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Part 1


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Part 1

  1. 1. Assignment 13 :Group Ancillary Research & Analysis Group Work Kaya Sumbland Gledis Dedaj Rahel Fasil Joanne Aroda
  2. 2. What Kind of Things Are In The Newspaper• The ‘ London Evening Standard’ has ...• More news than the ‘Metro’• Less advertisements• Business• Economics• TV Listings• Ticket bookings• Sports
  3. 3. How Is The Newspaper Organised/Structured The ‘London Evening Standard’ has different sections ...• News • Business• Londoner’s Diary (News, • Television & Radio International, Featured,)• Home & Property (News, • Games & Puzzles New Homes, Affordable • Letters homes, Holiday Homes, Design, Reader Promotion, • Travel Architecture, Outdoors, Our • Sports Home, Property Searching, Ask The Expert ...)• London Life
  4. 4. How Much Advertising is in it ? • ‘London Evening Standard’ London Evening is a News centred paper Standard • Their are some ad’s but way more less in comparison to the content of News London Evening • This newspaper is closer but Standard still below high-end Ads newspaper i.e. ‘The Guardian (business magazine)
  5. 5. What Do They Advertise – ‘London Evening Standard’• They tend to advertise... • They advertise more• O2 offers expensive products of• Rolex watches which some working• T-mobile offers class and upper-class• Jewellery people may be• John Lewis interested in buying• Skin care products• M&S
  6. 6. Who Is The Target Audience – ‘London Evening Standard’• The ‘London Evening Standard’ has a high reading age of 14 as it has more complex words to suite to the working class and upper-class• Its aimed also at early morning commuters to get their daily fix on current affairs on the move• This morning period is busy and more papers will be taken than the lunch and evening rush
  7. 7. Where Is It Available? – ‘London Evening Standard’• The ‘London Evening Standard’ is also available at most if not all London over and underground train stations• They can also be found on some busses• This newspaper is free
  8. 8. These are the costs forhalf or a full page in thenewspaper
  9. 9. Kaya
  10. 10. What kinds of things are in ‘The Sun’? • Humorous headlines • Page 3 Nude shots • Weather • ‘Jane Moor’ section • TV Magazine • ‘Dear Deidre’ section • ‘Woman’ section • Puzzles
  11. 11. How is ‘The Sun’ Organised/Structured?Front page important big news Weather forecast Jane Moor article Middle TV gossip TV guide Sports at the back
  12. 12. How much Advertising is in ‘The Sun’?AdvertisingText There is about 45% advertising throughout the newspaper as it features on every page in various sizes. Also nearer the end of the paper there is a double page dedicated for many small adverts
  13. 13. What do ‘The Sun’ advertise? • Theme parks • Supermarkets • Movies • Technology • Holidays • Adult hotlines • Elderly Mobility
  14. 14. Who is the Target Audience?• There main audience would be generally from ages 19 up to 49 as they have most buying power.• However, because of their adult themes possibly for those older more in the 30’s.• Being only 40p and the language and the reading age of 8 I would assume its for the lower working class. Also emphasised from the low price/ sale adverts.
  15. 15. Where is ‘The Sun’ available?UK Poland Scotland Ireland
  16. 16. Size and Cost of Adverts in ‘The Sun’ I could not find the cost
  17. 17. Kaya
  18. 18. What kinds of things are in ‘The Guardian’? • Top News • International News • National New • Autumn Statement • Egypt News • Jeremy Heywood • Finance • Obituaries • Technology • Reviews • Letters and Emails • Sports – cricket, football
  19. 19. How is ‘The Guardian’ Organised/Structured?Top News International/National News Autumn Statements Finance Obituaries Sport
  20. 20. How much Advertising is in ‘The Guardian’?AdvertisingText There is about 50% advertising throughout the newspaper as it heavily features adverts in the beginning, but decreases nearer the end. Also, as it is near Christmas time, adverts are always very prominent
  21. 21. What do ‘The Guardian’ advertise? • Box sets • H&M • Crisps • Technology • Flights • Charities • High-quality food
  22. 22. Who is the Target Audience?• Men in their 30’s – 60’s in business• Its £1.20 so people with well-off buying power• Articles are long and detailed so those educated• Further articles are on finance and middle class pop culture – esp. cricket so it would be middle classes
  23. 23. Where is ‘The Guardian’ available?The Guardian Manchester(only until 1959’) UK Guardian America – Only Online
  24. 24. Size and Cost of Adverts in ‘The Guardian’ I could not find the cost