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Door Knocking Tips with Travis Chappell

Welcome to the seventh episode of the Heroes Huddle Podcast, where we feature Travis Chappell, a sales expert who built his career through door knocking.

Travis got his start selling solar installations and security systems door-to-door. Working in these top competitive door knocking niches showed him the tricks and skills he needed to cross the threshold into people’s houses when he door-knocked – effectively transforming from a stranger on the porch to a trusted advisor on the couch.

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Door Knocking Tips with Travis Chappell

  1. 1. The Heroes Huddle Podcast with Glen Shelton DoorKnockingTips ForInsuranceAgents Featuring: TravisChappell
  2. 2. Travis Chappell • Founder and Host of “Build Your Network,” a podcast for aspiring professionals • Helps people build their networks and their businesses by asking successful people about their best practices • CEO of Revive Water, a residential water- treatment service • Door knocking expert who built a career with door-to-door (D2D) cold prospecting techniques
  3. 3. Recently had Grant Cardone on as a podcast guest…
  4. 4. Door Knocking for Solar Sales •Promoted to Team Manager in 3 months after exceptional sales performance •Oversaw top-producing team in the top- producing market of the country for the 2nd largest solar company
  5. 5. Door Knocking for Alarm Systems •Where he learned “killer” D2D techniques •Was nervous getting into such a competitive niche Be sure to check out Lead Heroes Cold Door Knocking Guide for Insurance Agents!
  6. 6. CAVEAT: The effectiveness of these tips will vary depending on industry…. • Window installation • Alarm systems • Solar systems • Water treatment products • Insurance There will always be a learning curve where you must understand the nuances of the niche to be successful
  7. 7. Cold Door Knocking Tips 1. Seek experts/mentors/managers who have not just been successful in the past, but are currently successful within the industry 2. Understand the difference between corporate training and field training 3. Don’t be too chipper or overly smiley – it turns off prospects
  8. 8. Cold Door Knocking Tips 4. Lower your voice and speak softly. People naturally lean in toward softer voices but back away from louder ones. 5. Ask if you should take your shoes off… “I just need 2 seconds to show you how this works. Do you want me to take my shoes off?” …And then step toward the door
  9. 9. Cold Door Knocking Tips 6. Don’t ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions at the door 7. Believe in your product/solution… and watch the Netflix special, “The Push” 8. Be the expert – remember, you don’t have to know EVERYTHING there is to know in your niche, you just have to be more knowledgeable than the prospect
  10. 10. Cold Door Knocking Tips 9. Use the couch to build a collaborative environment. If you have to sit at the kitchen table, sit next to them – not across from them 10. Offer some educational stats/facts to cement the industrial professional image you’re trying to project “If they know you, like you, and trust you – then they will buy from you.”
  11. 11. Cold Door Knocking Tips 11. Door knock in the field for 4-5 hours each day (double that for summer prospecting programs) 12. Work when everybody else isn’t to catch them at home between 3:30-8:30 in the summer and 12:30-5:30 in the winter
  12. 12. Cold Door Knocking Tips 13. Track your stats to understand your sales metrics • Hours worked • Doors knocked • Doors entered • People talked to • Presentations completed • Presentations closed • Average premium of plans sold You can only improve your numbers if you track your numbers!
  13. 13. Cold Door Knocking Tips 14. Find a good area to prospect by looking for: • Areas where people prefer to make payments rather than paying all cash • Lower to middle-income neighborhoods around metropolitan areas – but not IN them • Newer windows and security signs from companies like Vivint, Alder, Skyline – signs a prospect has responded to door-knocking before • Newer non-luxury car models in the driveway But don’t let the fear of finding the perfect area paralyze you – just start knocking on doors! 15. Psych yourself up with caffeine or a pep talk, because sales begin with the right mindset
  14. 14. AlsocheckoutTravisChappell’swebsite: Andbesuretosignupforhispodcast formoretipstoexpandyourbusiness! The Heroes Huddle Podcast with Glen Shelton
  15. 15. Alsobesuretocheckoutthe DoorKnockingGuideontheLeadHeroesWebsite The Heroes Huddle Podcast with Glen Shelton