Vietnam workshop part 2


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  • Today we are going to work in groups.The goal of today is to be able to understand, utilize, and create an online fundraiising strategy-Building up to this we will be going through the steps to cerating this strategy and activities after each step
  • Before sending out a message – Who are you sending it to? What doyou want to share with them? What doyou want them to do?The typical online giverWe asked you in the beginning to share your typical donor….
  • Broad and narrow goals: How much would you like to raise this year?How many donors? Recurring donors? Major donors? How many facebook fans do you want? Additional subscribers to your newsletter?
  • Online fundraising doesn’t just happen. You have to be proactive. Make a plan to achieve the goals you’ve set out.Consider strategies that will help you acquire new online donors, renew existing donors, and upgrade past donors to major donors or recurring donors.
  • 15 min – we will share strategies at end and vote on favoritesProvideGlboal Giving Calendars – Let them map out and decide which holidays to target and when to start communicatingUse: Twitter, Facebook, and Email, and any other resource you do for current partners
  • About Global Giving Slide:Who am I and why am I here?What is GlobalGiving?A website that helps organizations raise money to help their communities.We offer organizations a unique set of online tools, strategic support, and the opportunity to connect with our vast network of individual donors and corporate sponsors.We make it easy for you to receive donations from your donors, family, and friends by providing you with project pages where you post your organization’s needs, plans, photos, and fundraising goals.
  • Donor toolsFundraiser pages tribute cardsCorporate partnershipsEmployee giving grants programs cause marketingFundraising campaignsMatching days recurring donation campaignPhoto contestSHARE A SUCCESS STORY?
  • Enlightened self interest – good for businessEmployee recruiting and retentionConsumer perceptionSoft reception in new marketsGG helps with logistics of international givingGG helps with online fundraising tools
  • Over $2.5M givensince program started almost 2 years agoAbout Corporate Partnerships:Gift Cards: Discovery & HP Grants Management: ex – Frd in India only ½ corrent partners and ½ new partnersEmployee Giving (like we see here) Nike Foundation and Eli LillyCause Marekeign - Neutrogena
  • All donations of $25 or more are matched 1:137,000 employees globally
  • Any questions?
  • Vietnam workshop part 2

    1. 1. Itinerary• Online Fundraising: Breakdown• Networking• Building an Online Fundraising Strategy• Joining the Global Giving Community – Why Global Giving – Our Application Process• Is GG for you?
    2. 2. Let’s Create a Strategy1. Identifying network2. Building network3. Identify your method4. Driving Engagement5. Identify your audience6. Set goals7. Make a plan8. Reevaluate
    3. 3. Step 5: Who is your audience? The “soccer mom” The “young professional”•Tend to be women •20-30s•30-40s •International experience•Coastal •Internet savvy•Urban OTHER•Socially & env. • Disaster Giversconscious • Event Supporters • Last Minute Gift•Well educated Givers - Source: Network for Good
    4. 4. Step 6: Set Goals• Set annual goals & quarterly benchmarks• Consider past accomplishments• Broad and narrow goals• Be realistic
    5. 5. Step 7: Make a Plan• Outline your tactics• Get creative• Set deadlines• Set milestones to achieve at each deadline
    6. 6. Don’ts• Don’t jump to the ask• Don’t oversaturate your contacts/donors with communication• Don’t think there is one solution• Don’t just use 1 type of medium
    7. 7. Activity:Let’s create a strategy…1. Raise $4000 from 50 donors in 1 month2. Map out communication plan to announce the campaign3. Include when to use Twitter, Facebook, Email, and any other resource you use4. Mark when to send thank you’s to donors
    8. 8. Group Discussion – Calendar Ideas:• Have a weekly tradition for donors/supporters to expect content• Multi-medium approach: offline events, facebook, twitter, email, blog• Make sure website is ready• Have a meter on how close to reaching goal• Incentivize giving and engagement• Announce progress throughout campaign• Ask support from other NGO’s• Center campaign around a competition• Have HR and resources ready for campaign• Send thank you’s to donors• Announce at end final results
    9. 9. Did you do this?•Make someone responsible•Set milestones•Identify your audience•Have a timeline for your campaign•Create a sense of urgency
    10. 10. Step 8: Reevaluate• Establish benchmarks• Set aside time for evaluation• Measure results against goals: • Engagement • Donations
    12. 12. Benefits to Organizations• Donor tools• Volunteer listings• Corporate partnerships• Fundraising campaigns
    13. 13. How do we work?15% of donations - Provides access and promotion to corporate partners - Developing more corporate partner relationships - Visibility and promotion - Webinars, trainings, and toolkits - Mobile giving, fundraiser pages, volunteer networks, and credit card fees **50% of donors cover the fee so averages out to 8-9% per donation**
    14. 14. Partner tools: Building Fundraising Capacity• Monthly trainings• One on one consultations• Connecting with highly-skilled volunteers• Blog: Come here for: – External opportunities – Summaries and slides from past trainings – Details on matching campaigns and other – opportunities – General online fundraising tips
    15. 15. Business Partnerships• Amount raised in 2011: $7.5million +• Corporate partners in 2011: 65• Corporate partners: Eli Lilly, Hilton, Sabre, Nike, Capital One, Moodys, Google, Western Union , Cummins, and dozens more 4/4/2012 19
    16. 16. Employee Engagement: Nike
    17. 17. Employee Engagement: Eli Lilly
    18. 18. GlobalGiving Photo Contest
    19. 19. Other Campaigns
    20. 20. Joining GlobalGiving DueNomination Open Diligence Form Challenge process
    21. 21. How to Join GlobalGiving• Nominate your organization using the online nomination form• Complete GlobalGiving’s Due Diligence requirements• Post a project and participate in an Open Challenge• Raise $4,000 from 50 donors
    22. 22. Eligibility Requirements• Registered organization – no individuals, businesses, etc.• Advanced English• (At least occasional) access to the internet• Non-evangelizing• Non-discriminating• Eligible to receive international donations• Charitable purpose
    23. 23. Due Diligence – Key documents• Certificate of Registration• Organizational Documents • How is your organization run? • Dissolution Clause• Financial Statements • Be detailed!• List of Board and Staff members • Text document only• Program documents • What are your programs? How do they work?
    24. 24. Post a Project:tell a powerful story specific simple
    25. 25. How to Succeed in an Open• Use the Fundraising Survival Guide!• Attend Online Trainings• Develop an online fundraising strategy• Make a plan and schedule• Identify networks • Family, friends, neighbors • International networks: volunteers, donors • Internet access • Credit cards
    26. 26. Then What?• Become an active GlobalGiving partner• Post frequent Project Reports• Send Thank You’s to your donors• Post another project• Participate in GlobalGiving campaign
    27. 27. Is your organization ready for GlobalGiving? • International Network – Credit cards, Internet access • Online presence – Website, Facebook, Twitter • Online outreach – Email list, Facebook network
    28. 28. THANK YOU!Contact:Jacqueline Leejlee@globalgiving.org