Part 7


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Part 7

  1. 1. Layout Design Capital letter shows start of interview Image from his showDominatingimage of thecomedian Important quoteShowing whosbeing interviewed Web link for tickets Image of a show he Rhetorical question + guest stars in small intro
  2. 2. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching?• It does this by its dominant image and the person whos being interviewed popularity• The sentence quotes catches your eye and is one of the first things you read• The placement of the images does not draw away from the writing
  3. 3. Style of Font The capital ‘A’ tell the reader its the beginning of the interview The slightly bigger font for the quotes identifies its importance and is one ofThe boldness of the the first things people readfrom and sizes isnoticeably the title The white colour stands out from the red background which makes it readable
  4. 4. Photo Manipulation The cutting out of Lighting is manipulated to both people with highlight the important touch up to the people and the less image to portray them as intellectual
  5. 5. Organisation of InformationThe article is clear and dominant and the reader knows where to startwith the capital ‘A’ The two images at the top and bottom are close to the corners which does not interferes with the articleThe writing being atthe bottom and imageall over gives thereader the chance tosee the image and thenstart reading
  6. 6. Layout Design Title across who pages in different colours Mini into raising a question to be answered later Different topics have clear headingsWeb link for more info Two dominant images in relation to ‘James Bond’
  7. 7. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching? The two contrasting colours ‘Black & White’ catch the eyeThe position of The position ofthe text is clear the text is clearand is not over and is not overshadowed by shadowed bythe images the images With the two dominant images in relation to the iconic ‘James Bond’ theme will draws peoples attention
  8. 8. Style of Font Front is block bold capitals which catches the eye Into clear enough to be seen and a different size than the rest Font is smaller but big enough to readHeadings for differentsections are bigger thanthe info but smaller thanthe title so it doesnt getlost and can clearly beseen
  9. 9. Photo Manipulation Shading in the face along Weight manipulation and with light manipulation to facial touching up to give give the illusion of a an illusion of a mysterious dashing ‘James mysterious perfect Bond’ women
  10. 10. Organisation of Information Title at the top and across both pages also different colours keeps it interestingWriting all around theimage so both can be Different topicsseen clearly have different noticeable headingsWeb link for featherinformation Dominant images are striking and captures your attention
  11. 11. Layout DesignSimple bold black title Image relating to the article Small intro with a question to be Steps to become an addressed in the ‘anorak king’ article QuoteArticle runs on both side Dominant image in the middle of both pages
  12. 12. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching? Two images in neatly spaced allows readers eyes to see the The titles simplicity of main image first followed by the page spread the other to back up the article The placement of the words with a specific quote in the middle The dominant image in the middle catches the eye along with the other image for its different colours
  13. 13. Style of FontThe size and boldness ofthe title stand out fromthe article font The small info is a bigger font then the title but bigger than the article making it The bigger font for the readable quote tells the reader its the most important part The capital ‘I’ tell the reader where the article starts The font is smaller but big enough to be read
  14. 14. Photo Manipulation Also to darken the background to draw attention to different areas The lighting and colour manipulation so all features can be seen and lighting is even
  15. 15. Organisation of InformationThe title in the top right The image near the topcorner is bold and this corner of the page relatingone of the first things to the readingthat catches your eye The article is in a rectangle shape in appealing The image in the centre of both pages highlights its dominance
  16. 16. Double Page Magazine Spread
  17. 17. Layout Design One picture isfeatured on the whole Topic title double page spread Title Name of celebrity featured Beginning Venue of ‘blurb’ for the memorial article on the service next page Month and Page Number
  18. 18. Style of Font This font is There is a dancing man in the smaller but font to show an iconic move still white so it can be followed by the title Title is bold and big – in white to stand out above the rest soVenue font is readers will really small see it first just to establishwere it is, but its not ‘Icon’ is in black horizontally not to necessarily prominent in a ‘Hollywood movie’ important style font to emphasise how iconic he is
  19. 19. Style of Graphics The ‘B’ on ‘Brown’ has a dancing man in it, to symbolise a famous dance move giving the article some character
  20. 20. Photo Manipulation Thebackground is blurring so the focus is on his face The purple is highlighted and stands out a lot to almost symbolise There is a lot of contrast celebrity on his face to emphasise royalty The features of this icon
  21. 21. Organisation of Information The word ‘icon’ is placed vertical – The title is at almost to the top so look like a that people microphone can identity who the man and what the article is about – its really eye This text is catchingsmall on theside because its not too important The blurb comes up after the title so it is looked at afterwards
  22. 22. Double Page Magazine Spread
  23. 23. Layout Design Title of Supporting images from feature Picture of two of his famous films Bryan Forbes taking up aActress in his page and films 1/10th Title Drop quote from Bryan Forbes Author of article Month and Beginning Detailed drop page number ‘blurb’ for the quote from article on the Sharon Tate next page
  24. 24. Style of Font This font is small because they want focus on the The font is picture – also its in white to similar to contrast the black ‘James Brown’ The title the movie name on thisHollywood type quote is font to match yellow his profession. because hisAlso the colours name is match the associated colours of his with yellow in DVD colours this article This text is small than the title His name is in yellow, as well and white to contrast the black as the picture of him and the pull quote
  25. 25. Photo ManipulationThe picture of the actresshas been kept or This picturemanipulation has been to be in old tinged yellowmovie style to – it is imply the recurrent inages when he the articleswas directing and enforced a 60s feeling – or a dated feeling The colours of his DVD covers have been emphasised with the colours standing out very bold
  26. 26. Organisation of Information Again pictures of his films are shown to catch attention for readers to reminisce on his films Title is after the largepicture of the woman to possibly remindreader of the These quotes move and would bethen read the read last title being in the bottom right Blurb is under the title so it is corner in read secondly small writing before they turn the page