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Create a Winning Holiday Giving Campaign


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Alison McQuade, GlobalGiving's Online Marketing Manager, discusses how to manage a holiday giving campaign using tools available on GlobalGiving's site.

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Create a Winning Holiday Giving Campaign

  1. 1. Create a Winning Holiday Giving Campaign with GlobalGiving!
  2. 2. You + GlobalGiving = Holiday Win! Holiday Giving 101 Tools for donors and supporters Resources and tips for your organization Key dates to mark on your calendar
  3. 3. Holiday Giving 101 Opportunity for new donors and to bring back previous donors Donors can make a donation, get the tax deduction AND use that donation as a gift through a Tribute Card Encourage Recurring Donations for long- term investments
  4. 4. Holiday Giving 101 Charity gifts or gift cards are perfect for family, friends, coworkers, secret santas, stocking stuffers or that person who “has everything” Appeal to your donors’ desire to “do good”
  5. 5. Holiday Giving 101 - Preparation Update your project with new information, goals, achievements, giving options Add new, compelling pictures Send project updates Create a communications plan around key dates (see later slide) Use/Grow your social networks and encourage others to use them too
  6. 6. Tools for Donors Tribute Cards Gift Cards Recurring Donations Gifts for Good
  7. 7. Tribute Cards Donations made to your project as a gift or in memory or someone. Personalized cards in electronic, print at home or physical form. Delayed send for holiday gift giving
  8. 8. Tribute Cards
  9. 9. Tribute Cards
  10. 10. Tribute Cards
  11. 11. message Tribute Cards Print at home Change your mind? Recipient info
  12. 12. Tribute Cards
  13. 13. Gift Cards Perfect gifts for family, friends, coworkers, thank-yous, stocking-stuffers, etc. Electronic, print-at-home and physical versions available Great gift options for “alternative gifts” or “the person who has everything” Free standard shipping & handling in the US until December 31 Gift card purchases are tax-deductible
  14. 14. Gift Cards
  15. 15. Gift Cards
  16. 16. Gift Cards
  17. 17. Gift Cards
  18. 18. Gift Cards
  19. 19. Recurring Donations It’s like “free” money every month A long-term investment can make a big impact Most donors can’t give a large amount at once, but can break it up into monthly payments Another alternative to a charity gift – it gives all year
  20. 20. Recurring Donations
  21. 21. Recurring Donations
  22. 22. Gifts for Good Beneficiary-made good, such as jewelry, scarves, art, etc. Or a book, artwork or publication by someone in the org Gifts can be given away “free” with a donation of a certain amount You are responsible for fulfillment Contact Britt ( for more information
  23. 23. Key Dates for Holiday Marketing 11/26 Black Friday (biggest in-store shopping day of the year) 11/29 Cyber Monday (One of the biggest online shopping days of the year) 12/1 World AIDS Day 12/1-12/9 Hanukkah 12/12 Last day for standard (free) shipping of GG gift and tribute cards to arrive by Christmas
  24. 24. Key Dates for Holiday Marketing 12/19 Last day for rush (not free) shipping for GG gift and tribute cards to arrive by Christmas 12/25 Christmas 12/31 New Years Eve – consider a year- end push for donations and a last chance for tax deductions
  25. 25. Resources for PLs GlobalGiving Project Leaders Facebook Group – this is for PLs only, updated with fundraising tips, key dates, webinars, fundraising opportunities, news and current events GlobalGiving Tools and Trainings Blog – additional info, tools and opportunities for PLs but with further explanation. Find old trainings here too.