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My name is Glenn Stegall and I’m putting myself up for sale. I’m a 23 year old college graduate with an impressive list of accomplishments and an ambitious set of goals. I have defied the stereotypical path for young men like myself, and I’m ready to make my impact in the world. I’m putting myself up for sale because I want to be able to direct my own future.

Unfortunately, the current path for college graduates is shaped by a powerful jet stream. We walk across the stage in May, and within a few months student loans payments are due. It’s extremely hard to go against the flow that pushes us toward a typical 9 to 5 job. Entrepreneurship is stifled due to the fear of failure and our immediate survival needs. The current process limits growth and opportunity. I hope you will help me change that.

Here is what I’ve decided to do. I’m offering 9% of my future income, for up to 15 years, in exchange for a minimum investment of $75,000. This investment will give me the resources I need to expand my current start-up. With your help, I can create a least 10 sustainable jobs within the next 12 months and provide you with a solid return on your investment over time. Please take a look at the full details below. I have laid out my proposal and my future plans. Lastly, if you can’t afford to make an investment, please share this story.

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  1. 1. Glenn Stegall For (starting at $75,000) 23 Years Old Business Owner Bachelors Degree Political Science Former Political Candidate Innovator Ambitious Articulate Optimistic Pragmatic Honest
  2. 2. What’s for sale? 9%• I’m selling 9% of my annual income, for up to 15 years, for a minimum investment of $75,000. 91% Glenn
  3. 3. About Me: I’m an innovator, an inventor, and a hard worker. I enjoy solving problems that make an impact in my community. To have come from a poor childhood, with a single mother, an incarcerated father, and a school system that said I was challenged, to where I am today makes me believe anything is possible with hard work and a little help. My entrepreneurial spirit keeps me on the edge of my seat every day. I can’t wait to get up in the morning to build something from nothing. To offer someone a service that they like enough to pay for is truly rewarding.My goal:I’d like to chart my own course in life without choosing the path of least resistance.My goal is to build a company that values its employees, makes a positive impact inthe world, and helps me give back to my community. I’m currently working on astart-up that will accomplish this goal.Why should you invest in me?Because you’re not just investing in a product or a company for money; you are alsoinvesting in a person, a mission, and a journey that will change the world. Not manyinvestments offer all of those things for such a bargain price.
  4. 4. Resume Key Highlights Public Service:•2010 Candidate for Mayor- Athens, GA: Recognized as the youngest candidate for mayor in Athens, Georgia history. Ihelped secure a 500K education grant, received about 1000 votes, raised over $13,000, and registered over 1500 people to vote. Marketing / Business Development:•Project Manager Emcien Inc 2011- 3/2012: Project manager for social media intelligence software. I worked with policedepartments and private security firms around the country. We offered a cloud-based solution to help them utilize social media toinvestigate and prevent criminal activity.•Social media specialist for Facebook Application: I organized a successful online social media campaign using Facebook PPCand CPM advertising. Results: Over 4,000 new users, 500 transactions, and over 100k impressions within 3 days. ($300 Budget)•2011 Top Five finalists: University of Georgia Terry College of Business’ “Next Top Entrepreneur Competition.” Prize 100kstartup capitalOwner Website Design Company: Started in 2007 at age 17 -- Created websites for several small businesses with payingcustomers over five years later•Business Manager Coffee High Yearbook: Managing several student workers and generating $50K in advertising revenue -Business Manager of the Year Award for 2007 Education:•Coffee High School, Honor Graduate 2007•Bachelors Degree - Political Science, University of Georgia Class of 2011 (3.7 Major GPA)•Certified Georgia Social Studies teacher (7/2012)
  5. 5. Same DayAbout My Start-UP Delivery Service • Start-up business that My start-up offers average people the makes same-day/on- convenient services that wealthy demand delivery possible. people typically enjoy, for an • Customers can have just about anything delivered affordable price. Imagine all the things locally within an hour. you need and desire on a daily basis to • All orders are processed survive - food, personal hygiene items, through an online medications, office supplies, application. documents, leisure items - and then • We currently work with dozens of local restaurants think about the precious time you to provide food delivery. could save getting the things you • We also have request from need. My start-up offers average local businesses and city people an extra hand for an affordable government officials to price. It’s an on-demand service that provide currier service. • Recently received my first makes same-day delivery a reality. franchise request.
  6. 6. Additional sources of income (completed projects) Mobile Canvassing Local Coupon Book Application• Mobile application to streamline field • Local coupon advertisement canvassing for political organizations publication• Full voter profiles • Nearly $6000 in advertising revenue• Data collection and organizing tools • Majority of all local restaurants• Political Contribution management advertised in the first edition• Real-time field results • Over half of the customers returned for• Currently being tested by a political second edition organization
  7. 7. Est. Return On Investment Initial Investment $75,000 My potential Annual Income$50,000 $150,000 $1,000,000 (per year) ROI after 10 years $135,000 (Average of 10 Years Income x 9%)
  8. 8. The DetailsHere are the details of this agreement. I will agree to pay you 9% of my income, asreported on my federal income taxes (before deductions or any adjustments), for amaximum period of up to 15 years, in exchange for a minimum investment of$75,000. The amount of time this contract is in effect will be determined by myincome. Length of contract:The initial contract will expire after 10 years, if none of the following provisions gointo effect:1. If my income is under $32,000 in a year, no payment will be required. Instead one year will be added to the life of this contract for each year my income does not exceed $32,000 for a maximum of 4 years.2. I have the option to buy out of this contract at anytime after 24 months for 2.0 times the original investment.3. If at the end of ten years the original investment amount has not been repaid, the contract will automatically be extended by 1 year.4. In the case of death or a severe incapacity, this contract will be immediately void.
  9. 9. Income exclusions and investment repayment requirements:There are some exclusions to what income is assessable under this contract:1. Any future income derived from a spouse is not included in the contract.2. Any future inheritance, gifts, legal awards (law suits), or insurance benefits are not included in this contract.3. Any future scholarships or educational stipends are not included in this contract.Requirements to repay the original investment:• There are no requirements to repay this investment. The provisions mentioned before may increase the length of time this contract is in effect, but it does not include any obligation to repay the original investment.
  10. 10. The Details (continued)Payment Cap:1. No amount that exceeds $200,000 USD will be paid as a consequence of this contract annually.Eligible investors: Based on current federal law, only accredited investors are allowed to make an investment. (In the United States, for an individual to be considered an accredited investor, he or she must have a net worth of at least one million US dollars, not including the value of ones primary residence or have made at least $200,000 each year for the last two years, or $300,000 together with his or her spouse if married).
  11. 11. Plan B Even though I am very confident in my ability to deliver excellent results, it’s very important for me to ensure you receive a good return on your investment. That’s why I always have a Plan B. If I’m not able to build a business that offers me a good sustainable income within 2 years, I will double-down on enhancing my education and overall marketability topotential employers. I will either earn an MBA and/or pursue a law degreeat a top tier university. I can assure you that I will never accept mediocrityand I will not wilt under pressure. You are taking a chance on me, and I will not let you down.
  12. 12. Contact InformationPlease use the following information to contact me if you are interested inmaking an investment. Press inquires should be sent to my email address. Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal. Glenn Stegall @glennforsale