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IASB/Triple I Annual Conference


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IASB/Triple I Annual Conference

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IASB/Triple I Annual Conference

  1. 1. Lake Forest Public Schools Hazard, Young, Attea, and Associates November 17, 2018 From Distress to Success: Policies and Practices to Support Student Well-Being
  2. 2. “Experts agree that anxiety is reaching near-epidemic levels among young people, with as many as one in eight children — and 25 percent of teens — contending with diagnosable anxiety disorders.”<>
  3. 3. “Outcomes” of anxiety, depression, mental health struggles. … ● Disengageme nt ● Truancy ● “School Refusal” ● Substance abuse ● Cutting ● Hospitalizatio n ● Credible Threats Alabama 2020 Strategic Plan Goal to Reduce Truancy
  4. 4. ● However, there is hope. This presentation will share some successful practices driven by courageous, innovative, compassionate, and impassioned leaders, teachers, parents, and students. These practices have made the schools more humane, healthy, and engaging. Strong academics have been sustained and definitions of success have expanded. FROM … TO
  5. 5. 2012 - Suicide Cluster We lost three students in four months I. Lake Forest Learnings
  6. 6. High-level Summary ● Dramatic changes: ○ Stopped sugar-coating issues - vulnerable populations, social-hosting, social/emotional wellness as an issue for all students ○ Students’ willingness to “see something and say something” as well as discuss their own issues ○ Parents’ recognition (though not universal) of need to discuss social/emotional well-being of their children ● Adopted governance-level language and goals around social/emotional growth
  7. 7. Governance Response ● Formulation of Mission/Vision/Goals for D67 & D115 specifically address expectations ○ “Milestone #1 - Achievement: District 115 is nationally recognized for achieving significant academic, social, and emotional growth for every student” ● District-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include academic, social, and emotional measures
  8. 8. External Responses ● Dr. Mark Reineke from Northwestern addressed community concerns ● High School Community Wellness Task Force ● “Text-a-tip” adopted and developed out of this program ● Film/author Series ○ Community-wide viewing and conversation of Race to Nowhere ○ Carol Dweck, author of Mindset ○ Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of How to Raise an Adult
  9. 9. Internal Staff Responses ● Social workers have a face-to-face session with all freshmen to introduce them to services ● Social workers and school psychologists are expected to work with all students ● Gatekeeper training for all staff ● Educational Services conduct a “mental health in the classroom” series ● Every other year ADHS and Erin’s Law seminars
  10. 10. Internal School Response for Students ● Health and Wellness for Life mandatory for all freshmen ● Developed our own Erika’s Lighthouse program ● Developed Peer Training for freshmen in conjunction with local youth agency ● Aligned sophomore health classes with SEL standards ● Infused mindfulness experiences throughout school ● Aligned k-8 curriculum to Social Emotional Learning Standards - infused throughout school day in every subject area
  11. 11. Data Collection ● Adopted annual survey instrument for social/emotional wellness, the Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) in lieu of 5 Essentials ○ Identified most vulnerable populations ● Administer Illinois Youth Survey to all students every other year
  12. 12. ● What we should stop or do less of ● What we should start or do more of II. More from Max’s
  13. 13. Stop/Less Of: ● Contributing to the Performance Arms Race ○ Punitive grading practices ○ Weighting AP and Honors ○ Freshmen APs and 4+ APs ○ Excessive homework/test prep ● Becoming Prisoners of Time ○ Early starts ○ Zero Periods ○ Traditional Scheduling ○ Limited Passing Periods
  14. 14. Start/More Of: ● Be students of our students (shadow) ● Enhance connectedness and belonging ● Access to wellness supports ● Incentivize attendance (finals??) ● EDUCATE parents and students ○ College admissions ○ Destigmatize help-seeking ○ Means restriction ● Provide for AUTHENTIC student choice and voice (survey every student and every class)
  15. 15. Shadowing: Students of our Students● Shadowing •Surveying • My teacher knows if something is bothering me • My teacher really tries to understand how students feel about things • My teacher makes me feel he/she really cares about me • My teacher gives me meaningful and timely feedback on my work While 96% of teachers agreed/strongly agreed that there is a caring adult at school, just 78% of students (HS only) and 61% of parents concurred.
  16. 16. FREE Resources ● Growth Mindset: ● Measures of Effective Teaching: ents-about-teaching-student-perception-surveys-and-their-impl ementation/ ● Shadow a student protocol: ● Suicide Prevention Resource Center: ● American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: ons.pdf ● PAUSD Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion and Suicide Prevention ● California Department of Education (AB2246 and Model Suicide Prevention Policy)
  17. 17. Contact us at: Mike Simeck 847.604.7401 @msimeck Max McGee 224.234.6129 @glennmaxmcgee