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12 11-11 global forum sto thomas myrup kristensen facebook

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12 11-11 global forum sto thomas myrup kristensen facebook

  1. 1. Global Forum 2012 - Stockholm Session 4: New Usages: For Privacy & Security Thomas Myrup Kristensen
  2. 2. Facebook’s mission is to make the world more open and connected
  3. 3. Facebook enables people to connect on a huge scale 58% 67% return YOY growth daily 1 Billion 600M Monthly active users Monthly active users across all platforms on mobile Source: Facebook 10Q, June 2012.
  4. 4. The web has changed…
  5. 5. Facebook’s‘real name’ culture Model 1 Model 2 > JS123 Thomas
  7. 7. Privacy Transparency – We are clear about our data protection practices and obtain informed consent from users to those practices. Examples : Data Use Policy, First Use Education Control – We give Users meaningful control over what they share and with whom. Examples : Activity log, inline sharing controls, Social ads opt out, DYI, delete your account. Accountability – We are accountable to enforcement authorities and to our users Examples: Irish Audit, User Feedback
  8. 8. Security • Login approvals: o Double tier authentication system • Login Notifications o Approval of devices to access the site and notification system • HTTPS o Encrypted connection to Facebook • Remote Logout o Overview of active Facebook sessions • One-Time Passwords o Generation of temporary passwords • Social Authentication o Friend verification

Editor's Notes

  • With more than 800 million people who use facbeook every month – we’ve seen a tremendous shift in the way informaiton is shared. While people used to get their information through their local or national news services – we are now seeing information flow more freely across boarders. Here you can see a heat map of the world that was generated using connections which were being made on Facebook.
  • And you can reach people at scale with Facebook while they are on both desktop and mobile devices. Across desktop and mobile, there are 1 Billion monthly active users and we know that 58% - yes, nearly 2/3, are active on the site dailyWithin that group, there are 543M monthly active users on mobile - …and, that number is growing: 67% YOY, meaning that businesses must adapt to a changing environment, which includes reaching consumers while they are on the go.
  • Back in 1993, the notion of anonymity on the net was famously described in Peter Steiner’s cartoon in the New Yorker enttiled "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog.”The overriding concern was then to ensure that anonymity could be preserved wherever possible.The Member States, providers and users concerned, together with the competent Community bodies, should cooperate in introducing and developing the relevant technologies where this is necessary to apply the guarantees provided for by this Directive and taking particular account of the objectives of minimising the processing of personal data and of using anonymous or pseudonymous data where possible.Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications 2002/58/EC, 2002
  • One of our core principles is our concept of ‘real name culture.’ This means that on Facebook, you have to be your REAL self. You may remember when this wasn’t always the case – you could have used a pseudonym like this one here. But we have always believed that a real name culture creates an environment where people are accountable for their actions, and makes our site less attractive to bad actors who generally do not use their real names of email addresses. Importance of real names for keeping kids safe and people generally from prying eyes. Unfortunately, for every activist who would like to use a fake name, there’s also a child predator, police officer, school administrator, etc. who wants to use one for less noble reasons. It’s nearly impossible for us to distinguish between the two. We’ve made it a violation of our policies to set up a fake profile, and we have tools to detect fake accounts and we block the registration of accounts under common fake names. If you think about it, fake names and hidden identities are just not the purpose of Facebook, which is to connect people to their real world friends and families.So now, instead of an empty pseudonym, you get a glimpse of who I am as a person
  • User numbers will growServices offered by Facebook will growServices on Facebook will growThere is opportunity for We need to be bold – to argue the toss and for change – we’ll all be winners in the endNeed laywers who can think of ways that the effect of protections are the same but the way in which they are applied should be rethought