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GlobalGiving's Approach to Building Corporate Partnerships


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Published in: Business, Education
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GlobalGiving's Approach to Building Corporate Partnerships

  1. 1. CorporatePartnership s
  2. 2. Corporate Partnerships Team
  3. 3. Corporate Partners
  4. 4. Prospecting- Learnings from sales - Commit to # calls/week and track them - Be opportunistic - Be the subject matter expert (not the salesperson) - “Layering” establishes trust- Learnings from Hispanic College Fund - Volunteers are a good “foot in the door” - Virtual volunteering - Many targets: CSR, HR, Foundation, Diversity, Marketing- Learnings from life - Be tenacious but patient - Your integrity will be appreciated - Referrals are your best leads
  5. 5. ProgramsPartner Example gift cards disaster relief employee giving due diligence grantee sourcing cause marketing
  6. 6. Disaster Relief
  7. 7. Employee Portal: Nike
  8. 8. Employee Portal: Lilly
  9. 9. Country- and Theme-specific LandingPages
  10. 10. Thematic Fundraising Challenge: Girl Effect