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Global Business Union


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Global Business Union is a full-service business development and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size companies in the United States, Europe and Middle East. We coach our clients as their businesses grow from start-up to success, helping in the areas of strategy, operations, technology and regulatory compliance, offering them all-in-one in-house business and legal packages.

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Global Business Union

  1. 1. Company Overview Global Business Union is a consulting firm that provides a range of business assistance services to domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, small businesses and midsize companies. We offer comprehensive solutions to help established and growing companies become more competitive domestically and internationally by pairing our expertise in business consulting with legal counsel during the implementation process, smoothing the internationalization process for growing and established companies. Global Business Union is a full-service business development and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size companies in the United States, Europe and Middle East. We coach our clients as their businesses grow from start-up to success, helping in the areas of strategy, operations, technology and regulatory compliance, offering them all-in-one in-house business and legal packages. Our network of offices overseas allows us to attend to our clients’ diverse business and legal needs, increase our exposure and visibility in the global business arena and consolidate long- term relationships with clients. Mission “We are dedicated to building a foundation for our client's businesses, and defining their company roadmap - so they can breathe easy and enjoy the entrepreneurial process, knowing their business is in great hands".
  2. 2. Services  Market & Research o Demographics o Industries o Market o Competitors  Site Analysis  Business Plans o Business Plan Review o Start-Up Plan o Marketing Plan o Immigration Business Plan o Brief Plan o Tracking Plan  Global Business Development o Business Analysis o Business Valuation o Implementation Service o Intermediary Service o Technology innovation o Exit Strategy  Marketing Strategies o Customer Segmentation o Pricing o Branding o Product Development o Sales & Channel Management  Import/Export Assistance  Legal Assistance
  3. 3. Service Description Business Incubator Global Business Union offers its business incubation program to improve and encourage continuous entrepreneurialism. We help clarify their goals, create a strategy, and provide them with a professional structure they can rely on to achieve success. Our tailored and customized programs help clients to focus on their vision of the future and use this to create a clear action plan for the present. Global Business Union provides coaching, consulting and mentoring to entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs of small and mid-size businesses, emerging companies and early-stage companies. The objective is to provide small and mid-sized businesses with the necessary support, financial and technical services in order to help them grow during the start-up period, creating jobs and strengthening the economy. Global Business Development Competing internationally and transforming a business into a global player is the major challenge and the ultimate opportunity to grow. Global Business Union is specialized in internationalizing companies, which saves costs, time, reduces expensive pitfalls and boosts sales. Our comprehensive approach consists of five steps: business analysis, business valuation, implementation of the internationalization, creating foreign partnerships, and assisting in innovation new technology. Business Analysis. Includes SWOT and PESTLE analysis, BCG portfolio, employee portfolio, product matrix, competitive analysis, international cultural conformity analysis, web 2.0 reputation analysis, business unit evaluation, asset valuation, TQM standard evaluation, supply chain analysis and financial analysis. Business Valuation. This deep analysis is describing the very details of business. In addition to the four standard financial statements, we can establish interim statements to follow trends, improve forecasts, and adapt the business to the market. Implementation Service. Implementing changes within a company or a global approach is one of the major challenges. A professional implementation needs to be consequential, executed milestone by milestone, done with the right pace of implementation and constantly reviewed, adopted, and optimized. Technology Innovation. Innovating new technology is a key success factor of major businesses and a necessity for rapid growth. Global Business Coaching Business Coaching is our service designed to coach business owners to improve their national and international business abroad. Our Business Coaching supports business owners with their operation, sales, marketing, and management. The owners of small to medium-size businesses encounter difficulties while expanding overseas due to culture, laws, and communication differences. We smooth those barriers and coach start-up or established enterprises as they expand internationally. Our partners all around the world comprise our global business team. Thus we are able to provide
  4. 4. a broad portfolio of services for small and medium businesses. Business Plan Development Because of the varying nature of business and what clients intend to use their plan for, it is necessary to customize a different type of business plan from one entrepreneur to another. Plans differ mainly in length, format, detail, contents, and the varying emphases they place on different aspects of the description. Specific services include:  Business Plan Review  Startup Plan.  Immigration Business Plans  Brief plan  Tracking Plan  Marketing Plan Market Research Entrepreneurs’ decision to start or expand a business should be an informed one, but it is often difficult to know where to begin. It requires the study of every aspect of existing and potential customers, competitors, and the economic conditions of marketplace, including the process of gathering and analyzing consumer and economic data to help understand which products and services customers want, and how to differentiate business from competitors. Import / Export More than ever, businesses are looking to develop international business strategies. By trading internationally, companies can benefit from a larger customer base to expand their business, reduce dependence on existing markets and creating additional revenue. Globalization is time-consuming and there are many risks and costs associated with starting a new export venture. Finding foreign markets or suppliers and dealing with shipping complexities are only two of the challenges facing small and mid-sized firms seeking to participate in international trade. Marketing Strategy Another valuable service that Global Business Union offers its clients is expertise in marketing strategies applied to the promotion and distribution of goods and services. We assist entrepreneurs and managers of start-up and mid-sized companies to study, evaluate and implement the best marketing strategy in order to improve the exposure and the market share of the company. The development of a marketing strategy is usually divided into five general aspects:  Customer Analysis  Product Development  Pricing  Branding  Sales and Distribution Legal Assistance Through our partners, we will portray the international scenario that companies will face in doing business overseas: local regulations, basic contract requirements, taxes, immigration law and how to make use of government and federal programs that can help in an international arena. Foreign investment and growing international trade have increased the demand for international legal advice. Global Business Union has a commitment to provide a complete range of legal and business services to clients involved in international
  5. 5. business, which is reflected in the wide range of knowledge: foreign languages, culture and business skills that our experts possess. Site Analysis Global Business Union provides comprehensive location research for the product or service in to the desired area. This includes site selection, location analysis, market screen and related services to its clients involved in development and retailing activities throughout the U.S, Europe and Middle-East. These analyses evaluate the spectrum of the potential critical factors that may interfere with your business location including market support available for the planned project, the physical and regulatory constraints and location characteristics such as visibility and accessibility. Contact Information USA +1 619-518-5106 Italy +39 328-6183-897 964 Fifth Ave, Suite 203 San Diego 92101