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4 ppt myeongki baek


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4 ppt myeongki baek

  1. 1. e-Procurement in KoreaExperiences and the Way Forward Nov. 2012 Director General, e-Procurement BureauMyeong-ki Baek | Public Procurement Service (PPS), the Republic of Korea
  2. 2. e-Procurement in Korea KONEPS (Korea On-line E-Procurement System) Single public e-Procurement Portal KONEPS processes the entire procurement cycle - Interconnected with 140 database systems for minimal paperwork e-Bidding e-Contracting “KONEPS” Korea e-Payment ON-line E-Procurement Online System Shopping e-Ordering Mall 1
  3. 3. Facts and Figures Over 64% of Korea’s total public procurement($100 billion) was conducted through KONEPS User • 43,000 government agencies Registration • 223,000 registered businesses • 93% of all bids are conducted online e-Bidding • 22M bidders participated in 288T e-bidding • Total transaction value : $44 billion e-Contracting • 657T contracts are electronic(99% of all contracts) & e-Payment • 100% of all payments are electronic Online • 500T Purchase Orders issued online(99% of all POs) Sopping mall • Total e-Mall transaction value : $11 billion 2
  4. 4. Overcoming Challenges in e-Transition Leadership• Presidential Committee for e-Govt.(2001) 10 ministries in the Support• Central procurement agency (PPS) as the lead Committee and 60 public entities in the Review Group agency Incentives and User Support• Discount of procurement service fees for e-PRs In the early onset of e-Bidding,• Web Call-Center PPS held 130 training sessions in 2001 and operated training - 60 staff offering 4,585 consultations daily via courses at 23 locations phone and video-conferencing 3
  5. 5. Way Forward Business e- Consolidated Mobile e-Ordering Platform Bidding GP Data Procurement Platform shared Consolidated public Mobile platform with private sector sector procurement - Mobile e-Bidding (in data place) Open API - private sector creates - value-added data - Mobile App for all value-added data for for policy makers services businesses 4
  6. 6. Way Forward UN/CEFACT e-Procurement Standard Local Business Registration / e-Certificates PEPPOL 5
  7. 7. THANK YOU