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This is a presentation on how Mediawide can help newspapers introduce ROP/Display adverts to their own self service portal using the Brandmark Solution.

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  • The Brandmark Solution we will be demonstrating today entails three separate elements…The Content Execution EngineThe Content Workflow EngineThe UX Designer
  • Content Execution Engine™: Is a software development kit (SDK) with a robust set of content services, such as digital asset management, InDesign Components along with a libraries of plugins.
  • Content Workflow Engine™: Is a set of rapidly configurable services for managing the production, approval, ordering and publishing of Adobe InDesign Ads and Digital Web Ads.
  • UX Designer: A set of presentation services for the rapid design and customization of user interfaces and marketing content portals.
  • All of these elements come together to create a single simple elegant solution,
  • Or you can separate them and use them individually along with your own elements – such as the SAP order entry system, and the ATEX production components.
  • With Mediawide and the Brandmark solution, together we can build a better user experience by utilizing your current Self Service Portal, along with Brandmarks HTML5 or Flex AdBuilding Tools, which gives your clients more control on the design elements of their Advertisements, Therefore you end up with happy clients as they get want they want, and will come back for more.
  • The internal benefits include quick and easy creation of templates, these are created using InDesign, which your production department already has wide knowledge of. Because you are moving the production from ad hoc job creation to templates, the production departments role changes and therefore decreases.  And ultimately your clients are creating their own jobs based on templates you have designed. The whole self service system is integrated with your existing SAP Order Entry System and the ATEX Production system, so everything is tracked and traceable.You can even reduce your costs even more by letting your own sales staff use the on-line tool internally.
  • Using the Content Execution Engine, which is our Flex AdBuilder
  • Just wanted to show you the standard time to market chart.Within 6-8 weeks we can get you operational! This includes the installation, branding, workflow configuration, training, everything.The only caveat to this is the integration. But with what we have already investigated with SAP from our German partners and ATEX, this can be managed within this time frame.
  • Lastly I would like to thank you for the time you have set aside for us to demonstrate the Brandmark system, and we hope to speak to you again very soon.
  • Mediawide newspaper presentation

    1. 1. Mediawide BrandmarkPresentationFor Newspaper Self Service
    2. 2. Content Execution EngineContent Workflow EngineUX Designer© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private Limited 2Brandmark Solution
    3. 3. A software development kit (SDK)A robust set of content servicesDAM (digital asset management)InDesign and a library of plugins3© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private LimitedContent Execution Engine
    4. 4. Configurable services for managing…ProductionApprovalOrderingPublishing4© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private LimitedContent Workflow Engine
    5. 5. Presentation servicesUser interfacesMarketing content portals5© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private LimitedUX Designer
    6. 6. UX DesignBrandmark Complete© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private Limited 6Workflow EngineContentExecutionEngineName JobSearch MetadataSelect TemplateEditApproveOrderDeliver
    7. 7. Custom Client DesignBrandmark White Label© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private Limited 7Custom Client WorkflowContentExecutionEngine3rd PartyProductionSystem3rd PartyOrder EntrySystem
    8. 8. ● Better User Experience● Use the same Portal for Classified, ROP andDigital Web Ads● More control for your clients● Happy clients - they get what they want!● Higher return of customers© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private Limited 8Brandmark Client Advantages
    9. 9. ● Internal benefits to the Newspaper● Templates are simple to create - InDesign● Decreased production costs● Integrated with 3rd Party Ordering systems● Let your sales staff use the tool!9© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private LimitedBrandmark Internal Advantages
    10. 10. Demonstration Live Demo from a current user© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private Limited 10
    11. 11. How fast? Operational in 6-8 weeks© 2013 Mediawide Labs Private Limited 11Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3 Server setup Software installation Branding Workflow configuration Integration Operator training Creation of templates Upload digital assets Pilot/testing Delivery setup Go Live!  Roll-out to additionalclients
    12. 12. Thank YouContact DetailsGlenn BaileyVP, TechnologyMediawide LLCEmail: glenn.bailey@mediawide.comTelephone: +1 (732) 400 1759Web: www.mediawide.comLinkedin: