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Adaptive Case Management: Taming Unstructured Process Work for Today’s Knowledge Worker


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Adaptive Case Management: Taming Unstructured Process Work for Today’s Knowledge Worker. Presentation from Gartner ITxpo. Delivered by Derek Weeks at Gartner ITxpo, October 2011.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Adaptive Case Management: Taming Unstructured Process Work for Today’s Knowledge Worker

  1. 1. “The business world hasalways been unstructured,it is the computers andapps that were not.” Adaptive Case Management: Taming Unstructured Process Work for Today’s Knowledge Worker BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 1
  2. 2. Adaptive Case Management:Taming Unstructured Process Work for Today’s Knowledge WorkerDerek E. WeeksSenior DirectorBPM Corporate and Product MarketingOpenText BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 2
  5. 5. Bryan works here…… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 5
  6. 6. his case management application wasgetting long in the tooth….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 6
  7. 7. 9 months ago, he faced three challenges….. development change and user time, requests, expectations….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 7
  8. 8. 1/3 of the Bryan’sinternal clients will bemobile workers by2013 BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 8
  9. 9. in the next 5 years, new hires will barelyuse email….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 9
  10. 10. 1 in 12 on the planet use Facebook. (1 in 3 for Bryan) BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 10
  11. 11. 68% of employees are on LinkedIn…. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 11
  12. 12. 1 in 5 play an online social game….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 12
  13. 13. 20% customize their homepage….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 13
  14. 14. Bryan has been supporting old-style,rigid, enterprise applications… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 14
  15. 15. his business has 290 resources areworking on cases….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 15
  16. 16. Bryanunderstands that80% of knowledgework isunstructured….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 16
  17. 17. the nature of their world has changed…… …what people want. …the way we work. …how businesses operate. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 17
  18. 18. The new app needed to be more flexible tomeet the needs and expectations of thenew iWorker..… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 18
  19. 19. meet Jenny BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 19
  20. 20. the new iWorker BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 20
  21. 21. Jenny also works here…… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 21
  22. 22. but occasionally works here…… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 22
  23. 23. her case work involves… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 23
  24. 24. the Claims Team is located here….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 24
  25. 25. each case is unique… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 25
  26. 26. each work item is complex BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 26
  27. 27. Jenny knows many of the rules andpolicies…. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 27
  28. 28. but is not an expert, so guardrails dohelp… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 28
  29. 29. no assignment has a pre-determinedoutcome… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 29
  30. 30. So Jenny found her way around workingwithin a large team, sometimes from aremote location.... BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 30
  31. 31. but she would ask Bryan...... BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 31
  32. 32. about sharing case information,understanding the rules, and servingcustomers with urgent needs… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 32
  33. 33. let’s not forget Jenny’s boss Tom…. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 33
  34. 34. Tom spends over 2 hours a day searchingfor information and compiling reports…... BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 34
  35. 35. business demands changed constantly… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 35
  36. 36. No insight into real time needs orbottlenecks….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 36
  37. 37. 9 months ago Jenny and Tom were usingthese tools..… BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 37
  38. 38. Bryan did his research….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 38
  39. 39. Thanks to Bryan, today they use thesetools….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 39
  40. 40. Jenny uses adaptive case managementto get her work done….. Reviews images of the customer policy on her desktop Content is presented in context. She verifies details of the policy holder Works through her assigned task list and adds notes to the case BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 40
  41. 41. Jenny’s colleagues canreview the Case Folderfor anything related to thecase from start to finishEveryone can see theDocuments list thatprovides a completehistory of any documentsent to or received fromthe case BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 41
  42. 42. Jenny can create new tasks or add newprocesses…..without waiting for Bryan’s code changes….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 42
  43. 43. on the road, Jenny is empowered andnever out of touch… Add data, images or content to a case, enabling her to process work from anywhere. Add collaboration posts and then track them. Find expertise immediately. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 43
  44. 44. Her colleagues can alsocollaborate within in-progress work folders andview of any outstandingtasks or documentsAny event feed or IM sessionis integrated with the case.Event feeds andcollaboration are displayedin context BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 44
  45. 45. and what about Tom?..... BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 45
  46. 46. he now has visibility to everything his teamis working on….. Track performance and SLA’s to better understand how his business is servicing customers See team backlogs and escalated work items Keep track of his own tasks Follow and participate in team discussions BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 46
  47. 47. and Bryan?..... BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 47
  48. 48. Bryan delivers solutions faster with out-of-the-box user applications…. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 48
  49. 49. Bryan Jenny is keeping Tom has bettereliminated the customers visibility to his tug of war….. happy….. business….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 49
  50. 50. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) worksthe way we want to…..Dynamic and Content People Intelligence Collaboration Structured Process BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 50
  51. 51. ACM needs to be collaborative Social Computing • Connect participants • Empower participants • Keep processes relevantCommunications Context• Voice, text, messaging • Process context• White-boarding, app sharing • Case and content context• Presence • Participant context Process Participant BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 51
  52. 52. ACM needs to address structured andunstructured workHigh Structure LowPredefined & repeatable Process pattern Ad hoc & evolutionary Efficiency & scale Objective Problem resolution System Creation Investment Enabling iWorkers Data entry Example Contract Creation BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 52
  53. 53. ACM needs to deal with business as ithappens….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 53
  54. 54. ACM rethinks how work gets done….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 54
  55. 55. After 110 years with a paper-based claimsprocess, Physicians Mutualwent paperless in 2010. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 55
  56. 56. Loan exception reportingand reviews were reducedfrom 7 days to seconds. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 56
  57. 57. Claims processing timedropped 13% in first quarter.No increase in staff for 5 years,during 100% business growth. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 57
  58. 58. UNICOR consolidated 5systems into one, eliminateddaily printing of 20Kdocuments, and streamlineswork based on roles/skills. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 58
  59. 59. we have a broad range of ACM customers….. BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 59
  60. 60. who are applying ACM and where…. FS/Banking Insurance Government Retail/Manufacturing Account Opening & New Business, Finance and Admin Order-to-Cash (Dispute Servicing (IRA, ISA, etc), Underwriting & Enrollment (Permits, Taxes, Child Resolution, etc), Product Account disputes, Support,etc) line management and approval Merchant Services, Mutual Claims Processing, eGovernment eFiling Procure-to-Pay (Trade Fund Record Keeping Appeals and Grievances and Inquiries, Citizens Spend capture & Supply Services Management) Loan Processing, mortgage Customer eJustice for Courts Casefile Product line management processing, Service/Exception Handling Management, Redaction and approval Workforce Management Correspondence Law Enforcement, DNA Workforce Management Management, Policy Offender Tracking, Change Management Automatic Weapon Lifecycle Tracking Compliance, Exception Compliance, Exception Compliance, Exception Compliance, Exception Handling Handling Handling, Air Quality Handling, Air Traffic Control Control, Endangered Beacon Maintenance Species Tracking BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 60
  61. 61. 10 Years Deep Roots in Persona- CaseManagement + Process and Document + based BPM innovationExperience Management BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 61
  62. 62. Where did Bryan learn more about CaseManagement?….. …visit the case management …download Forrester’ s 2011…get the free eBook at resource center at case management wave from BUSINESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS 62