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Leadership Initiatives case study


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Leadership Initiatives case study

  1. 1. The ProblemBuilding a consistent donor base. Converting one-time donors into recurring donors.Engaging with your donor-base so that they grow with your organization and become personally vestedin the success of your projects.BackgroundLeadership Initiatives (LI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to renew democracy ona grassroots level through cultivating self-reliant leadership.The SolutionThe online platform and resources available through GlobalGiving have been crucial in LI‟s pursuit offundraising to scale. Knowing whom the money is going to, and what the impact of that donation will beis key in converting users to donors. The project page on the GlobalGiving website provides potentialdonors with the credibility report that is often needed for a conversion. Furthermore, if donors aren‟tconvinced upon first glance, a few simple clicks will reveal the previous project reports of theorganization, recent donations, photos, and contact details for the project leader. Marshall says that thistransparency is key to being able to mobilize your networks and expand your donor base.The accessibility of the platform allows for the constant expansion of GlobalGiving‟s donor bases, towhich LI is a direct beneficiary. However, Marshall realizes that donors don‟t simply „happen,‟ and “themore that you put into GlobalGiving, the more GlobalGiving will give back to you.” Project reports arecrucial to increasing visibility across the platform, and LI have strategically used their project reports toengage with their donor bases, providing them with stimulating imagery and interesting updates from thefield.Furthermore, Marshall uses the project reports to ensure that donors‟ contact information is kept up todate. When a bonus day arises Marshall and his teams email their donor bases to ensure that all of theirprevious donors are aware of the on-going matching campaigns. Being informed as a donor is key to thesuccess of an organization on GlobalGiving. Marshall informs his donors of opportunities that could actas game-changers to his organization, highlighting their expiration date. The sense of urgency attributedto a Challenge or Bonus Day is a mobilizing force for donors. On the June 15 th Bonus Day LI raised atotal of $28,480, leaving their project “Create 40 New Jobs & 3 Businesses In Nigeria” only $985 awayfrom target.Finally, Marshall has used GlobalGiving as a landing page for potential donors via other traffic sources.Through purchasing various URL‟s and redirecting these to their GlobalGiving project page Marshallchannels donations via GlobalGiving and ensures a greater level of synchronization between his donorbases.
  2. 2. InnovationLeadership Initiatives provides the unique opportunity for Nigerian grassroots communities to identifyleaders who are able to launch profit-generating self-sustainable businesses. This model expands to thecommunity level and improves welfare within neighborhoods, with the aspiration that this change willinspire democratization at a regional and ultimately national level. The for-profit businesses that LI seekto establish address pressing local issues. LI assists in identifying leaders within the communities,training these leaders and providing them with the skillset for success, and then allowing these leadersto inspire other communities within the region to democratize and achieve a degree of self-sustainability.Looking AheadMarshall envisions using GlobalGiving as an integral part of their future online fundraising strategy.Furthermore, LI are planning to launch an exciting new program in Nigeria by the end of 2011. Theywould love to use GlobalGiving and their already existing donor bases to fund this project.Marshall is also excited to see GlobalGiving grow. As GlobalGiving expands its horizons and begin toincorporate new technologies Marshall has said he would love to be on the forefront of testing these out.From events management systems to donor-rollover, Marshall and LI plan on integrating GlobalGivingfurther into their existing strategy to drive donations across various mediums.