paris agreement emission scenarios carbon budget negative emissions carbon dioxide carbon dioxide removal ipcc climate climate change 1.5c 2c scenarios carbon cycle bioenergy carbon capture and storage fossil-fuel net-zero integrated assessment modelling iea climate risk tcfd international energy agency global carbon budget ccs physical risk transition risk mitigation scenarios emission trends fossil fuels china net zero emissions net zero climate mitigation offsets feedbacks business as usual ssp5-85 rcp8.5 climate scenarios stress test covid19 emission inventories stranded assets oil equinor urban future carbon price social cost of carbon energy system modelling global warming renewable energy forests oil and gas equity future earth non-co2 cop23 industry solar radiation management geoengineering unfccc afforesation deforestation land sink shared socioeconomic pathways beccs emissions key indicators statoil air pollution coal energy materials land water footprint consumption trade climate; carbon dioxide; fossil-fuel;
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