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Global Forum 2012 Presentation: Nesar Maroof, Bahrain Government Authority

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Global Forum 2012 Presentation: Nesar Maroof, Bahrain Government Authority

  1. 1. eGovernment National Strategy 2016
  2. 2. eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Before launching the eGovernment Program Achievement and enhancement opportunities Strategic objectives and KPIs for 2016 Launch innovative initiatives External Document
  3. 3. eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Before launching the eGovernment Program Achievement and enhancement opportunities Strategic objectives and KPIs for 2016 Launch innovative initiatives External Document
  4. 4. Before launching the eGovernment Program Kingdom of Bahrain Ranking 2005 67 Bahrain position on the eTransaction map External Document
  5. 5. Before launching the eGovernment Authority No • eServices • eService delivery channels Limited • ePayment services Difficult • Use of service Lack of • 24/7 service availability External Document
  6. 6. eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Before launching the eGovernment Program Achievement and enhancement opportunities Strategic objectives and KPIs for 2016 Launch innovative initiatives External Document
  7. 7. Achievements External Document
  8. 8. Achievements Tangible progress in the United Nations' Online Service Index Index 2003 2005 2008 2010 2012 eServices Index 62 67 44 8 7 Available Over 240 eServices available Multi-channels Four eService delivery channels for all through various channels External Document
  9. 9. Achievements International Commendations United Nations eGovernment Survey 2012 • Bahrain is among the few countries which came close to a pure single-sign-on integrated portal. • Bahrain provides integrated services for everyone through preferred channels of choice. • The offered eServices in Bahrain are in-line with international standards. • Bahrain is globally categorized as one of the best performing countries in eParticipation. • Bahrain is recognized for launching initiatives which are based on the feedback and interaction of citizens. External Document
  10. 10. Achievements Highly-ranked Leader in by international organizations as it eGovernment program - became an example to share its regionally and globally experience with other nations. 8 International Awards 10 Arab Awards 6 GCC Awards External Document
  11. 11. Achievements Statistics Number of Mobile Portal users Number of National Portal visitors 1,800,000 20,000,000 1,500,000 15,000,000 1,200,000 900,000 10,000,000 600,000 300,000 5,000,000 0 0 2010 2011 2012 2009 2010 2011 2012 expected actual expected actual eServices save the government millions External Document
  12. 12. Achievements Statistics Number of online Value of online transactions/ BD transactions/ Year 200,000 12,000,000 9,000,000 150,000 6,000,000 100,000 3,000,000 50,000 0 0 2009 2010 2011 2009 2010 2011 2012 expected actual eServices save the government millions External Document
  13. 13. Achievements Customer Satisfaction Index 11,363 Random eSurveys Element Evaluation Content 78 Features 90 Customer Satisfaction Design & Appearance 73 Browsing 73 73 Performance 72 Measure customer satisfaction to ensure eService development External Document
  14. 14. Factors of Success External Document
  15. 15. Achievements His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Information and Communication Technology (SCICT) External Document
  16. 16. Factors of Success Their Excellencies - members of the Supreme Committee for Information and Communication Technology External Document
  17. 17. Factors of Success Recognition of H.E. Shaikh Ahmed bin Ateyatalla Al Khalifa, Royal Court Minister for Follow-up External Document
  18. 18. Factors of Success Partnerships with ministries and governmental entities External Document
  19. 19. Factors of Success Partnerships with NGOs External Document
  20. 20. Factors of Success Clear 1 strategic objectives. 2 3 Transparent 4 execution deadlines. Commitment in the implementation stages while recognizing impediments. External Document
  21. 21. Factors of Success Employ several mechanisms to seek users’ feedback and develop the eGovernment Program Field studies and quantitative surveys Focus groups on how to develop eServices and channels Continuously measure customer satisfaction and respond to their needs and requirements External Document
  22. 22. Factors of Success eGovernment Authority Customer-centered eGovernment • Users’ benefit from the service Customer Charter • Transparency in service ___ availability 2009 External Document
  23. 23. Enhancement Opportunities External Document
  24. 24. Enhancement Opportunities Enhancement opportunities are based on analysis of internal and external factors Strong Keep abreast Accelerate competitiveness with the latest technological in trends and development and eGovernment developments in modernization technology External Document
  25. 25. Enhancement Opportunities Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) CSI for eService Delivery Channels 2010 – 2011/2012 2011/2012 92 93 80 77 72 70 Service Delivery Channels Individuals Businesses 90 eGovernment Portal Government Employees 89 eService Centers • CSI with self-service channels (eKiosks) negatively affected the overall index. 87 Mobile Portal • To further enhance opportunities, the authority will modify the mechanisms and 85 Contact Center dimensions of measuring CSI. 72 eKiosks External Document
  26. 26. eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Before launching the eGovernment Program Achievement and enhancement opportunities Strategic objectives and KPIs for 2016 Launch innovative initiatives External Document
  27. 27. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Vision Deliver high quality Value "Achieve next generation services efficiency effectively eGovernment excellence by delivering high-quality services effectively, valuing Achieve next Advocate generation proactive Nurture efficiency, advocating proactive government customer entrepreneurship engagement customer engagement, nurturing excellence by entrepreneurship, collaborating with all stakeholders and Encourage encouraging innovation.” Collaborating with innovation all stakeholders External Document
  28. 28. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Mission “To comprehend the country’s eGovernment vision by defining and managing the implementation of relevant strategies; setting and monitoring compliance to policies and standards; facilitating the transformation of services and advocating incubation of next generation concepts; all in close collaboration with governmental entities and effective partnership with the private sector and NGOs.” External Document
  29. 29. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Strategic Objectives Increase society participation 1 2 Obtain greater innovation and entrepreneurship and engagement Maintain a higher performing, collaborative, integrated, 3 and efficient government Sustain a heightened protection of Uphold comprehensive and effectively- 4 information and user rights 5 managed quality service offering 6 Increase partnerships and private sector ICT readiness Improve national eLiteracy and government Enhance eGovernment channels and user- 7 IT skills 8 experience with increased service-uptake External Document
  30. 30. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Stakeholders Groups Individuals Government  Citizens  Government entities  Residents  Government employees  Visitors Benefits & Impacts Businesses  Small, medium and large enterprises  Business employees External Document
  31. 31. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Comprehensive eGovernment Modernization Framework External Document
  32. 32. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Build Partnerships Inspire Innovations Increase Awareness Increase Society with Private Sector, and Increase and Customer Engagement Locally and Partnerships Satisfaction Internationally By 2014, 50% of eGovernment Three eGovernment Two new initiatives government entities program awareness projects annually triggered annually will interact with increased up to 90% funded and from international constituents through and CSI levels technically supported partnerships social networks maintained over 80% External Document
  33. 33. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Heightened Increase Increase Efficiency Building Employee Protection of Government in eGovernment Capabilities in Information and Efficiency and Project eGovernment User Rights Readiness Management Information and Two government- Over 150 government Three eGovernment privacy protection wide systems employees trained on related toolkits policies implemented. eGovernment developed to manage implemented at 10 specialized disciplines and implement governmental entities annually. eGovernment within the next two projects. .years External Document
  34. 34. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Provide Smart- Enhance and phone Apps and Effectively Manage Comprehensive Develop Enhance User- Quality and Integrated eGovernment experience Service Offering Services Channels Ten new mobile Three eGovernment All government All government online applications channels significantly service information services are managed developed annually upgraded and are available online. through a unified for top mobile integrated within the 40 eServices deployed system. application stores. next two years. annually. External Document
  35. 35. Strategic Objectives and KPIs for 2016 Key Initiatives to Achieve the Strategic Objectives Targeted State Current State Over 19 initiatives to attain the required objectives (2012 - 2013) Environment  National Broadband Agenda  Businesses ICT Adoption Strategy  Society Engagement Campaign  Return on eGov Investment  eLiteracy Campaign  eGov Innovation Program  eParticipation Program  Public-Private-Partnerships Strategy  ICT Education Strategy  eLaws and eRegulations Update   Government Leadership Engagement Plan International Partnerships Program Readiness  Knowledge Management  Entity IT Strategy  IT Shared Services Rationalization  Green IT Strategy  eGov Capabilities Management Program  Legal Case Management  National Data Center Consolidation  Government Cloud Computing  eGov Change Management Program  eProcurement  Government Data Network Expansion  eGov Performance Management  eGov Policies and Standards  Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  ID and Access Management  Next Generation Mobile Platform  IT Planning and Management Toolkit   Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Consolidation Business Continuity Program  eGov Interoperability Framework  Smart PMO Toolkit  Document and Record Management  Location-Based Services Platform  National ePayment Platform  Service Transformation Toolkit  Open Data Platform  Internet of Things Strategy  ERP Consolidation  Information Security Program Usage  eGov Portal Enhancement  Service Kiosk Enhancement  Customer Service Quality Certification  Static Information Services  Mobile Channel Enhancement  Government Service Centers Program  Entity eServices Charters  Contact Center Enhancement  Multi-Channel Management  Service Portfolio Management eGA Operating Model  eGA Operating Model  eGA Technology Platform  Entity Engagement Toolkit  Revenue Generation Program  eGA Sourcing Strategy External Document
  36. 36. eGovernment National Strategy 2016 Before launching the eGovernment Program Achievement and enhancement opportunities Strategic objectives and KPIs for 2016 Launch innovative initiatives External Document
  37. 37. Launch innovative initiatives eGovernment services in the Kingdom that proactively cater to the needs of citizens of all demographics Birth Education Employment Family Retirement  When a child is  Learning is  Graduates are  Mobile  Citizens can access born, a health independent of enrolled in a applications notify and manage their record is time and place. virtual job market household owners retirement and automatically Pupils of any age that matches to of due bills pension funds created at the can access online profiles, and allows (Through these online hospital classes at their them to apply with applications,  Death certificates  Based on the convenience a single click citizens can pay are automatically information of the anytime, anywhere  Round-the-clock their bills with a generated and parents’ smart  Students have call center service couple of clicks when appropriate cards, the child is personal experts give  A single health trigger the registered and the educational tablets citizens the legal profile is kept for issuance of a birth certificate is that provide access rundown on each citizen, widow certificate mailed to their to a wealth of business generating that is mailed to address interactive digital operations and fill notifications when the concerned content forms on behalf of check-ups are due party the citizen
  38. 38. Launch innovative initiatives eKey system offers a secured and uniformed digital NAF authentication to access all eServices Levels of Authentication Level 3 Finger Level 2 Print Level 1 Smart-card Username Password External Document
  39. 39. Launch innovative initiatives Third-level Services on eKey (NAF) First-level Services on eKey (NAF) Ministry/Entity Service Ministry/Entity Service Bill Information History Child Immunization Ministry of Health Student Immunization Payment Information History Electricity and Water Authority Health Worker Immunization Bill Enquiry and Payment Ministry of Application for Social Human Rights Assistance Electricity and Water eBilling and Social Issuance of Disability Cards for Development Disabled Individuals External Document
  40. 40. Launch of innovative initiatives Service Factbook The adoption of a common service definition, and the development of a tool to manage all government services (i.e., offered through both traditional, as well as electronic channels). External Document
  41. 41. Launch innovative initiatives Mobile Apps Blackberry Android iPhone e-Services via SMS Mid July Soon Not available Gasoline Octane Inquiry NGOs Directory Health Services Within a week Directory eServices Center Within 2 weeks Locator External Document
  42. 42. E-Participation Program Description Benefit This project aims to • Increase involvement of the public in policy setting and engage the public to in services Delivery obtain their feedback • Increase transparency of Government agenda actions and increase their level of participation vis-à-vis How? important Government matters using Social Media and other tools Blogs Wikis Podcasts RSS Feeds Social Networks Mashups External Document
  43. 43. New Strategy Video Advancing Bahrain to new heights External Document
  44. 44. “Advancing Bahrain to New Heights Thank you Retouched by YAZ– April 5, 2012

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  • الدول المتقدمة على مملكة البحرينباكستان – الأردن – جواتيمالا – مصر - كازخستان
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