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Online Fundraising Workshop pt. 1


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Online Fundraising Workshop pt. 1

  1. 1. Online fundraising workshop
  2. 2. Our Mission: Build an efficient, open, thrivingmarketplace that connects people who havecommunity- and world-changing ideas with peoplewho can support them. 4
  3. 3. GlobalGiving TodayOverall donations made through GG to date: $80.6 mnOverall donations made through GG in 2011: $30.1 mnNumber of donors to date: 237,246Projects receiving funding: 5,014Number of visitors who visit each week: 30-40KAverage donation amount per org: ~$9,000/year (Median:$2,400)Countries disbursed to: 120 countriesTop Donor Countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India,SingaporeAverage donation size: $78 (Median: $25)
  4. 4. Working with YOU
  5. 5. Itinerary• Online Fundraising: Breakdown• Networking• Building an Online Fundraising Strategy• Joining the Global Giving Community – Why Global Giving – Our Application Process• Is GG for you?
  6. 6. Separate into groups!
  7. 7. What brought you here today?What do you hope to get out of the workshop? How familiar are you with online fundraising?What are your organization’s largest sources of income?
  8. 8. Trends in Online Giving 2011
  9. 9. technology doesn’t make us social
  10. 10. it influences our behaviors
  11. 11. Step 1: Identify Your Network Your direct contacts The contacts of your contactsPeople you have never met/contacts of contacts’contacts/only via onilne Source: David Armano
  12. 12. ActivityLet’s create a network tree… who is yourdirect network and who do you want to reach? Come up with a number of how many people can you reach!
  13. 13. Your Existing Network•Donors•Volunteers and co-workers•Beneficiaries•Community members•Local business leaders•Local media•Friends and family!
  14. 14. Step 2: Building your Organization’s Network• Host volunteers• Join local non-profit associations• Take advantage of networking opportunities• Organize awareness/fundraiser parties• Social Media• Get creative!
  15. 15. Why do people give?
  16. 16. Building network: Create Advocates• Make your network work for you!• Get people excited• Engage your audience• Facilitate a personal connection to your cause!
  17. 17. Building network-Create Advocates: Case StudyFind the Charlie’s, Justine’s, and Edna’s in yournetwork… Advocates using social networks to share information about their favorite charities and fundraise for them.
  18. 18. Building network-Create Advocates: Case StudyAll different methods to spread work for particular charity…•Charlie: Creates products and posts links to his “tribe” onFacebook,Twitter, and Tumblr- His friends “like”, “retweet”,“repost” by the hundreds…many purchase•Justine: Posts on Pinterest… many find shirt and purchase•Edna the Mobile Granny: via Smartphone shares pic of niecein Charlie’s created product and shares on Facebook – Friends “like” it – A cancer-surviving grandma in Denmark re-posts and says “den bedste!” – A Danish friend sees this and translates the image into three languages (she’s a“Charlie”)
  19. 19. Building network-Create Advocates: Case Study
  20. 20. Maintain and Nurture…Like any good relationship!You Your networks Source: David Armano
  21. 21. Step 3: Identifying your method
  22. 22. Multichannel Approach to Donor Engagement – Key to Success• Donors Who Give Through Multiple Channels Give the Most• Move away from a one-size-fits-all donor treatment plan toward paths that align with unique donor preferences Source: Dennis McCarthy is Convio’s VP of Strategy and Business Practice
  23. 23. What types of social media does your organization use? What do you use social media for?
  24. 24. Your supporters will author their own messages some success greater potential
  25. 25. >500 million Facebook users 50% of users login daily Most users have 130 friendsThe average user is connected to 60 groups, events, or causes
  26. 26. 26 million Twitter users
  27. 27. About 11 million Pinterest users
  28. 28. Step 4: Driving Engagement with networks (new and old) Working for Engagement Awareness Engagement Donation
  29. 29. Engagement = Conversation Conversation is about give and take in all social platforms.
  30. 30. Social media…1. Why would anyone want to listen to us on any social network?2. How can we deliver value, experience or content worth sharing?3. Why should people want to stay connected to us over time? Why should they come back?4. Why should they choose to ask others to share our content?6. Why would they invest their time and express loyalty in their networks?
  31. 31. Try it Out… Creating a compelling messageYour boss has asked you to post about today’s GlobalGivingworkshop on your nonprofit’s online platform. Decide:•who is your audience?•what is your key message?•what is your organization’s personality?•what do you want them to do as a result of the message (tell them!)