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AASA Presentation - When Your Board No Longer Loves You


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Expert advice for identifying warning signs of problems with your school board and how to overcome setbacks and move on professionally and personally.

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AASA Presentation - When Your Board No Longer Loves You

  1. 1. WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR BOARD NO LONGER LOVES YOU! AASA National Conference February 13, 2020 Glenn ”Max” McGee, President HYA and Associates Bhavna Sharma-Lewis, Superintendent Diamond Lake (IL) SD #76 Greg Krikorian, Board Member, Glendale (CA) USD
  2. 2. REMEMBER … • One small crack doesn’t mean that you are broken; it means your were put to the test and you did not fall apart. • The bigger the setback, the greater the comeback! • See the glass as half full … and then fill it up!
  3. 3. TOPICS FOR TODAY 1. Introduction: Perspectives on Warning Signs (Bhavna, Greg) 2. Rebuilding and rebranding. (Bhavna) 3. Applying for and landing a new job(Max) 4. What does a board look for when interviewing a superintendent for a job knowing that he or she may not have left the former district under the best of circumstances? (Greg)
  4. 4. TOPICS FOR TODAY 4. How does a board know when a superintendent candidate is the right "fit" for the district (Greg, Max) and how does a superintendent interviewing for a job know the fit is right with the board? (Bhavna, Max) 5. Closing: Grace and Gratitude 6. Questions and Comments
  5. 5. WARNING SIGNS • Elections • Crises • Assassins • Media • Denial • Communication • Income enhancement • Too many split votes
  6. 6. • You are not alone • Seek help • Write your story • Establish a web presence REBUILDING AND REBRANDING
  7. 7. • Cover letters that get read • Resumes that get an interview • Interviews that get a job • Opening the interview • Closing the interview APPLYING FOR THE NEW JOB
  8. 8. • Preparation and homework • Focus • Interviews • Anticipate questions • Guidance for the next one LANDING THE NEW JOB
  9. 9. • Superintendent with the board • The board with the superintendent FIT: HOW DO YOU KNOW?
  10. 10. • Not burning bridges • Moving on • Learning from adversity • Paying it forward GRACE AND GRATITUDE