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The best of both worlds - High quality, reliability and speed


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Is it really possible to achieve blistering speeds with variable data and maintain optimum quality? How do you keep the presses running with no waiting time when every printed piece is different from the next? How do you mitigate artifacts like banding, or the inkjet smile, at the same time? Tom Mooney discusses a software engine that can drive data directly to the electronics whilst correcting for common quality defects at He draws upon two recent customer use cases.

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The best of both worlds - High quality, reliability and speed

  1. 1. The IJC Dusseldorf, 16th October 2018Tom Mooney, Product Manager The best of both ALL worlds High-quality, reliability and speed
  2. 2. Agenda  Who are Global Graphics Software?  Speed, quality and reliability: the story so far • Mitigating chaining, mottling artifacts  Case study #1 • How to achieve blistering speed with variable data and maintain quality. Single pass label presses: Mark Andy  Recent developments: • Mitigate banding or non-uniformity  Case study #2 • How to mitigate head non-uniformity with software Scanning heads, wide format bill boards: Ellerhold AG  Questions
  3. 3. Who are Global Graphics Software? A software technology supplier for print OEMs, especially for inkjet presses Harlequin ScreenPro BreakThrough Very fast, high- quality PDF, PostScript etc rendering with extensive color management Stand-alone screening engine. Can be used with RIPs from other vendors, or where original designs are delivered as rasters/TIFF, as well as with Harlequin Professional services with expertise in building Digital Front Ends (DFEs), RIP integration, color management, halftone screening and problem solving Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  4. 4. Global Graphics Software is  A global company • Head Office and R & D in Cambridge, UK • US office in Sarasota, FL • Technical office in Tokyo, Japan  A Global Graphics company; sister to: • Meteor Inkjet • Specialists in industrial printhead driver solutions • • URW type foundry • Designers and developers of digital fonts and font technology used by OEMs • Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  5. 5. Global Graphics Software: digital print customers Plus many others still under NDA Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  6. 6. High-quality, reliability and speed. Really? YES
  7. 7. The story so far….  Software that improves output quality from inkjet presses  Advanced Inkjet Screens (Mirror and Pearl) to correct streaking, mottling or the orange peel effect  Applies half-tone screens in a workflow to address defects that are difficult or expensive to fix mechanically, e.g.  Immediate benefit: makes the difference between print that can be sold and print that is rejected • and between an inkjet press that sells well and a press that doesn’t. Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  8. 8. Why is ScreenPro significant? High-quality at ultra high-speed  Works on any inkjet press  With any workflow  With any ink or substrate  With any combination of printheads and electronics The only solution to improve inkjet output quality that is generally available to any inkjet press manufacturer
  9. 9. Recipient of a 2018 InterTech Award Awarded by the Printing Industries of America
  10. 10. Case study Mark Andy Single pass pressure sensitive labels
  11. 11. Single pass, pressure sensitive label application The Digital Series HD: a digital hybrid solution, combining the advantages of digital workflows and digital printing, with the capabilities of fast-change flexography technologies
  12. 12. ScreenPro Direct to electronics  First we tuned the Halftone Screens to get the quality up to the required standards.  Then we made it go fast, by tuning the software and hardware  It streams data and variable color images at high-speed and has reduced process and RIP times on the Digital Series HD by as much as 50%.  No limit to the number of VDP elements on one imposition meaning every page is different.  Maximizes image print quality for high speed production inkjet printing,  No loss in performance even with additional print bars to support extended gamut colors
  13. 13. The result “The ScreenPro technology built in partnership with Global Graphics is a key development to provide streaming full color VDP options to meet the print speed requirements of today’s “next-generation” UV Inkjet production presses. We were able to seamlessly integrate high-speed streaming variable data into the existing ProWORX digital front end”. Ray Dickinson, Mark Andy, Vice President.
  14. 14. The result “For a workflow to be viable, it has to be able to process and send full color, fully variable work at a rate that supports the press printing, nearly continuously, at high speed to produce hundreds of thousands of linear feet or meters weekly. This was previously a challenge with the industry leading production speeds of Digital Series HD at 240 fpm.” Peter Rathje, Senior Manager of digital press solutions for Mark Andy.
  15. 15. What about non-uniformity or “banding”? Most recent development now shipping is: Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  16. 16. What causes non-uniformity?  Variation within a head • Commonly a ‘smile’ shape • Caused by pressure or voltage changes  Variation between heads • Especially as heads become field replaceable  Head wear Density ONE HEAD Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  17. 17. Correction in software gives maximum quality  Very fine granularity • Can address every nozzle separately • On any head/electronics  Almost instant once output is measured • Can be automated for closed-loop correction  Doesn’t affect • Jetting stability or head lifetime • Warranty compliance • Ink pressure and timing/drop speed variation • Ink coalescence on the substrate • Halftoning *images blurred to make the density variation more obvious Corrected in software Original Blurred Original Blurred Uncorrected Copyright © Global Graphics Software Limited 2018
  18. 18. Case study Ellerhold AG Wide format scanning head
  19. 19. Ellerhold AG: ScreenPro with PrintFlat Ellerhold manufactures and operates 6 MLM_2600_NG double side 2.5 m wide scanning head web systems for printing 200 x 252 dpi billboard displays
  20. 20. Ellerhold AG: ScreenPro with PrintFlat  Ellerhold AG: the market leader in Germany for indoor and outdoor advertising with an approximate 70% share of the German bill board market  Ellerhold AG was experiencing quality issues on its large-format posters, known in Germany as Mega-Lights, printed on its MLM_2600_NG digital scanning printer  The printheads showed variation in printed density both between the heads and across each head, which produced clearly visible bands within some types of printed output.
  21. 21. How was the problem solved?  We sent our head of screening Dr Danny Hall to Ellerhold as part of a Technical Services Breakthrough project  Quantify the problem • Printing test targets • Scanning test targets  Process the data • Recombine scans • Image processing  Apply correction • Repeat! Picture of Danny here
  22. 22. Before… and after
  23. 23. Questions? More information: Copies of case studies on Stand B6