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Global chemical price aims to help its subscribers grab time-critical opportunities with long-term gains

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  1. 1. Global chemical price Global chemical price is the name to be reckoned with when it comes to providing chemical prices. Having access to latest chemical prices will you to understand the ever changing chemical market and also make sound business decisions. We provide daily price alerts via SMS and email, thereby making it easier for our subscribers to access these prices, and that too at his/her convenience.
  2. 2. . All the resources needed to make informed business decisions are now just a click away. Indian chemical price and market trends for better understanding of the Indian chemical industry. • Global chemical price provides comprehensive and relevant global information related to chemicals and petrochemicals with an emphasis on India. • Indian chemical price alerts are made available to help Indian based refineries, manufacturers, importers, exporters, traders, brokers and end-users to safeguard their business from volatility in the Indian chemical industry.
  3. 3. Chemical price updates to guide you through the ever-changing chemical market. • Global chemical price aims to make the latest chemical price updates, market analysis, news and on-going chemical market trends available for traders, manufacturers and end-users. • Our chemical price updates and market reviews are meant for customers to understand the intricacies of chemical industry and make important long-term as well as short-term trading decisions. • All the resources needed to make informed business decisions are now just a click away.
  4. 4. Bulk chemical prices at your fingertips • Global chemical price provides immediate access to the latest bulk chemical prices. Find out the prices of over 30 major commodities without any hassles and at your convenience. • Increasing number of manufacturers, traders, distributers, and end-users are reliant on alerts for bulk chemical prices. • GCP has established a well co-ordinated system to deliver all real time information, price alerts and news within the reach of a few clicks.
  5. 5. Global petrochemical market news from a team of experts • Global chemical price gives you the latest global petrochemical market news, and find out what’s moving the market today and make major investment decisions more swiftly and more profitably. • Breaking news on every aspect of the petrochemical industry researched and presented to you by a team of trusted experts. • With our global petrochemical market news track every move the market makes.
  6. 6. Round the clock access to latest Indian chemical news • Global chemical price provides all-inclusive and significant global information related to chemicals and petrochemicals with an emphasis on India. • With our Indian chemical news discover the latest developments in the market. An indispensable tool for producers, consumers, traders, analysts and investors. • GCP’s Indian chemical news is an all-inclusive record of the day's developments in the sector.
  7. 7. Check chemical market conditions with access to latest shipping and port news • We deliver expert coverage of every sector of this industry including shipping and port news, including updates on markets, projects, vessels, equipment, research, shipyards, key shipping companies, export-import, and logistics. • Shipping and port news is vital for brokers, financiers, insurers, ship owners and operators, aiming to keep you abreast of all the key shipping and port developments.
  8. 8. Easy access to import-export data across major Indian ports • We provide import-export data for a number of commodities across major ports of India. • Importers/Exporters Traders, Industries, Customs House Agents, Logistic Companies, Freight Forwarders, and Shipping Agents will find our import-export data and stock details extremely valuable and useful.
  9. 9. Global chemical price