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Taking Legacy Software Global


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Taking Legacy Software Global

  1. 1. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  1                 Take  WORDsearch  Global     Submi>ed  to  Jim  Baird,  September  30,  2013     ©2013  Glenn  McClure    
  2. 2. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   MARKETING  PLAN  PRESENTATION  Summary     2   WHO  WE  ARE?   WORDsearch   Bible   SoMware,   a   division   of   LifeWay   ChrisQan   Resources   is   recognized   as   the   leading   Bible   soMware   “Serving   Those  Seeking  Biblical  Truth  to  Preach  and   Teach  to  Change  Lives."   OUR  SERVICES   WORDsearch   offers   all   people   seeking   Biblical   Truth   over   4,500   e-­‐Bibles   and   e-­‐ books  that  make  Bible  study  faster,  easier   and  more  enjoyable.   VISION   WORDsearch   wants   to   make   Bible   study   faster,   easier   and   more   enjoyable   for   all   people  seeking  Biblical  truth  to  preach  and   teach  to  change  lives.  
  3. 3. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  3  I   WORDsearch  Revenue  ROADMAP  September  2013       Growth  of  $1,741,824   $10,450,944  in  revenue     Growth  of  $1,451,520   $8,709,120  in  revenue     Growth  of  $1,209,600   $7,257,600  in  revenue     Growth  of  $1,008,000   $6,048,000  in  revenue         Growth  of  $840,000   $5,040,000  in  revenue   End  of  Fiscal  2014   Fiscal  2015   Fiscal  2016   Fiscal  2017   Fiscal  2018              Target  Goal  20%  YOY  Growth  
  4. 4. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   MARKETING  PLAN  PRESENTATION   MarkeQng  ObjecQves,  Channels,  Customers     4   New  Focus,  ObjecHves,  Customers   We   must   invest   in   technology   since   selling   soMware  is  selling  technology,  in  order  to  compete   and   increase   revenue   and   new   customer   base.   Lead   out   in   creaQng   more   markeQng   channels,   be>er   web   merchandising-­‐SEO,   PPC,   Affiliate,   Referral   Programs.   Drive   e-­‐markeQng   tacQcs   with   emphasis   on   analyQcs,   email,   social,   search,   content   development.   Must   develop   and   implement   DTC   strategy,   manage   build   brand,   pricing   strategy,   promoQons,   new   partnership   opportuniQes  that  achieve  company  goals.    Create   a   culture   of   tesQng,   measurement   and   results   throughout  enQre  DTC  Team.     Maximize  ExisHng  Channels/Customers   Develop   membership,   subscripQon,   conQnuity   programs.  Determine  true  DL,  Segment  Customers,   Cross-­‐Sell,  Up-­‐Sell.    Develop  Short,  Long  Term  Plan,   Grow  revenue  through  e-­‐commerce,  mobile,  mail,   call   center.   Enhance   consumer   experience   across   channels,   build   public   awareness,   and   increase   market   share.   Work   with   other   departments   to   develop   product   strategy   and   promoQonal   opportuniQes   that   creaQvely   and   effecQvely   generate  new  direct  business.    
  5. 5. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  5  I   SWOT  ANALYISIS   Overview    INTERNALANALYSIS •  Legacy  Technology   •  Sustainability  of  Maintaining   Legacy  Plaeorm     •  Lack  of  AnalyQcs-­‐No  Way  ROI   •  Lack  of  New  Customers   •  SEO,  PPC,  Email,  Social,  Website   •  LifeWay  Partnerships,  Publishing   Assets.     •  Current  Users   •  FiMy  Years  of  Combined   Experience   •  Create  Niche  Content  Packages   •  SBC  Customer  Base   •         Logos  Technology   •         Logos  is  Out  MarkeQng  WORDsearch   •         SQgma  around  current  product   •  Lack  of  funds  to  Move  SoMware   Forward   •  Lack  of  New  Customers   •  Migrate  Desktop  App  into  Website-­‐New  UI,   Browser  Base,  SubscripQon  Pay  Model   •  Web  SEO,  App  Store  SEO   •  Mobile  First-­‐iPhone,  iPad,  Android,  Kindle   Fire   •  Partner  with  Logos,  White  Label  Their   Product  with  LW  Content   EXTERNALANALYSIS STRENGTHS   WEAKNESSES   OPPORTUNITIES   SWOT   S   O   W   T   THREATS  
  6. 6. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  6  I  6  I   SWOT  ANALYISIS   Internal     •  Current  LW  Publishing  Assets  and  Content   •  LifeWay  Strategic  Partnerships   •  Current  User  Base   •  SBC  Customer  Database   •  Over  150  Years  LifeWay  Brand   •  Flexibility  Parse  Out  Bundles/Re-­‐Package  Content   •  Liberty  University  Channel   •  SBC  Seminary  RelaQonship   •  Ability  to  Cross  Market  with  Crossbooks,  B&H  Academic   STRENGTHS   S  
  7. 7. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  7  I  7  I   SWOT   Internal     •  Legacy  Technology-­‐Delphi   •  Desktop  Product  Viability-­‐Long  Term   •  Client  SoMware  as  Opposed  to  SAAS  (SoMware  As  A  Service)   •  Manually  Tagging  Content-­‐Not  Sustainable   •  Recent  Launch  of  Mac  iOS Apps   •  Absence  of  a  naQve  Mac  desktop  App   •  DisconQnuity  of  our  Products  Across  Plaeorms   •  Lack  of  Brand  RecogniQon-­‐WORDsearch?   •  Knowing  Customers-­‐Demographics   •  Lack  of  Accurate  AnalyQcs  and  ConnecQng  to  Business  ObjecQves   •  Lack  of  New  Customer  Growth   •  Customer  DistribuQon  List  Management   •  QuickVerse-­‐Dilute  Brand   •  Lack  of  Registered  Users   •  Email  MarkeQng  Campaigns  Too  Text  Heavy   •  Website  Design  and  Layout-­‐3  seconds,  Calls  To  AcQon   •  No  ExisQng  MarkeQng  Plan  or  Strategy   WEAKNESSES   W  
  8. 8. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  8  I  8  I   SWOT  ANALYISIS   External   •  Migrate  Desktop  App  into  Website-­‐New  UI,  Browser,  SubscripQon  Pay   Model   •  Web  SEO,  App  Store  SEO   •  Focus  on  Mobile  First-­‐iPhone,  iPad,  Android,  Kindle  Fire   •  Partner  with  Other  Companies,  White  Label  Their  Product  with  LW   Content   •  Repackage  Content  to  New  Customers   •  Rename  WORDsearch  Product   •  Build  New  Brand  from  the  Ground  Up   •  Audit  Database,  Manage  and  Segment   •  Partner  with  SBC  Seminaries   •  Partner  with  Other  Evangelical  Seminaries   •  Acquire  More  Content,  More  Staff  for  Trainings   •  Cross  PollinaQon  with  Other  LifeWay  Assets,  Events   •  Expand  Brand  to  Women   OPPORTUNITIES   O  
  9. 9. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  9  I  9  I   SWOT   External     •  ImplementaQon  of  MarkeQng  Strategy-­‐Hire  or  Buy  Services   •  Need  funds  to  Move  SoMware  Forward   •  No  AnalyQcs  to  Know  How  Customers  are  Using  Product   •  People  Cannot  Find  Us-­‐App  Store,  Web   •  Current  Development  Model  is  Not  Sustainable   •  Logos  Technology,  MarkeQng,  Market  Share   •  Bring  customers  along  to  the  21st  Century-­‐Migrate  to  Website   •  Logos  is  telling  the  WORDsearch  Story   •  Logos  is  Out  MarkeQng  WORDsearch   •  SQgma  around  current  product   •  SBC  Seminaries  Do  Not  Endorse  WORDsearch   •  Historically  Not  Registered  SoMware   THREATS   TT
  10. 10. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   WORDsearch  SOFTWARE   Legacy  Plaeorm  Becomes  Website     10  I   DELPHI     User  Interface,  User  Experience    Website  
  11. 11. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure     User   WORDsearch  SOFTWARE   User  Research,  Development,  TesQng   User  Interface  –  User  experience   User  Stories  and  Requirements  inform  Typography,  InformaQon  Architecture,   Usability,  Accessibility,  Wireframes,  Design,  Prototypes,  Features,  FuncQons  .   11  I  
  12. 12. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure       Consumer   WORDsearch  SOFTWARE     Generate  New  Customers  and  Income   GENERATE  MORE  CUSTOMERS  &  SALES   • Legacy  Becomes  SubscripQon  Based  Site   • Mobile,  Mobile,  Mobile   • APP  STORE  SEO,  WEB  SEO,  SEM   • Create  More  Value  By  OpQmizing  LW   Assets,  RelaQonships,  Content,  Events   12  I  
  13. 13. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   CompeQQve  Landscape   •  Logos  -­‐  Far  and  away  the  number  one  Bible  soMware.  Let’s  perform  a  SWOT  analysis  on   why?   •  Accordance  -­‐  Leader  in  Mac  soMware.  Especially  strong  with  language  tool.  Primarily   used  by  the  scholar  set  (academics,  editors,  ).  Just  released  a  PC  version  this  year.  What   are  the  reviews  of  the  PC  app?   •  Olive  Tree  -­‐  Leader  in  mobile  app  Bible  study.  Their  desktop  apps  have  not  been  well   received.  They  are  the  only  real  contender  for  converQng  desktop  soMware  market  share   into  the  mobile  app  space.   •  Leader  in  mobile  app  and  online  Bible  reading.  Militantly  non-­‐commercial.   Passed  100  million  app  installs  this  year.  Big  threat  to  digital  Bible  sales.   •  Leader  in  online  Bible  search.   •  BibleWorks  -­‐  Desktop  soMware.  Strong  language  tools.  Primarily  academics  and  scholars.   •  Glo  -­‐  Big  splash  with  iOS  app.  Very  flashy,  visual.  Good  content  partnerships  for  creaQng   custom  boxed  product.  Need  a  be>er  sense  of  market  share.  People  love  to  talk  about   how  cool  it  is,  but  don’t  know  how  pracQcal  it  is  to  use.     •  eSword  -­‐  Huge  internaQonal  customer  base.  Semi-­‐open  source.  Users  can  develop  tools   and  make  them  available  to  other  users.  Sell  content  through  eStudySource.  Not  sure   how  much  business  they  do,  but  a  huge  user  base.   •  BibleSoM/PC  Study  Bible  -­‐  losing  market  share  daily.  Almost  a  non-­‐factor.     –  Source  Paul  Mikos    
  14. 14. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   CompeQQve  Landscape-­‐ConQnued   Online  Tools   •  -­‐Ugly,  loaded  with  ads,  but  good,  free  tools.  Owned  by  Salem  so  it   gets  promoted  in  radio  and  print.   •  -­‐  New  player  with  engineers  from  Google.  Purchase  url  from  Nelson.   •  Bluele>  -­‐Free  language  tools.  Very  good.   •     More  Mobile  Apps   •  -­‐  Great  for  audio   •  Tecarta     •  Just1Word   •  AcroBible   •  ManQs   •  Laridian/PocketBible   –  Source  Paul  Mikos    
  15. 15. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  15  I   COMPETITIVE  ANALYISIS   WORDsearch  VS  Logos     WEAKNESSES  STRENGTHS  WEAKNESSES  STRENGTHS   •  Ease  of  Use-­‐Simple   NavigaQon   •  Free  Training   •  Over  200  FREE  Books   With  Purchase     •  Free  Tech  Support   •  CustomizaQon  of   Content   •  Cross  Reference   Explorer     •  Less  Expensive  than   Logos   •  DELPHI  Plaeorm.     •  Morphology-­‐Must   Know  Greek   •  No  SyntacQcal  Search   •  Non  SynchronizaQon   Between  Desktop  and   Apps   •  Web  Browser  Is  Buggy   •  Lack  of  Images,  Icons,   Graphics   •  No  Sermon  Prep   Template     •  Built  RelaQonships,   Mark  Driscoll,  Ma>   Chandler-­‐  Younger   Market   •  Well  Funded   •  Biblical  PHD’s  On  Staff     •  CHAT  Tech  Support   •  Literary  Typing-­‐ Discover  Context   •  Biblical  People,  Things,   Places,  Events,     •  Media-­‐Visual  Imagery,   Music,  Visual  Word   Clouds.     •  Bible  Facts,  Graphics,   Family  Trees   •  Overwhelming  Amount   of  InformaQon  for   Typical  Pastor  To  Use     •  Paid  Training  Only   •  High  Price   •  Content  Rigidness-­‐No   CustomizaQon   •  Not  Adaptable       WORDsearch   LOGOS  
  16. 16. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure  16  I   WORDsearch   ©2013  Glenn  McClure                                       CONTENT   We  must  create,  license,  bundle   content  that  is  compelling,  fits  our   brand  at  a  great  price.    We  must   leverage  our  relaQonships  and  have   them  align  to  our  brand.     ANALYTICS   Determine  Primary,  Secondary,   TerQary  customers  to  segment  our   markeQng.    Collect  data  to   determine  customer  behavior  and   pa>erns.  Collect  data  to  measure   ROI.   TELL  OUR  STORY   We  must  determine  the  one  thing   that  differenQates  us  from  our   compeQtors  and  be  confident  in   knowing  and  telling  our  story.    We   must  tell  our  story  both  inside  and   outside  the  company  with   consistency.   MARKETING  PLAN  PRESENTATION   Priority  1    
  17. 17. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   MARKETING  PLAN  PRESENTATION   WORDsearch  Content     17               Content  is  King!   We  must  create  new  web  content  and  pull  together  a   content   development   strategy   and   schedule   for   fiscal   2014.     There   needs   to   be   consistency   of   voice,   tone,   message   throughout   our   content.   Email   markeQng   should  compliment  web  and  visa  versa.  Nomenclature   must  be  consistent  and  simplified.    For  SEO  Strategic   Keywords   and   the   proper   density   of   keywords   must   exist  on  every  hierarchy  of  our  content.    From  H1’s  to   Body   to   links.   License   new   product   content   by   leveraging  strategic  partnerships,  relaQonships  LifeWay   is  already  vested  in  to  build  WORDsearch  brand.       New  Content  To  Generate  New  Online  Sales  and  Customers   Content  is  Fresh,  Relevant,  Consistent,  Updated  Frequently   Press  Releases,  Online  ArQcles,  Blogs,  Podcasts   All  Content  is  OpQmized  for  Search   " " " "
  18. 18. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   MARKETING  PLAN  PRESENTATION   AnalyQcs  and  SEO     18   Eliminate  Pogo  SQcking-­‐Get  Bounce  Rate  Lower               Dear  Google  and  Bing,  Help  Me  Rank  Beaer!   Search   rankings   are   based   on   trust   of   the   content.     Engines   “knowing”   that   people   interact   with   links   and  they  are  meaningful  and  relevant.    Think  of  SEO   like  a  coach-­‐playing  to  strengths,  and  be>er  ways  to   present  products  and  services.    Does  the  rest  of  the   world   think   you   have   a   good   product?   Must   be   engaged   socially   or   you   are   missing   the   boat!     Become  an  authoritaQve  voice  in  the  main  stream.   Best  PracHces!   We  must  increase  traffic  and  conversions  on  website   Premium  and  Related  Content  with  Product  Reviews   h>p://   " " " "
  19. 19. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   Search  MarkeQng  
  20. 20. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   Search  MarkeQng  
  21. 21. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   Search  MarkeQng  
  22. 22. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   Search  MarkeQng   Website   MarkeQng   Plan   Tools   AnalyQcs  
  23. 23. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   MARKETING  PLAN  PRESENTATION   Tell  A  Be>er  Story     23               The  WORDsearchBible  Story!   We  must  have  a  compelling  Story  about  how  we  are   equipping   people   everywhere   to   learn   and   tell   THE   GREATEST  STORY  EVER  TOLD!!    Users  and  Customers   are   more   sophisQcated   than   ever-­‐and   we   must   meet   this   demand.     We   must   tell   be>er   stories,   provide   more   emoQon,   more   stories   means   more   life,   more   emoQons  are  be>er  than  less.     Best  Benefits!   What  is  the  ONE  THING  that  differenQates  us  from  our  compeQtors?     Does  Our  Product  Have  A  Plot?   Amazon-­‐Let  People  Tell  Story  Through  Reviews   The  Laws  of  Simplicity-­‐John  Maeda   " " " "
  24. 24. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   DifferenQated  MarkeQng:  Company  targets  several  segments  with  separate  tacQcs   Pastors   Seminary  Students   Women   WORDsearch   24  I   MARKET  SEGMENTATION  AND  TARGETING   New  Customers  
  25. 25. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   Pastors   Seminary  Students   Women   Sermon  &  Book  Series   • Andy  Stanley  Sermons   • Charles  Stanley  Sermons   • Tony  Evans  Sermons   • Charles  Swindoll  Commentaries,   Books   • Henry  Blackaby,  David  Pla>   Missional   • Like  Toms  “One  for  One”   • N  American  Mission  Board   • Michael  Card-­‐Luke,  Psalms   • Charles  Swindoll   Partner   • Sponsor  LW  Women’s  Events-­‐ Living  Proof  Live  Tour   • Bundle  Beth  Moore,  Priscilla   Shirer  ,  Marilyn  Meberg,  Luci   Swindoll,  Joyce  Meyer   WORDsearch   25  I   MARKET  SEGMENTATION  AND  TARGETING   New  Partners+New  Content+New  Approach=New  Customers  &  INCOME   Website  Conversions,  SEO,   AnalyHcs   Create  landing  pages  that  live  on   the  exisQng  site.    Create  UI  Based   On  User  Experience  Approach.           Targeted  Email  MarkeHng   Managing  our  DL  is  of  upmost   importance!!!    TargeQng  different   segments  is  key  to  growth  and  future.     Events,  Live  and  Virtual   Trainings,  KeyNotes   WORDsearch  becomes  a   much  larger  idea.    One  that   promotes  Biblical  learning  and   living.    We  partner  with  those   who  have  dedicated  their   lives  to  this  pursuit.       1 2   3
  26. 26. WORDsearch   ©  2013  Glenn  McClure   Strategy  to  Drive  New  Income   New   Customer   &  Income   Search-­‐SEO   PPC   Campaigns   Email   MarkeQng-­‐ WSDL/SBC   Social  Media   AnalyQcs,   Conversions   Form  New   Partners,   Influencers   Create,   License  New   Content   Call  Center   Affiliate  / Referral   Programs   Cross   Pollinate   New  Events  
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