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20121112 global forum_ntt_niwano_fin


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20121112 global forum_ntt_niwano_fin

  1. 1. “Omotenashi-Ozendate”:Towards Realizing Service Provider Driven eGovernment 12th November, 2012 Eikazu NIWANO NTT Corporation Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 0
  2. 2. eGovernment for Basic Citizen Life Medical Education Remote Consultation Connect eLearning Regional Medical Liaison Individual eGovernment Community LifeHUB Central Gov Local Gov Energy Management Safety Check Smart Grid/City Disaster Prevention Information Public Transportation Home/Automotive ICT Disaster Victim Certification Food, Clothing and Shelter Primary sector of industry Safety Disaster Environment Employment Prevention• Reprinted and modified from; E.Niwano, “Through the Experience of Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami 3.11 - Social Information Infrastructure and eGovernment for Basic Citizen Life -, Global Forum2011 Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 1
  3. 3. CICS Vision We aim at the offer of the structure for convenience which supports “Life" from four sides of relief - Connection, Individual, Community, Safety.Connect IndividualThe society where every The society which everybodyinformation- service Government can use the necessary and(including public and enjoy most suitable andprivate) necessary for optimized information-life is digitized, and the Enterprise Public Entity service (including public andservice provider and user private) private system)is easily connected each togetherother Life CitizenThe society where the The society which secure,difference of use and offer of guarantee relief and securityinformation- service when utilizes information-(including public and private) service (including public andby the area is corrected, and private) and can provide itit contributes to life security like air and waterand the promotion in the areaCommunity Safety Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 2
  4. 4. Concepts – What is Important?Public and Private Partnership Open Hub•Open government information to the private •eDemocracy and eParticipation•Open private Information to the public (Gov) •Regional community and entity partnership•One stop service over public and private •Citizen partnership Central Gov •Central and Local Citizen Local Gov government partnership Hub RegionalPublic Information/Service Private Information/SErvice •Ubiquitous environment Life Community LifeHUBCitizen Origin Trust Oriented•Agent/concierge/customization •Information security infrastructure•Push-based information delivery •Self information control•Universal design and service •Personal information protection •Unitization of trust in real world Based on the above concepts, we think sharing and utilization of personal information will be one of key R&D issues to be studied, then we would like to imply following models;  “Omotenashi-Ozendate” based Service Provisioning  Diversity-oriented Secure Device Management Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 3
  5. 5. “Omotenashi-Ozendate” based Service Provisioning Realization of very fair public administration with “very returnable system” (for the citizen) by applying distributed personal information and big data/life log. Government “Omotenashi*1” CitizenService Provider Driven ≒ Very Customized and Optimized Service Provision without any order【Driving Force】 Electronic from citizen Application “Ozendate*2” Decision Making (Policy Making ≒ Very Readied Service Provision in Support etc) case of order (or decision making)  Distributed Personal Information – Static/Deterministic(Conclusive) attributes User Initiative Integration  Big Data/Life Log – Dynamic/Stochastic 【Driving Initiative】 (probabilistic) attributes by socially/personally behavioral analysis*1.“Omotenashi(Japanese)”: To convey "consideration", "compassion”, “sympathy" without the right side and the wrong side byusing "thing" and “object" faithfully and sincerely. It is used like hospitality in providing service in Japan.*2.“Ozendate(Japanese)”: To get ready for the meal, and make the state that can eat immediately originally. To turn, it means toprepare in order to be able to start it immediately. It means "set the stage for”, “complete the arrangements”, “setting the table” etc. Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 4
  6. 6. Diversity-oriented Secure Device Management Realization of flexible and secure/conclusive information-service management and control for any service provider and user anytime and anywhere. secure device and service management Secure device as the interface for strictly secure /conclusive with and controller for cyber information management @Private Office world Real World NFC@Home Self-information NFC Cloud as LifeHUB control - Chip Management NFC* - Service Management Auto configuration/ Device - Information Integration Auto filling out of Integration Cyber World application etc. SIM Distributed Personal Information Big Data/Life Log μSD NFC NFC Embedded @Public Office Chip @Shop * Near Field Communication 5 Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation
  7. 7. Conclusion We aim at provision of social information infrastructure to support basic citizen life from a point of view of “Connect”, “Individual”, “Community” and “Safety” (CICS Vision) In order to realizing the vision, we introduced LifeHUB concept which consists of “PPP”, “Citizen Origin”, “ Open Hub” and “Trust-oriented”. Based on the above four concepts and regards to“Big Data/Life Log”, “Distributed Personal Information”, we proposed two models in applying sharing and utilization of personal information.  “Omotenashi-Ozendate” based service provisioning (service provider driven model): very optimized and readied service for realization of very fair public administration with “very returnable system” (for the tax from citizen)  Diversity-oriented secure device management: multiple secure chip/terminal management with NFC (Near Field Communication) and cloud environment for realization of very flexible and secure/conclusive personal information management and control Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 6
  8. 8. Thank you for your Attention Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 7
  9. 9. Appendix. The Meaning of “Ozendate” It means not only getting ready for event or action, but also laying groundwork for decision making It is used in many situations.Semanteme, example Synonym, associated word Preparation, Fix the preparation, Go ahead, For early preparations,For such as The arrangement are set, Fix the procedure, Arrange, Fix thea visitor welcome, the procedure, Provide, Get ready, There is an appearance, Assist forevent success etc. Preliminary arrangements are made, The groundwork, GroundFor such as policymaking, leveling for, The making of environment, Preliminary arrangement,the serious change Attach a way for, Make a base, Prepare a set of, Set up, Make the groundwork, Make a strategic movement, Induce you to do etc. From Weblio Dictionary Translated by E.Niwano Copyright(c) 2012 NTT Corporation 8