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Look at you inc power point for share


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Introduction to the Look@You Group

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Look at you inc power point for share

  2. 2. Look@MyBaby 2010-2015  Let’s begin at the beginning. Look@MyBaby has over 5 years and more than $9MM (See Management notes to historical financials) of development behind it. We first created and brought to market a novel consumer grade service and platform which provided real time video of their newborns in hospital to family and friends.  Look@MyBaby was met with acclaim as it launched in 2010 in a dozen leading hospitals in Australia.  The model was simple – offer BabyCam® services directly to the family of newborns in hospital. © 2016 Look At You Inc. Commercial – In - Confidence
  3. 3. Look@MyBaby 2010-2015  In 2010 the service was limited to the time baby remained in Hospital  We were embraced by hospitals and consumers  100’s of independent stories in the press  Partnerships with leading hospital groups © 2016 Look At You Inc. Commercial – In - Confidence
  4. 4. Look@MyBaby 2010-2015 Now servicing over 3000 new families every month which equates to 600,000 new views every month by the parents, family and friends of Newborns – and projected to engage 150,000+ new families per month within a year. © 2016 Look At You Inc. Commercial – In - Confidence
  5. 5. Look@MyBaby 2010-2015 2015 To Rich Content Geared to the Family and Hospital - and then… © 2016 Look At You Inc. Commercial – In - Confidence 2010-2014 From Just Video Streaming of Baby in Hospital
  6. 6. Look@MyBaby 2016  When baby is born – this is the time when there are “No No’s”  New car  Insurance  New Home  Baby Products  Look@MyBaby(R) has Captured and monetized that New Family Demographic from the moment they register in hospital  Something Amazon and Facebook only wish they could do © 2016 Look At You Inc. Commercial – In - Confidence
  7. 7. Look at You Inc. New parents and their invitees Unparalleled connection to this target audience E-Commerce All the baby products that new families inevitably need – provided in one easy access portal and just as they are looking for them Insurance & Savings Plans Targeting ads with insurance and financial Partners to new parents in the months before, during and after baby’s birth © 2016 Look At You Inc. Commercial – In - Confidence
  8. 8. Look at You Inc. Investment Highlights • Years of market penetration COMPLETE (building the member hospitals and Baby Per Month Numbers) • Currently contracted with over 30 hospitals belonging to 13 major hospital groups • Over 560 Hospitals in the immediate pipeline • Now servicing 3000 plus new families a month, Growing to more than 150,000 families/month in the next year • 2016 to begin selling advertising & Consumer Goods Projected Revenues Post Offering Share Sale Data
  9. 9. Look at You Inc. WE THANK YOU