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Assignment 5 – ancillary task


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Assignment 5 – ancillary task

  1. 1. Assignment 5 – AncillAry tAskreseArch of newspAper Adverts By Gledis Dedaj
  2. 2. stAge one:Research of Newspaper adverts
  3. 3. my chosen level…Some could – At least 3 newspapers or more.
  4. 4. What kinds of things are in the newspaper? • Sports Section • Horoscopes • Word Puzzles• Page 3 - Glamour Model • Humorous Cartoons • Dear Deidre
  5. 5. How is the newspaper organised/structured? • Like most newspapers ‘The Sun’ starts with the story behind the front page news.• The middle of the newspaper is filled with celebrity gossip.• Then there are puzzles, horoscopes, and the T.V. guide.• At the back of the newspaper there is all the latest on sports.
  6. 6. How much advertising is it in?• Almost every page in ‘The Sun’ consisted of some form of advertisement from tiny ones in the corner to full page adverts.• Therefore I would estimate that about 50% of the newspaper is advert based.
  7. 7. The cost of what they advertise? • Advertising in the Sun newspaper would cost approximately £35,000 per day for a full page private ad and the advertising agencies nominally negotiate private deals.
  8. 8. Who is target audience?• Due to the fact that its only 40p, it could be aimed at a more lower class group of people as it is so cheap.• The Sun’s reading age is only eight years old, which also implies a lower class audience as they are normally associated with being less literate than those of a higher status or class.
  9. 9. Where is it available?• The UK • Scotland • Ireland
  10. 10. Size of adverts
  11. 11. What kinds of things are in the newspaper?• Cartoon strips • Weather • "Shock issues" • Horoscopes • Football Section
  12. 12. Who is target audience? • Due to the type of news that they publish, the Metro is considered to be aimed at mainly labour supporting working class as their topics are in favour with this particular group of people.• It has supported the Labour Party since 1945 and its target audience is 18-30.
  13. 13. Where is it available?• The UK • Ireland • Scotland • Australia • Sri Lanka
  14. 14. Size of adverts
  15. 15. What kinds of things are in the newspaper?• Popular News • Fashion • Sport • Weather • Celebrity Gossip • Horoscopes • T.V. Guide
  16. 16. How is the newspaper organised/structured? It is divided into different sections, starting with the most important topics and finishing with entertainment …• Most Important, • The Weather • Showbiz and Current News Gossip • Sports • Puzzle Games, • Fashion Competitions and Horoscopes
  17. 17. How much advertising is it in?• On an average, the Metro has about just over 60% of advertising within its newspaper.• This could be down to the fact that is a tabloid-free newspaper and almost every page consists of some form of advertisement.
  18. 18. Who is target audience?• There is quite a broad audience for the Metro as it caters to almost all age groups and genders.• Teenagers: The fashion and showbiz section• Young Adults – Middle Aged: The news headlines and current debates and affairs• Men: Sports section at the back• Women: The celebrity gossip and reality T.V. updates
  19. 19. Where is it available?• Only in the UK
  20. 20. Size of adverts
  21. 21. stAge 2:Research of Channel Adverts my chosen level…Most could – at least 4 adverts
  22. 22. chAnnel 5 – ‘Big Brother’ • Content: Informs viewers of the time and day the show will be aired, then they have the• Layout and Organisation: The text is name of the programme. placed on the bottom right corner of the • Underneath they reveal that it will be a ‘New advert. The picture in the background is Series’. blurred. • Finally in a smaller font is the logo and website address of the channel. • Photo Manipulation: The background picture has been blurred out. • Adds mystery because it’s a ‘new series • Font Style: The simple font style suggests its suitable for all to watch. • The hot pink colour of the programme name implies its will be a light-hearted show.
  23. 23. chAnnel 4• Usually before certain programmes on channel 4 there is a pre-advert showing the channel 4 logo.• Photo Manipulation and Graphics: This is done by photo shopping certain objects together to form a ‘4’ shape. The camera pans to the side … And the shapes slowly reveal the channel 4 logo.
  24. 24. chAnnel 4 – ‘mAde in chelseA’ Advert • The sponsor of• Text and Font: The text reads the name of the programme and the programme also happens to be the logo. is also shown• Its the largest text on so it can stand out therefore implying its on the advert. significance.• Then it is revealed that the show is ‘coming soon’ creating enigma and leaving viewers intrigued. • Layout: As usual the text is at the bottom left hand corner and the sponsor to the right.• There is no photo manipulation apart from the increase in brightness which has been done to make the advert more eye-catching and exciting thus drawing viewers in.
  25. 25. chAnnel 4 – ‘deep wAter’ Advert• Picture Manipulation: The • Text: Keeping to picture has been made to their usual style the resemble water which reflects text is placed to the on the name ‘Deep Water’. lower part of the left and side. • However the date and time is above the name of the film. • Finally the channel 4 website is also shown • in a much small font The logo has been • Graphics: Once again, in order to at the very bottom. made colourful in echo the film name the strokes of contrast to its blue and the glowing effect have been usual black added to look like under water. colouring.