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BEd 101


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Information for future teachers interested in direct-entry teaching programs at both Glendon and Keele campuses.

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BEd 101

  1. 1. BEd101
  2. 2. Pre-Education Direct Entry Education Applicants Glendon Fall Campus Day Faculty of Education
  3. 3. AGENDA • Education • Glendon BA/BEd • Amended BEd program • First Year Seminar • After first year • Admission Requirements • Timeline • Early Admission • Online Supplementary Form • Advising • Practicum • OCT Requirements for Certification • Questions
  4. 4. EDUCATION The Faculty of Education offers programs that provide candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the teaching profession as confident and effective teachers. Graduates of the BEd program can be certified to teach in Ontario for the following divisions: Primary/Junior (JK to grade 6) Junior/Intermediate (Grade 4 to 10) Intermediate/Senior (Grade 7 to Grade 12)
  5. 5. Why BEd (French) @ Glendon • Special niche – preparing future French teachers where there is a demand • French teaching qualifications built in • Some Education courses taught in French – double benefit of improving your French while learning to teach it! • Leader in practicum hours, including French immersion placements • Bilingual milieu • Small classes, specialized professors • Relationship to Keele Campus
  6. 6. Education BEd (French) Preparing to be a French immersion teacher The Concurrent BEd (French) program is placed on ensuring excellent French language proficiency and a deep understanding of francophone cultures. Satisfy the francophone cultural component of the program, teacher candidates may participate in a one-year study program in a francophone context or enrol in two full course equivalents (12 credits) in francophone culture as part of the bachelor’s degree requirements. A significant proportion of the practicum is carried out in Ontario French Immersion schools. Candidates also have experiences in English language elementary settings
  7. 7. GLENDON BA + BEd Options 1. Future Core/Immersion French Teacher •Pre U - Direct Entry BEd French OR •Upper year entry Glendon BEd French •All teaching levels available •Major in French Studies 2. Future Teacher (Not French) •Pre U – Direct Entry BEd English •Upper year entry Keele BEd •All teaching levels available (Note: After Glendon BA: opportunity to apply to Consecutive BEd at Keele )
  8. 8. BEd program Over the five or six years of studies Teacher Candidates will take 60 credits of Education courses/practicum experience credits Admission requirement to the concurrent program Students will enter the program after completing the BA program requirements and continue an additional two years of the BEd. Concurrency rule: graduate with both degrees at same convocation General degree – PJ and JI • Year 1 (EDUC), 2 and 3 – UG. Year 3 and 4 ED. Honours degree – PJ, JI and IS • Year 1 (EDUC), 2, 3 and 4 – UG. Year 5 and 6 ED.
  9. 9. FIRST YEAR SEMINAR - 2018 • ED/EDUC 1000 3.00 Rethinking Schooling: A "Re Introduction" to Education • rethink and reflect upon your own experiences with education and learning • develop an awareness of the transformative and disruptive power of learning • a more critical understanding of the dynamics of gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, culture, ability/disability and structures of privilege in knowing and learning • 3 credit course goes towards the Glendon degree as an elective
  10. 10. Maintaining ED program Successfully complete ED/EDUC 1000 3.00 Rethinking Schooling with a C+ and achieve an overall C+ in your Glendon BA program. Invited to group advising appointments and work shops to prepare for the BEd. Ensure you’re on track with your studies when enrolling in the BEd program.
  11. 11. Education courses 60 credits of Education courses Common Foundations Courses (PJ, JI and IS) • Child Development & Health OR Adolescent Development & Health • Foundations of Education • Inquiries into Learning • Theory into Practice • Teaching for Diverse and Equitable Classroom in Ontario • Content into Practice • Inclusive Education • Research into Practice • Teaching and Learning in French Immersion Settings
  12. 12. PJ and JI PJ and JI (Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate) • Language and Literacy • Mathematics • Science and Technology • Health and Phys Ed • Social Studies and Culture • Integration Through Arts • JI Teaching subject in the Intermediate Division (French) • Teaching and Learning French in a Core French Context and/or Extended French • Teaching and Learning French in an Elementary Classroom • Elective choices (two) : Mathematics and free choice
  13. 13. IS IS (Intermediate/Senior) • New Media Literacies and culture • Teaching 1st Teaching subject (French) • Teaching 2nd Teaching subject • Elective 1: free choice • Elective 2: free choice
  15. 15. SUPPLEMENTARY APPLICATION FORM  Online Supplementary Information Form application  Available on MyFile Supplementary Application:  Basic Information  Experience Summary  Experience Profile  Personal Statement Two online letters of reference
  16. 16. ADMISSIONS: KEY STEPS & TIMELINES Deadlines: April 12, 2018 • French Language Assessment • Online supplementary Information – MyFile • Includes experience profile and experience, personal statement and two online letters of reference • April 16, 2018 $50.00 supplementary application fee instructions will be available on MyFile end of January 2018. Must be conditionally admitted to your Glendon BA by mid April, 2018. Decisions will be released in early May
  17. 17. Early Consideration – BEd French We are welcoming early round of offers to Glendon Pre-U BEd applicants • All deadline steps completed by March 7, 2018 • Completed online supplementary form • Two online letters of reference, • French Language Assessment • Supplementary fee • Offer of admission Glendon BA program • Offers of Admission will be extended on April 3-6, 2018.
  18. 18. COMMITTEE REVIEW • A holistic review of applicant files for the Direct Entry Education supports the faculty’s initiative to recruit, admit and support individuals who have the potential to become excellent teachers • Access Initiative: Applicants who reflect the diversity in our society and or who have faced systematic barriers in educational settings but have the potential to be great teachers
  19. 19. TIPS ON PUTTING TOGETHER YOUR STRONGEST APPLICATION • We are looking for students with A DISTINCT PASSION FOR TEACHING & LANGUAGES • We value experience in the context of a group, and experience with children of a similar age to the age group you want to teach • Give yourself time to prepare, write, edit your personal statement and experience profile. Statement needs to be reflective, show depth of thought. • Prepare it in Word and transfer it into the online form. • Follow deadlines and directions carefully. • Try not to leave your French assessment or supplementary submission until the last minute. Immerse yourself now!
  20. 20. ADVISING MyFile Accept offer and book advising appointment with the Glendon Office of Student Programs Advising Enrol in ED EDUC 1000 at the time of your Glendon Advising appointment. Offer letter from Faculty of Education will share how to enroll in the pre-education course for the Fall 2018 session.
  21. 21. PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE Semester 1 and 2 Community based Placement with 8 seminars First Practicum Placement (observation) Semester 3 Second Practicum – Twice a week and a 2 week block Semester 4 Third Practicum Placement - Twice a week and a 6 week block Over 80 days in a school placement
  22. 22. Glendon Practicum Experiences Classroom Placement including Teaching Blocks • Minimum 80 days in a school • French Immersion schools (Public/Separate schools) • Core French Students will have a community based placement and three school-based practicum placements under the mentorship of an Ontario Certified Teacher.
  23. 23. OCT REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION Bachelor Degree & Bachelor of Education
  24. 24. QUESTIONS
  25. 25. MERCI !