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The Future of Productivity Taking Place Now at Penson Financial Services


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Hear how Microsoft and Global 360 are Changing How Work Gets Done at Penson Financial Services

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The Future of Productivity Taking Place Now at Penson Financial Services

  1. 1. The Future of Productivity
  2. 2. Global 360 Enterprise-class Process Platform for Microsoft Recognized Market Leader 2000 Customers Globally
  3. 3. Microsoft-centric BPM Wave BPM Magic Quadrant “Global 360 also has built the most “Their strategy for enhancing business impressive integration to SharePoint... professionals’ experience is strong, well-researched and innovative.”
  4. 4. The answer
  5. 5. Human Resources Audit Account On-boarding Compliance Collaboration Systems Securities Processing
  6. 6. Securities Processing
  7. 7. Securities Processing
  8. 8. Securities Processing
  9. 9. Securities Processing
  10. 10. Securities Processing
  11. 11. Human Resources Audit Compliance Account On-Boarding Collaboration Systems Securities Processing
  12. 12. Modelling / Collaboration… Improving business productivity, Content Repository… access to information, compliance Forms… Integration… all while, helping users love their work again… User Application… Simulation… Personal Productivity… Database…
  13. 13. Automate business processes leveraging SharePoint content Capture & Build forms-based index documents interfaces using into SharePoint SharePoint InfoPath Create, simulate & Deliver process improve processes applications using using Visio and pre-built SharePoint collaboration SharePoint web parts Gain business visibility using SharePoint-based reports & dashboards
  14. 14. Global 360 & Microsoft 2010 Launch event The Bloomington Room - 2nd Floor FREE
  15. 15.