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7 ppt thunus global forum


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7 ppt thunus global forum

  1. 1. e-Procurement and theEuropean CommissionThe EC is investing in harmonising e-Procurement in EuropeGlobal Forum 201212 November, Stockholm Didier THUNUS Head of Section eProcurement DG Informatics
  2. 2. e-Pocurement Strategy of the EC• Proposal for directives by DG MARKT: e- procurement mandatory from 2 years after transposition• Flanking measures: • Golden Book: e-Procurement good practices • eTEG: Blueprint with recommendations • Indicators: Measures of take-up and impact • PEPPOL and e-PRIOR: Interoperability tools
  3. 3. e-PRIORWhat is it? Through web applications for SME and individuals SUPPLIER e-PRIOR WEB PORTAL • Traceability • Integrity • Non-repudiation • Routing • Archiving PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SYSTEMS Through a machine-to-machine SUPPLIER communication for bigger SYSTEMS companies
  4. 4. e-PRIORWhat are the benefits? assistance open diverse back-office systems standardised info free source deployed post-awarding web services pre-awarding
  5. 5. Who is using e-PRIOR?42 EU Agencies and Institutions33 Suppliers 4 Service providers
  6. 6. ...and it works Evolution of the number of invoices via e-PRIOR 2010 2011 2012