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Assignment 9 (edited)_[repaired]_draft_2


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Assignment 9 (edited)_[repaired]_draft_2

  1. 1. Key Code:Joanne: Abigail:Gledis: Vera: Group work:
  2. 2. Joanne. For my Assignment 8 project, I obtained a grade . The skill I bring to the group is my imagination and quick thinking to solve problems and contribution to concepts and ideas. Some targets I have made for myself are to: Add more visuals to my work and use less words. Sometimes go into greater depth with my explanations.
  3. 3. Gledis. In assignment 8 I received a grade. From this assignment I leant: How to apply elements and ideas used in other films and opening sequences to my own opening sequence. I also learnt the significance of making my opening sequence appealing to my target audience. The skills that I bring to the group are : Creativity My attention to detail and perfectionism My ambition to get things done Targets that I have set myself are: It is very important to organise my slides and information neatly so that they are understood by my audience. It is essential that I include more images and diagrams rather that too much text I must speak louder when presenting my work to an audience.
  4. 4. Abigail. I received a on Assignment 8. I learnt about the importance of props and makeup as well as how to properly design a brainstorm. I bring creativity and organisation to my group. These skills will be particularly useful when we make the opening sequence. I want to improve the design of my presentation and work on writing briefer sentences.
  5. 5. Vera. I received grade because I was missing a piece of my presentation. What I learned from this assignment is that i need to improve more on my PEE. The skills I bring to the group is my range of new ideas to help make a good opening sequence. My targets to improve my individual presentation is to obtain a grade C or above.
  6. 6. Joanne. My choice in theme was Thriller and my concept was identity. My idea for my opening sequence was: An unknown main character who the audience knows nothing about is shown. A second character who knows the identity of the unknown character is shown. A dead body in a body bag is being dragged across the floor. There is then an extreme close up of a woman screaming. A black out, followed by a woman being grabbed. (Taken)
  7. 7. Gledis. The theme of my opening sequence is the supernatural /discovery. The concept of my opening sequence is being haunted and terrorised by ghosts and spirits. Main idea: The main character (a student) runs up the staircase to the top floor of the school. (close up of feet running) A long shot from the end of the hallway of the character as she reaches the top As she walks down the hallway, incoherent, but loud whispering can be herd coming from the walls. In between shots flashing images of newspaper articles will appear revealing that the school used to be a mental institution and something happened involving a patient. She continues walking. At this point the character is very frightened and shaking. All the doors begin to slam by themselves. The students drops her folder from the shock. She notices blood on a door knob, opens it with her sleeve and follows a trail of blood to the cupboard door. As she opens the door, high pitched music to plays, what she sees is not revealed you only see her reaction.
  8. 8. Abigail. The theme of my opening sequence is obsession and the concept was the idea of serial killers. The office worker is working late at the office following the latest murder. A colleague leaves them to it and exits the scene You see this from the killers POV who is silently watching from afar. The writer slowly starts to pack up and suspense building music will start. As they close their office door and turn down a series of corridors, a dark figure hides behind one of the corners and blocks their way. A series of camera angles will be used to film the killer stabbing the writer and as they die, the killer pulls out a camera to take a picture. The final part of this opening sequence is a cut to the killer sitting at a desk and printing the picture and carefully placing it in his scrapbook and slowly closing it as the scene ends.
  9. 9. Vera. What went well is that I had a lot of images to support my presentation and have improved more on my work. It would’ve been even better if I included my PEE structure. The film that inspired me is Precious because it has abuse in it e.g. Sexual and emotional which helps a lot because my chosen idea was drama.
  10. 10. Genre: Thriller We have decided to use the genre Thriller. We want to use this genre effectively by using a number of conventions such as crime, possession, haunting and revenge. We will use these conventions by using them in our opening sequence to thrill our audience which meets the conventions of a thriller.
  11. 11. Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Fatal Use- Someone Attraction becoming obsessed after a relationship Challenge – using a female as the Stalkers/ stalker instead of Obsession a male. The Fan Develop – Instead of being obsessed with a woman and or a family, De Niro is obsessed with his favourite sports star and stalks him.
  12. 12. Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/C hallenge The Hand Challenge- it That does it through Rocks The using a women Cradle as the crazy killer stalker who seeks revenge instead of the normal use Stalkers/ of a male Obsession Stir of Develop – Its echoes more obsession as Kevin Bacon tries to find the answers to an ever haunting mystery
  13. 13. Conventions of Thrillers...Conventions Example Image Use/Develop/ Challenge Eye For An Develop – A Eye woman is used as the person seeking revenge for the crime rather than the typical use of a Crime male character. The Develop – Not Ambulance giving the audience a clear understanding of what the crime actually is at first.
  14. 14. My Inspirational Films  Paranormal Activity The characters use of research of their haunting and finding other similar happenings is what we took inspiration from and what we hope to use efficiently in our sequence
  15. 15. Inspirational Films What I found Inspirational about this scene is the kind of lighting they used through out the more dark scenes emphasises the emotions of the actor /actress
  16. 16. Inspirational Films Black Swan What I found inspirational from this movie is the use of close up shots which was clearly present in this film It gives a clear picture of the characters emotions and helps the audience to connect with the character by seeing their emotions so closely.
  17. 17. Films that have inspired me… The film that inspired me most is ‘The Ring’ I want to use a similar long shot in our opening sequence. It’s an effective way of keeping the audience’s attention to the puddle of water whilst showing the character come up the stairs. I also want to use a fast zoom in our opening sequence.
  18. 18. Use of costume and make-up in ‘The Ring’ Quite frightening to look at and an effective way of scaring the audience. The lighting throughout the whole movie is kept more or less the same. This creates a very eerie and creepy atmosphere in the movie, common in most horrors and thrillers. I want to use dark lighting in our opening sequences .
  19. 19. Films that have inspired me… Another film that inspired me was ‘The Haunting in Connecticut ’ Its paranormal theme has inspired me to make my opening sequence about a haunting. Slamming doors… It especially inspired me to set my opening sequence in a building that’s haunted. E.g. a haunted house. I would like to use old newspaperarticles such as this to briefly show thehistory of the area. 
  20. 20. Films that have inspired me…  A scene from ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ also inspired me.Close up of hand reaching into cribDraws the audiences attentionto what shes doing.. Allows imagination It never shows what Close up of to run wild making she sees, only her Rosemary’s face the audience reaction. emphasises her uneasy. shock, and horror at what she sees.
  21. 21. My Inspirational Films This film is inspirational Gothika because of the scratch marks and engravings that the ghost leaves on her arms is similar to the idea we had about our character waking up with the same marks that the ghost had when she died.
  22. 22. My Inspirational Films I found this movie Paranormal Activity inspirational because the characters used their own camera to document their experiences, which I thought would be a good addition to our opening sequence with our character doing the same.
  23. 23. My Inspirational Films The Grudge The ghost in this film is trying to get revenge for her death, which is just like with our film where our ghost is trying to avenge her own death.
  24. 24. IMAGES AND SCENES FOM CABIN FEVERThe camera shot for this The props of thisscene is a mini close up movie is veryshot of his face to disturbing for thedemonstrate fear, audience as it hasdisgust and anxiety to disgusting imagesthe audience. of blood everywhere.
  25. 25. The movie has some kind of old fashioned humour to it which makes it more entertaining and interesting to the audience.In this scene the lighting wasvery dime which makes it morescary because it emphasisdeath, danger and fear. Itcreates suspense to theaudience as they don’t knowwhat is going to happen next.
  26. 26. SCENES FROM THE VILLAGEA scene where a This scene has a midcharacter discovers shot of a characterabout the supernatural who is illustrating fearthings happening in the and also of thevillage in order to prove monster destroyingto the people that there things in the something going on.
  27. 27. Theme/Concept  An idea we had for the theme was Revenge and the concept was Possession. Injustice Ghosts Grievance Twists & TurnsVictims Enigma Revenge & Hidden Possession! Vicious identities Ghouls Suspicious circumstances Unsuspecting Mysterious Shocking Someone who has revelations been wronged
  28. 28. Theme/Concept Another idea we had for the theme was Justice and concept was Death Murder & Manslaughter Righteousness Revenge Moral Rightness.Vendetta Justice & Death! A Mystery Cause Decay Supernatural Life After Death
  29. 29. How we got down to one brainstorm... After meeting and discussing our idea, we decided that our first brainstorm was more suited to our opening sequence. This first brainstorm carried the theme idea of revenge and the concept idea of possession. Using the trigger words, we formed our opening sequence.
  30. 30. Theme/Concept The way in which we came down to one idea is as we like Gledis’s idea but had problems with the choice of set being the school We later added elements from Abigails opening sequence and developed on that There were some bumps in the road as to the ending of the sequence but after meetings we came up with solutions
  31. 31. Idea Development Option We stripped down our opening sequences and identified the good points and the bad points. After also identifying the problems that we may have with filming in certain locations, we decided to structure our opening sequence to our advantage. We thought that filming only in one location and thinking about what is achievable in this one location whilst also being aware of the different limitations would be best.
  32. 32. Idea Development Option We also briefly discussed who would do what role and how everyone would contribute. We decided on an actress and the discussions about who will do the other roles still needs to be discussed.
  33. 33. Our New Idea! After feedback, we decided to do option 2 which was to collaborate multiple ideas into one idea. We collaborated Gledis’ idea and Abigail’s idea and then developed it further. And this is the product...
  34. 34. The whole film It starts with the opening sequence, where strange ghostly things are happening to the main character. The main character slowly begins to find out information about who lived in her home before her. She attempts to tell her family and friends but they dismiss it. The main character has a series of close encounters with the ghost. Whilst sleeping she dreams of its life in the home she now inhabits. The ghost possess the main character slowly. Thinking she is on drugs, her family hosts an intervention for her. At this intervention, she is fully possessed. Her family and friends, whilst trying to restrain her, collectively kill the main character and dispose of her body in a house fire. The cycle continues, with the audience being shown a family moving into a newly built home where the main characters house used to be.
  35. 35. The opening sequence The character is at her desk typing and researching ghosts, hauntings and the history behind where her house is situated. Suddenly, her television turns on by itself, she grabs her camera to document this strange experience and this is seen from her point of view. After turning off the television, she walks back to her desk, and the another person’s reflection is seen by the audience as they walk past her television. She hears another a noise coming from the drawer behind her, she scrambles to find out what it is. She finds an old photograph in the drawer that clearly doesn’t belong to her of a young girl wearing a similar necklace to the character. She hears a thump coming from downstairs, she rushes to find the source of it, running through the corridors in her house she tracks the noise down to the bathroom and she listens outside the door. As she slowly reaches for the handle, someone else’s hand slams on the glass door from the inside.
  36. 36. Enigma The way we want to create enigma is through the combination of sound and pace. The actress is never fully calm which also keeps the audience on edge The end of the opening sequence will leave the audience wanting to know what happens next as the audience do not see what the character sees.
  37. 37. Target Audience! Age: It is aimed at 15+, this is because the main character in the film is a teenager and a younger generation can relate to this because it will appeal to them. Location: the fact that it is set in London will appeal to a great number of people who actually live in London. This is because the audience will be able to relate to the character and the film and therefore will be more affected by the film. E.g. many people who live in London were terrified of using theLondon Underground after watching the movie ‘Creep’ which is set inCharing Cross tube station. This scared many people who used thestation, which is the major aim of a horror/thriller film. Lifestyle: The movie itself is quite slow pace this doesn’t take away from it’s excitement. Therefore our target audience would be people who lead an active life and enjoy trills and sitting on the edge of their seat whilst watching a movie. The mystery and enigma throughout our film will appeal to our target audience.
  38. 38. Why Our Target Audience Will BeInterested In Our Film! The Idea: Our target audience will be interested in our idea because it is thrilling and exciting and creates mystery (the history behind the house and the ghost). This will intrigue our audience, because they will want to find out more. The unexplained paranormal events that take place will interest people who regularly watch thrillers Form: We want to use very creep and eerie music in some parts then fast pace violin music to create excitement. This will interest our audience because the are aiming our film at thrill seekers. We also want to use quick cutaways to create excitement and build up tension for the audience. (running through the corridors). However will we also use smooth camera movements to build up tension that will lead up to the climax at the end. Conventions: We are targeting our film at an audience who regularly watch horrors and thrillers with conventions such as terror, and we will intrigue people who enjoy being frightened by films. We will include ghosts and spirits in order to attract an audience who are interested in supernatural happenings and life after death. (Ghost girl). We want to satisfy their interest in paranormal activities by including spirits and weird unexplained events such as the TV switching on by itself.
  39. 39. CharactersWe are using one main character who is seen, and someone toplay the ghost that is troubling our main character, who is unseen.Gledis is playing this main character as she fits the profile. She isthe same age as we want our character to be, and so will play ourmain character extremely well. Gledis
  40. 40. Actor/Character Props/Costume Gledis Character The Others The Unborn This character meets stereotypes of a helpless young girl who is haunted by a ghost Some movies in which this is displayed are listed above.
  41. 41. Location We have two locations with this idea. The first, is a bedroom in which all of these supernatural things happen to the character in. There are no health and safety risks in this locationIMAGES The desk that the character is working at, when she hears the noises coming from...
  42. 42. Location ...this wardrobe. More images of the desk...
  43. 43. The television that’ll turnLocation Another view of my itself. on the desk and her working area.
  44. 44. Location This location is nearly always accessible as its my room, however, the only problem we may face with this location is when we can film as my mother works from home and noise from filming could be an issue. We can get there from school by getting the 266 or 260 bus to Church Road and then a short walking distance, where we’d have to cross four non-major roads.
  45. 45. Narrative Our opening sequence has a linear narrative with foreshadowing. The structure of the opening sequence will not change, its all in one place and at one time. Also, our character will be researching ghosts, a series of hauntings etc which hints at what will happen throughout the rest of the film.
  46. 46. TVZETAN TODOROV( NARRATIVE FILM THEORIST: NARRATIVE STRUCTURE)Tvzetan Todorov is a Franco- Equilibrium: it is a narrativeBulgarian philosopher. He that starts with a state oflived in France since 1963 harmony, example a group ofwith his wife and two people enjoying their live.children. Disequilibrium: it is a world of stability which involves disruption, example when an evil event happens to character in a movie. New Equilibrium: it is when the evil in a movie is removed and it restores harmony.
  47. 47. It contrast with disequilibrium because it has some disturbing images in the middle the movieThis describesequilibrium as it has This links with newthe character enjoying equilibrium as ithimself because he shows a peacefulthinks that everything atmosphereis perfect. between the characters
  48. 48. Binary Opposition: This is asophisticated but important idea thatwill help you understand how ideas andmeanings are being shaped, created orreinforced in a text. It is a theory ofmeaning and an idea that can beapplied to all texts; it is especially usefulwhen analysing poetry where meaninghas been compressed into a very fewwords.
  49. 49. This scene is clearly This particular sceneused to illustrate fear shows the audience aand danger. A close up basic understanding ofshot of his face explains the movie which links towhat is happening in the the binary oppositionscene without theaudience not evenseeing the next stage
  50. 50. Characters and their purpose inpropp’s theory. The villain (strugglesagainst the hero)The donor (prepares the hero orgives the hero some magical object)The (magical) helper (helps the heroin the quest)The princess (person the heromarries, often sought for during thenarrative)Her fatherThe dispatcher (character who makesthe lack known and sends the herooff)The hero or victim/seeker hero,reacts to the donor, weds theprincess
  51. 51. This scene shows a character of a man losing his family and ends up in an accident as he tries to escape the true world.This scene shows thecharacter been played by thiswoman as a care taker of thesick or a doctor.
  52. 52.  This genre links to the theories as the themes used in all the theories are included in the decision making, suspense, disgust and fear been created by the group.