5 successful fundraising strategies


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  • IMIFAP was the first place winner in GlobalGiving’s November 2009 Challenge, raising $21,443 from 136 donors! The organization’s 35 staff members were the key drivers of donations to IMIFAP’s project during the Open Challenge. Before the challenge began, the organization taught staff members how to reach out to their personal networks. Shoshana, the project leader, described the main activity in this process as “network mapping” with each staff member. This process helped bring in a number of smaller donors.With IMIFAP staff leading the charge into bringing in smaller donors during the Open Challenge, the President and Vice President of the IMIFAP also contributed by reaching out to their networks and bringing in higher-level donors. The organization used every channel that was available to them—staff, board members, newsletter subscribers— while competing for the bounties in the challenge.
  • 7 techniques for effective brand communications in an age of information hysteria:
1 Personalize. 
Use a personal voice—think of your audience as “friends, fans and followers”
2 Amplify. 
Use open-source technology to amplify your voice across several platforms at once…and to crowd-source money, data, opinion
3 Socialize. 
Understand the significance of Dunbar’s number (150) as you mobilize small communities that share your values and are committed to your cause
4 Chop it down. 
Create relevant, bite-sized messages that support big concepts
5 Let it flow. 
Use the notion of the status update (in whatever form) to foster ambient intimacy and a continuous flow of real-time information
6 Allow for emotion. 
Use traditional, “start/end” narratives to punctuate your delivery with emotion and meaning
7 Add depth. 
And use “here/there” structures—open vaults of information—to add depth and substance to your story
And if all else fails: simplify. Because we don’t need more complexity.
  • Lucy, the project leader, worked closely with Christina, an American friend and volunteer to set realistic goals. They worked together to reach out to friends, family, and co-workers and got people personally invested in and excited about the success of the project! They emphasized how important it was to them personally that the organization succeed and made personal phone calls and appeals for donations. Being sure to send frequent reminders, Lucy and Christina used the sense of urgency, by stressing the deadline, to compel donors to give now. Finally, Christina also hosted several off-line events during the Challenge, including a garage sale, to raise extra funds for the project.
  • 5 successful fundraising strategies

    2. 2. AGENDA April Global Open Challenge 5 successful fundraising strategies onGlobalGiving Questions
    3. 3. APRIL GLOBAL OPEN CHALLENGE To secure a long term spot onGlobalGiving, all organizations submit oneproject and raise at least $4000 from at least50 people. Bonus grants : $18,000+ GG community members can accessbenefits: http://www.globalgiving.org/non-profits/features-and-benefits/ In December 2011, 276 organizations raised$792,000
    4. 4. IMPORTANT DATES Due diligence Deadline : March 1, 2012 Project submission deadline: March 28,2012 Challenge: April 1- April 30, 2012Additional info:www.globalgiving.org/open-challenge-nomination
    5. 5. 1. IDENTIFY. COMMUNICATE. GROWIMIFAP, Mexico Network mapping Make it fun Say thank you Every channel engaged
    6. 6. BARRY, CARAVAN TO CLASS….“ Part of our strategy with the Global Giving campaign is 1) to be able to list our projects on a major charitable giving site, 2) to broaden our outreach beyond friends and family donors.We are happy to say that so far, the strategy is
    8. 8. KEY PRINCIPLES1. Personalize.2. Amplify.3. Socialize.4. Chop it down.5. Let it flow.6. Allow for emotion.7. Add depth. 

    9. 9. A STORY FROM ETM-LAFor 10-year old, Megan, she cherishes the music classes she receives every week as a 5thgrader. We asked her to share why she loves learning music, and this is what she had tosay:

Music helps me express my feelings, and I look forward to music class every week! Ilove learning the violin, and find that music helps me in other areas, like math. Forinstance, we’re learning musical intervals, and I have to add notes together. Having toread music and see what key we’re in helps with reading. I don’t often get a lot ofchances to play in front of people, so I feel proud getting to perform. I’d love to be aprofessional singer some day. My favorite singers are Kesha and Katy Perry, and I lovetrying to figure out the notes on my violin. Megan’s mother, Sophia shared: Megan ismore positive, and it has brought her out of her shell. She used to be extremely shy, andnow she’s more comfortable speaking in front of people and has helped with social skills.Music is a place for her that she can always turn to.Our students are not only achieving in music, but also showing stronger development in“all areas” and in their “focus and concentration” (ETM-LA partner classroomteacher). Come join us at our end-of-the year concerts if you’re in Los Angeles! We aregrateful for your ongoing support and partnership to give at-risk youth quality in-schoolmusic education!
    10. 10. 3. SET GOALS.Raising a reader Set overall goal and broke it down intoweekly goals.Developed a plan, and identified a team– volunteers and staffWeekly meetings Flexible strategy
    11. 11. 4. JUST DO IT. REALLY.Asociacion de Grupo Trabajo Redes (AGTR)• No previous fundraising experience.• Attended GlobalGiving trainings and usedthe tools.• It’s all about building relationships.
    12. 12. WERE THEY SUCCESSFUL?In the first two monthson GlobalGiving AGTR successfully raised $16,071, securing a 1,507.1 % increase, and averaging at $8035.5 per month.
    13. 13. 5. DEVELOP A MULTI FACETED STRATEGYSt. Vincent de Paul CommunityDevelopment Organization Identified multiple networks Personal outreach to key players Combined offline and online fundraising Created urgency by emphasizing thedeadline
    15. 15. TO SUM UP…1. Identify. Communicate. Grow.2. People care about people. Tell a powerful story.3. Set Goals.4. Just do it.5. Develop a multi-faceted strategy.
    16. 16. WE’RE ALMOST DONE… Questions?Email : mmehta [at] globalgiving.org slehner [at] globalgiving.orgPhone: +1 -202-232-5784
    17. 17. IMPORTANT DATES Due diligence Deadline : March 1, 2012 Project submission deadline: March28, 2012 Challenge: March 30- April 30, 2012Additional info:www.globalgiving.org/open-challenge-nomination