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2. 2012 11-11 global forum sto thomas myrup kristensen facebook


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2. 2012 11-11 global forum sto thomas myrup kristensen facebook

  1. 1. Global Forum 2012 - Stockholm Session 4: New Usages: For Privacy & Security Thomas Myrup Kristensen
  2. 2. Facebook’s mission is to make the world moreopen and connected
  3. 3. Facebook enables people to connect on a huge scale 58% 67% return YOY growth daily 1 Billion 600M Monthly active users Monthly active users across all platforms on mobileSource: Facebook 10Q, June 2012.
  4. 4. The web has changed…
  5. 5. Facebook’s‘real name’ cultureModel 1 Model 2 >JS123 Thomas
  6. 6. ADDS REAL VALUEAccording to a Deloittestudy from January 2012they found across Europe,Facebook has:With an economic impactof €15.2 billionSupporting 232,000 jobs
  8. 8. PrivacyTransparency – We are clear about our data protection practices andobtain informed consent from users to those practices.Examples : Data Use Policy, First Use EducationControl – We give Users meaningful control over what they share and withwhom.Examples : Activity log, inline sharing controls, Social ads opt out, DYI,delete your account.Accountability – We are accountable to enforcement authorities and toour usersExamples: Irish Audit, User Feedback
  9. 9. Security• Login approvals: o Double tier authentication system• Login Notifications o Approval of devices to access the site and notification system• HTTPS o Encrypted connection to Facebook• Remote Logout o Overview of active Facebook sessions• One-Time Passwords o Generation of temporary passwords• Social Authentication o Friend verification