Assignment 11 draft 4


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Assignment 11 draft 4

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 11: REDRAFT #4.GETTING INTO GROUPS. Key Code: Abigail: Gledis: Joanne: Vera: Group Work:
  4. 4. FEEDBACK OF OUR FIRST OPENING SEQUENCE: Our opening sequence was too long + more like a film. We didn’t use enough transitions, or any special effects. The pace of our opening sequence wasn’t fast enough.We were missing outon marks, because we We need to be more waryhad no titles. of head space when re- filming, as we had a lot of empty space.
  5. 5. DECISIONS AND REVISIONS. Whilst filming our opening sequence, we had to make a few decisions about the script and the layout, which differed from our original ideas. Some parts of the script were cut out, as it was unrealistic that a character to say some of the written lines. There was also some confusion with the intended opening sequence. We had different ideas about what we were filming for it, so had to change it on the day.
  6. 6. DCONVENTIONS OF THRILLERS... • We are using conventions of thrillers, such as crime, mystery and ghosts. • We identified other thriller films that used these conventions effectively, such as House On A Haunted Hill, Stir Of Echoes and The Others. • We collectively decided on how we would use, develop and challenge these conventions.
  7. 7. D Convention Explanation Use/Develop/ Challenge Our character is Using – We’re haunted by a using this as weGhosts/Spirits ghost in her are doing home. possession which can be quite a typical feature. Mysterious things Using– We’re are keep on using this happening to the convention by Mystery character, and as included mystery she becomes all the way aware of this, through the plot. these happenings At the end of film, Developing – get worse. our character is We’re developing fully possessed. this because our Possession But during the character is opening sequence, possessed slowly the character has and is aware of a close encounter this possession. with the ghost.
  8. 8. Same as assignment 11 Theme/Concept draft 3  An idea we had for the theme was Revenge and the concept was Possession. Injustice Ghosts Grievance Twists & TurnsVictims Enigma Revenge & Hidden identities Possession! Vicious Ghouls Suspicious circumstances Unsuspecting Mysterious Shocking Someone who has revelations been wronged
  9. 9. Same as assignment 11Theme/Concept draft 3 Another idea we had for the theme was Justice and concept was Death Murder & Manslaughter Righteousness Revenge Moral Rightness.Vendetta Justice & Death! A Cause Mystery Decay Supernatural Life After Death
  10. 10. NARRATIVE STRUCTURE. The narrative structure of our opening sequence follows the theory of Todorov. It is structured this way as it begins with relative harmony which is then disrupted by the disequilibrium and it is unknown whether or not this is resolved which is the new equilibrium. Our opening sequence introduces our character, and the audience to the idea of supernatural events.
  11. 11. THE NEW IDEA. Footage from a night vision camera is shown, in which the character has her covers pulled off whilst sleeping by the ghost and the lamp switches off. Zoom out to imply the character is watching the video from her laptop and is horrified at what she sees . The door slowly opens and a gush of wind pushes the papers on her desk. She gets up, closes the door and sits at her desk. The laptop then suddenly turns off and a mysterious figure walks past behind her (seen by audience only). The door opens violently. She stands up in fright and the curtains behind her open by themselves. She backs away from her desk. Suddenly loud banging can be heard from inside her cupboard scaring her. She reluctantly walks to the cupboard doors terrified and opens them. It is not seen what is in their only her reaction. The camera zooms fast into her face and then a blackout.
  12. 12. NEW STORYBOARD. Close up shot, Ariel Close up of website research Long Shot, Slow motions zoom 2 Keyboard 31 Camera swished around The room fast4 Whispers are heard 5 Mid-shot view of character 6
  13. 13. Ariel shot of room Extreme close up of Camera screen7 8 Close up of camera in hand 9 Close up of TV10 Long shot 11 12 Mid shot
  14. 14. Long shot Close up shot Close up shot of side of the face13 14 15 Close up of photo Close up shot of16 camera in hand 17 Ariel shot 18
  15. 15. Close up of face to capture emotions Over the shoulder shot Mid shot19 20 21 Long shot of hall way Ariel shot drop to Over the shoulder shot22 23 24
  16. 16. Close up shot25 26 Wide shot Then fast zoom In to Extreme close up to hand
  17. 17. CHANGES IN CHARACTER ANDMISE EN SCENE. For draft two, we are changing the actress, location and costume. Our actress is now Joanne Aroda. We will change her costume to make her look a bit less confident and more vulnerable. We have also changed the location slightly as the character will remain in her room and not go downstairs.
  18. 18. CHANGES IN CHARACTER ANDMISE EN SCENE. We have decided that we want out character ‘Drew’ to represent your average normal person. The reason we have done this is because we feel that this will help her character relate to a much wider audience. We want our audience to think that what happens to our character in our film can happen to anyone no matter how ordinary. The purpose of this is so frighten our audience, as this is our main goal with a Thriller film.
  19. 19. Same as assignment 11Location draft 3 We have one locations with this idea. The first, is a bedroom in which all of these supernatural things happen to the character in. There are no health and safety risks in this location. (Supernatural things)
  20. 20. Same as assignment 11Location draft 3  This location is nearly always accessible as its my room, however, the only problem we may face with this location is when we can film as my mother works from home and noise from filming could be an issue.  We can get there from school by getting the 266 or 260 bus to Church Road and then a short walking distance, where we’d have to cross four non-major roads.
  21. 21. DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. We looked at various distribution companies in order to find one that would be suitable for our second draft. We finally decided on Ghost House Pictures It is a distribution company that have been behind films such as The Grudge (1-3), The Children and The Messengers.
  22. 22. DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. They are suitable for our film idea, as they distribute to both American and European audiences and they make well known films. Their budgets range from £4,500,000 - £10,000,000. We would aim to be at the lower end of their budget for our film.
  23. 23. TITLES. In our first opening sequence, we lacked any titles, however, for the second draft, we want to put titles on a black screen between the events in the opening sequence. This will stall the suspense and put the audience on edge, which is one of our main aims. We will stagger our titles as this will make the audience pay more attention to each individual title on screen.
  24. 24. SCRIPT FOR DRAFT 2
  25. 25. TITLES OF ‘ROSEMARY’S BABY’ The font style and colour are somewhat unusual as it does not link with anything in the movie. This could be down to the time the film was made. During the 60s technology was not as developed. However the fact that its so uncommon for a Horror/Thriller, makes it unique and unpredictable. • Baby pink colour, however symbolises the innocence of Rosemary’s character. •Similarly, our main character also possesses a sense of innocence. This has inspired us to use a font not normally associated with Thrillers to make it as unpredictable as possible.
  26. 26. TITLES OF STEPHEN KING’S ‘IT’ ‘IT’ Titles And Credits of Stephen King’s The bright red symbolisesThe title of the film is the blood and gore thereforeonly text in this colour attracting the target(bright red) and font style. audience as it is common in Horror/Thrillers. The small cuts and slitsThis makes the title stand within the letters emphasisout from the rest of the text the violence in the movie ashighlighting the significance they represent stabs andof the ‘IT’ character to scratches.intrigue the audience.
  27. 27. TITLES OF OUR OPENINGSEQUENCE We want the titles and credits of our opening sequence to fade in and out. This is because it creates an eerie effect and symbolises the way the ghost in the movie appears and disappears. Our titles will only come one screen during a time when nothing significant is happening as to not distract the audience from any important parts of the sequence.