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Meridian International Center Presentation


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Meridian International Center Presentation

  1. 1. Online Fundraising, and GlobalGiving Global Service Leaders Meridian International Center Manmeet Mehta GlobalGiving January 15, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Welcome and Introductions• GlobalGiving – The story of GlobalGiving – How GlobalGiving works• Online fundraising: What’s the fuss about?• Elements of an online fundraising strategy – A quick glimpse: Network Mapping 2
  3. 3. GlobalGiving this week
  4. 4. • International donations • Corporate partnershipsGlobalGivin • Matching grants g • Mobile giving campaigns • Marketing campaignscommunity • Personalized Donor members Management can • New Donorsaccess…… • Fundraising and capacity building training • Credibility/Recognition • UK and US Charitable Status
  5. 5. GG Partnership Options• Strategic Philanthropy• Employee Engagement• Gift Cards• Cause-Related Marketing• API Integration
  6. 6. Employee Engagement: Nike
  7. 7. Employee Engagement: Nike• Nike uses the WE Portal to engage it’s employees worldwide• Employees have access to all projects on GG• Instead of traditional matching, receive a GG gift card for amount donated• Over $2.5M given since program started almost 2 years ago
  8. 8. Employee Engagement: Eli Lilly
  9. 9. Employee Engagement: Eli Lilly• 37,000 employees globally• Have access to all pre-Existing GlobalGiving projects in the categories of health, environment, education and hunger• All donations of $25 or more are matched 1:1• Received a $50 gift credit to from Lilly Foundation
  10. 10. Who can join the GlobalGiving site?• ANY registered public charity, anywhere in the world• At least one employee or volunteer speaks English• Some access to the internet
  11. 11. How can organizations join the site?
  12. 12. How can organizations join the site?
  13. 13. Feedback from NGO partnersOn behalf of HOTPEC Orphanage, I Part of our strategy with the Globalwish to congratulate you for the Giving campaign is 1) to be able to listprofessional kind of support extended to our projects on a major charitableus. giving site, 2) to broaden our outreach beyond friends and family donors.Many things have we discovered that willimprove our ability to communicate with We are happy to say that so far, theother partners in development. For strategy is working. Specifically, a bitexample: the Thank you template, how more than 50% of our donors duringto present projects so that they appear the campaign are new to Caravan toappealing and many other tips which willleave us even more a professional Class and 28% of all donors areorganisation than before. Even if we do outside of our friends and familynot win the competition in the end, we community, ie. unaffiliated donors.
would have advanced in our ways of -- Barry, Caravan to Classcommunication.We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to allthe members of your team. -- HOTPEC Orphanage
  14. 14. What can you do to take action?• Join the GlobalGiving Open Challenge – Interested organizations fill out nomination form to join profits/ – Due Diligence Deadline : Feb 22, 2013 – Challenge: April 2013 – You can join our trainings and access resources
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. this isn’t the story
  17. 17. mostly true
  18. 18. human nature doesn’tchangehuman behavior does
  19. 19. technology doesn’t make us social
  20. 20. it influences our behaviors
  21. 21. we build a personal brand Source: David Armano
  22. 22. our social circles expand Source: David Armano
  23. 23. relying on traditional institutions Source: David Armano
  24. 24. relying on each otherYou Your networks Source: David Armano
  25. 25. All this is to say• Online fundraising is relevant for social businesses and non-profits• Online fundraising is about using the power of networks• The opportunity exists, but is this the right strategic decision for you?
  26. 26. Questions?
  27. 27. What are your Who do you goals? want to talk to? How do youWhat do you want towant to say? communicate? How do you know that you have succeeded?
  28. 28. Online fundraising:Mapping your networks
  29. 29. Network of UserPartners High Current Donors You Staff Low Social Volunteers Media
  30. 30. Mom Dad Mom Best Friend Cousin Dad Co-worker Classmate Pastor Best Friend Neighbor Volunteer Donor Cousin Mom Dad Best Friend Co-worker Your Cousin Co-workernetwork: Classmate Classmate 10 Pastor Neighbor Pastor Volunteer Donor Mom Neighbor Dad Best Friend Cousin Volunteer Co-worker Classmate Pastor Donor Neighbor Volunteer Donor
  31. 31. Practical tool: LinkedIn Inmaps
  32. 32. Key things to remember • How do you communicate with each cluster? • For each cluster, – identify supportive, passionate, and/or well- networked members – Reach out to them personally P.S. Using the means of communication your audience prefers is more effective • Project Manage – Make a plan. Set milestones. Assign
  33. 33. [potential]growth
  34. 34. What are your Who do you goals? want to talk to? How do youWhat do you want towant to say? communicate? How do you know that you have succeeded?
  35. 35. Resources• Social Media Revolution• NameChk – find out if your org name is registered• Social Media ROI – how to justify what you’re doing• Facebook Page Best Practices – by Zoetica• So you want a Facebook Fanpage for your Nonprofit? – by Beth Kanter• How Charities are Finding the Good with Facebook Fanpages (case studies)• Facebook Bestpractices for Nonprofits (beyond the basics)• 26 Slideshares on Social Media for Nonprofits• 10 Facebook resources for nonprofits• Social Media Starter Kit – by AARP• Mashable’s Social Media Page
  36. 36. Questions? Manmeet Mehta Sr. Program Manager GlobalGiving Foundation +1- 202-232-5784mmehta@globalgiving.o rg @manmeetmehta @globalgiving