Talent management rise of the independent worker


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Talent management rise of the independent worker

  1. 1. 02/11/12 www.barbadostoday.bb Page 41A newworkerclass Talent Management and the Rise of the NewIndependent Professional Worker Class by Global Expert Systems Human behaviour is quite predictable and it’s no differentduring hard times. With unemployment now soaringat double digits in Barbados, be on the lookout for the The type of global economic slowdown that we are harsh recessions, we will witness this phenomenon.independent professional worker. witnessing tends to cause this type of labour movement. Every In fact, GES calls this the talent magnet — the best talent time we have major global upheaval like wars, disasters and goes wherever it finds traction. Likewise, global companies The New Independent Professional Worker seek out the best talent, wherever they are on the planet. We are accustomed to the traditional independent Here is why:worker: the lawyer, the doctor, the bookkeeper, the tailor, 1. Virtual professional social networks like Linkedin andthe seamstress. This is not who we are speaking of here. We Caribbeanjobs.com make it very easy to search for globalare also not speaking of Dilbert’s ever popular and perhaps opportunities.infamous “consultant” who is between jobs and looking to 2. Europe as a major talent pool, owing to their high levelsget back on someone’s payroll. of education, has also put a lot of independent professionals So who or what constitutes this new class of worker? on the global market owing to their prolonged recession.Here’s the profile: How to become a true global independent professional? 1. This professional is definitely an “international citizen” 1. Start by having a very open mind. Be curious aboutcapable of globe-trotting and demanding the job that best other languages and cultures. Be adventurous.suits their talent. They are not bound to any one company 2. Pick up a second language.or country. This is what makes them truly independent. 3. Pursue internationally recognised qualifications and 2. This type of talent normally has an international certifications.education background and they tend to study in top schools 4. If your company has overseas offices, ask to be placedin two or more countries. abroad for at least three to six months. During this short 3. They speak fluent English and two or more languages, period you normally will not require a visa. So try it!depending on the region they prefer. For example, an 5. Finally, do not underestimate the CARICOM Certificateindependent in the Americas will speak English, Spanish, of Recognition that gives you free movement throughout thePortuguese and French. One who “floats” in the EU will Caribbean.typically speak English, French and German. While in Asia, * Next week we will look at: How to brand yourself as anthey will command English and Mandarin and maybe a few independent professional?other native languages. 4. It is not difficult to legally enter another country * For access to the entire series of GES articlesbecause they’re multi-skilled, multi-lingual and actually sought in pdf. feel free to download them from http://after by global companies. So requesting work permits and www.scribd.com/GlobalExpertSystems. Wevisas is not a major hassle for the company. Additionally, also have tons of interesting related content onthese workers tend to carry at least two international our Facebook page, visit us and like us at www.passports. facebook.com/global.expert.systems. Why is this new class of worker emerging?