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Microprojects Webinar

  1. 1. General Rules, Definitions and Behaviors
  2. 2. Microprojects AgendaO What is a microprojectO How to add a microprojectO Microproject pilot informationO Next steps
  3. 3. I. What is amicroproject?
  4. 4. A micro-project is a one-time fundraisingeffort to help achieve a specific activity oroutcome.O Microprojects can either benefit specific people or an activity with a reasonably small amount of funding.O All microprojects have a “parent project”
  5. 5. Microproject ExamplesO "$500 will send Grace to school for a year.” O Parent: Scholarships for 100 girls in LiberiaO "$200 will buy Deepti a new goat.” O Parent: Improving the Livelihoods of women in IndiaO “$400 will provide Oscar with job training.“ O Parent: Vocational training for Youth in Argentina
  6. 6. ReportingO Projects have 90 days to reach their funding goalO Same reporting structure as regular projectsO Only one report required!O Donors to a microproject will receive parent project updates after microproject is funded
  7. 7. Project Vs Microproject Project MicroprojectO General O SpecificO Any budget amount O $250 - $10,000O No timeline O 90 days to fundO Reports due every 3 O Only one required months report after funding O Up to 10 projects atO Unlimited projects a time with reporting O No donation optionsO Donation options
  8. 8. II. How to add a microproject
  9. 9. How to enter a Microproject
  10. 10. How to edit a Microproject
  11. 11. Microprojects on globalgiving.org
  12. 12. Type of Information to Share with Potential DonorsO Who will the project help?O Where is the beneficiary located?O What problem the project solve?O What will the project cost to complete? Be specific when creating microprojects.
  13. 13. III. The Pilot: Youth Opportunity
  14. 14. Microprojects Pilot ProcessO Microprojects portal will be launching with a new corporate partner in September!O Focus of the portal will be youth opportunityO Only select organizations will be allowed to participate
  15. 15. Who is eligible?O Beneficiaries of microprojects for the pilot should be young people (13-25) who lack the skills, education, experiences, and connections to employment that are required in order to find or create their own economic opportunity
  16. 16. Choosing the Right Individual or Activity for a MicroprojectO Are you aware of a young entrepreneur or business person in need of capital?O Does a rising athlete in your town/village need better or new training equipment?O Is there a star student in urgent need of books, uniforms or a computer for university?O Do you know of a young farmer looking to expand their business?
  17. 17. IV. Next StepsO Confirm your interest: https://surveyglobalgiving.wufoo.com/f orms/microprojects-interest- confirmation/O Sign NDA if you want to participate in the pilotO Enter your projects!