made with lace. The main inspiration for the lace forms is from different architectural fragments typical for the renaissance and baroque. The shapes and materials represent events and characters also from that times. The key lines of muse are interior ornaments, traditional sleep lingerie and collars. The dissimilarity of the textures of the fabrics(lace- leather) reflects the contrast status quo of different groups of people in the society at that time.
  9. 9. The main inspiration for my design are 5 high-profile social problems: racism, gender equality, body shaming, homophobia and mental health negligence. They have something in common – all could be overcame and also have been the reason of countless discussions, protests and movements around the world. Being influenced by that, I decided to create a “power coat” which is a symbol of confidence, empowers everybody who wears it and inspires everybody that sees it. I chose to use hydrochromic paint because all used fabrics are waterproof, what is more – a message appears on the back side every time it rains. It is a statement against hatred, ignorance and fear. The meaning behind the disappearing text is that: when it’s sunny it’s not visible – as in our happy days we don’t think about our problems and troubles; and when it rains you can see it clearly – as in our bad days we usually are prone to overthink and get depressed: and this is when we mostly need this message! The main colors that I selected are white – for purity but also contains balance of all the colors of the spectrum, gray – neutrality and orange because it offers emotional strength in difficult times. The silhouette is shift and unisex – suitable for everyone and anyone.
  10. 10. The idea of the contest is to create a sustainable collection by using only secondhand clothing, textile waste and all kinds of unused materials. For my designs I have used secondhand blazers, a curtain, leftover suede cuts, leftover rope, textile waste from pattern cutting and some plastic found in a garbage can next to a construction site.
  11. 11. For this project I have used 7 different types of jeans from 7 different brands. The aim is to get a better understanding of the structure of the various denim fabrics. Furthermore, to develop a new design. I have made this coat without pattern cutting. That means that in order to construct the garment and the coat itself, I started with weaving from the back side going on to the front using same sized denim tapes.
  12. 12. In this design task we had to make an outfit in which we have included manipulation. I decided to use alternative materials to the ones you san find in stores. For the cut I have used black fishnet curtain bought from a secondhand store. For the embellishment – shells and snails – I got them from food meals in Lidl. Therefore, they are food waste, transformed into decorative parts. I painted them in black and attached them to the surface of the fabric. Interpretation of the rocking “Ariel”.
  13. 13. The idea of the Master class is to get into a team with other people and for 10 days from being given the theme, to research, develop, create, document and present a collection of designs which number depends on the number of the people in the team. This year’s theme was “Contrasts” and our subtheme was “Past and future”. For our concept we decided to take inspiration from Japan and their art and culture. Kintsugi is a japanese word that means “the art of repairing broken pottery with gold”. The main idea is consisted in creating clothes in something better than they have been by making the defect into effect. Therefore, we have used this idea as a key line of our muse: the past – as a regular pottery – and the future – as something broken and fixed but better. Next, for the silhouettes we have interpreted the traditional kimono with details borrowed from their typical “shoji” windows. The color palette represents the shades of the sky in different parts of the day as it is strongly connected with the Japanese philosophy and religion.
  14. 14. The coat can be worn on the both sides
  15. 15. “ “Fasten your seatbelts”. A collection inspired by aviators, planes, parachutes, flights and everything related. Use of polyester fabrics, waterproof, windproof. This and the next moodboards are all handmade, magazines cuts used only.
  16. 16. “Welcome to the jungle” is a collection in which I experiment with developing a print in different colors, inspired by the tropical climate, exotic destinations and nature’s forms.
  17. 17. “Made in Bulgaria” in Chinese. Inspired by these two graffiti artist’s artworks and the street style in Beijing.
  18. 18. “Soc couture”. Inspired by events, people, cultures, architecture in east European countries which have lived in communism. “Caught” tells a story of being in the cage of our own fears and thoughts. Overthinking as a void.
  19. 19. “Lego logo” has construction inspired by the kids toys “Lego” and plays with logos but also investigates the symbiosis of mutually expelled textures. “The skin I live in” is a statement against self- doubts about your body type. Explores different ways of leather manipulations.
  20. 20. Materials used – threads, fishnet curtain patch, denim leftovers, nylon.
  21. 21. In this design, I combine fabrics with different textures and develop a layered garment, exposing a number of garments at a time.