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Challenge overview 8 23


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Challenge overview 8 23

  1. 1. September 2012 Global Open Challenge Sonja Lehner GlobalGiving 8/23/12
  2. 2. Training Agenda• Challenge Overview – Bonus Grants – Donation methods – Definition of a “Unique donor” – Disbursement of funds raised – Posting a Project – Important Dates• Todd Bernhardt from the Grameen Foundation• Questions
  3. 3. September Open Challenge• Thresholds: Raise at least $4,000 from a minimum of 50 unique donors• One month – September 1st -> September 30th• Success = a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving platform!• Leaderboard: global-open-challenge/
  4. 4. Bonus Grants• $18,500 in grants powered by Dell• Most Funds: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd• Most Unique Donors• Most Facebook Shares (must reach $2,000 and 25 donors)• Bonus Day! – 15% match – $6,000 in funds
  5. 5. How can my donors give?• Credit/Debit cards: for int’l donors, be sure it is registered at their bank!• Check: U.S. and International (over $100)• Wire Transfer• PayPal• Mobile Donations: do not apply during the Challenge!!• Offline Events
  6. 6. What is a unique donor?• An individual entity who is giving to your project• On the site, this is tracked by email address• GlobalGiving monitors all donor activity during the Challenge and can invalidate any unique donations that are not in the spirit of having individuals donate.
  7. 7. Disbursement of Funds• When will GlobalGiving disburse my funds? – End of October 2012• How will GlobalGiving disburse my funds? – For U.S., either by check or ACH – For Int’l, either by wire transfer or FXecute• How will I know which donations are included? – GlobalGiving’s disbursement report• Will I know which donors added on the 15%? – Included in the disbursement report
  8. 8. Posting a Project• How? – Step-by-step instructions can be found here:• What makes a great project? –• Why?
  9. 9. Important Dates• August 29th: Project Posting deadline• September 1st (12:01 am EDT): Challenge begins• September 30th (11:59 pm EDT): Challenge ends• End of October 2012: Funds are disbursed
  10. 10. Todd Bernhardt, Grameen Foundation• Participant in the April 2012 Global Open Challenge• Raised $5,125 from 105 unique donors• projects/ckw/
  11. 11. Questions? Sonja Lehner