Marketing Automation Benchmark Report- Q3 2012


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This comprehensive guide to the Marketing Automation explores why companies are taking the plunge and investing in Marketing Automation technologies. It's a great resource for companies that are currently in the market for a marketing automation technology or just looking for a little more clarity about what these technologies actually do.

You'll learn:

How Top Performing organizations are using Marketing Automation to outperform peers and crush industry averages
The top 5 reasons to implement a Marketing Automation solution
How Top Performers overcome challenges to Marketing Automation adoption
Common metrics that are used to measure the success of Marketing Automation initiatives
The report includes a comprehensive vendor landscape with vendor rankings based on 4 dimensions – Ease of Deployment, Ease of Use, Features and Functions, & Overall Value. Plus, the vendor rankings are developed using actual customer experiences with vendors.

The findings featured in this report are derived from a Q3 2011 Gleanster survey on Marketing Automation and feature responses from over 378 organizations. Gleanster uses 2-3 key performance indicators (KPIs) to distinguish "Top Performers" from all other companies ("Everyone Else") within a given data set, thereby establishing a basis for benchmarking best practices.

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Marketing Automation Benchmark Report- Q3 2012

  1. 1. Q3 2012 Gleansight Marketing AutomationContent Here’s what marketing automation is not. It’s not a single technology usedPart 1: Topic Overview by a single function within the organization to achieve a single purposePart 2: Reasons to Implement or derive a single benefit. Rather, marketing automation encompassesPart 3: Value Drivers multiple technologies, functions and purposes, by integrating a combinationPart 4: Challenges of core capabilities into a cohesive whole. Think of a home entertainmentPart 5: Performance Metrics system comprised of multiple components: a high definition TV, an MP3Part 6: Success StoryPart 7: Vendor Landscape player, a DVD player, a gaming console, a surround-sound speaker system, and so on. Some of these components work on their own or in combination with other components – not unlike a marketing campaignSidebars management system, an email marketing platform and a lead nurturingSurvey Stats application. Yet there’s enormous value in bringing them together.Benchmark KPIsCore TechnologiesGleanster NumbersVendor Quick Reference Guide Until recently, marketing automation was largely viewed as an unproven approach to data-driven marketing improvement. With the number, diversity and sophistication of related solutions exploding, that is no longer the case. Companies (both B2B and B2C) are achieving results that range from reduced marketing costs and better measurement to increased revenue and profitability. That said, overall penetration remains low and it may be some time before the vast majority of companies take advantage of these capabilities. Meanwhile, a small percentage of companies — what Gleanster refers to as Top Performers, based on their ability to outperform industry peers across various key performance indicators — are already harnessing the power of marketing automation. This Gleansight benchmark report examines their common characteristics. It also looks at how they’re maximizing the value of their investment in marketing automation, by puttingNote: This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- not only the right technologies in place but also the right business processes,ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use. culture, organizational resources, and performance metrics.Entire content © 2012 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  2. 2. Gleansight: Marketing Automation Survey StatsThe research findings featured in this Part 1: Topic OverviewGleansight benchmark report arederived from the Q3 2011 Gleanster Business marketing has changed radically in recent years. As buyerssurvey on Marketing Automation. do more research on the Internet, they interact with sales people less • Total survey responses: 378 often and later in the selection process. This has made marketers increasingly responsible for attracting new customers and providing them • Qualified survey responses: 312 with information. At the same time, marketers face pressures to deploy • Company size: <$1M (6%); $1 new techniques, control costs, and prove out the value of their efforts. - 10M (29%); $10-100M (30%); $100M - $1B (24%); >$1B (11%) Marketing automation software helps formulas directly from the data. Other to meet these challenges. It replaces automated applications could be • Geography: North America separate systems for email, web matching content to user behavior (88%); Europe (6%); Other (6%) visitor tracking, lead scoring, nurture and choosing the optimal timing for campaigns, campaign management, campaign messages. Done right, • Industries: Software and reporting and other core components marketing automation creates a virtuous Technology (33%); Business with one solution that streamlines cycle of continuous improvement as Services (15%); Financial marketing processes and shares data marketers run tests, deploy what works, Services (9%); Education (5%); with sales. This makes it easier to and test again. Entertainment (4%); Other (34%) execute marketing programs and to track results. The resulting efficiencies But marketing automation isn’t always • Job levels: C-level (9%); SVP/ done right. The systems require VP (23%); Director (37%); free marketers’ time and budgets to create more sophisticated programs, investment in new skills, creation of new Manager & Staff (31%) materials, and changes to departmental while better measurement lets them procedures. Marketers must learn to ensure their “ measure and resourcesSample survey respondents: are used as Marketing automation communicateDirector, Consolidated Communications productively as replaces separate systems results in ways that make possible. for email, web visitor sense to theirManager, McAfee By definition, tracking, lead scoring, counterparts inDirector, Hewlett-Packard automation nurture campaigns, sales and senior refers to a campaign management management.VP of Marketing, FlexPAC process or and reporting with one And they oftenManager, The Gorman-Rupp Company system that must overcome solution that streamlines organizational operates on itsVP of Marketing, CompuCom own and takes marketing processes and obstacles toManager, PSG the place of shares data with sales. sharing data human labor. and coordinatingCMO, Networked Insights Marketing activities that automation would otherwiseDirector, McKesson should mean having the system make block their efforts from bearing fruit.SVP, Sysco choices so marketers don’t have to. In short, success with marketing Think about lead scoring, where the automation is not guaranteed. The traditional approach is for a team technology itself is rarely the problem: of people to sit around a table and the major products have been running negotiate a set of scoring rules. An for several years now, so the main bugs automated approach would eliminateNote: This document is intended for individual have already been worked out. Becauseuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- that need by using techniques likeing on a personal website is in violation of the the systems are software-as-a-service,terms of use. regression analysis to derive theEntire content © 2012 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  3. 3. Gleansight: Marketing Automation deployment is simply a matter of train staff to use the systems, to design accessing an already-operational new marketing programs that takeBenchmark KPIs system. Basic connections with the advantage of system capabilities, and toGleanster uses 2-3 key performance populate those programs with effective company website and sales automationindicators (KPIs) to distinguish “Top system can often be completed in marketing content. They need to assessPerformers” from all other companies(“Everyone Else”) within a given data minutes, although deeper integration and improve data quality, both by fixingset, thereby establishing a basis takes longer. internal processes and by purchasingfor benchmarking best practices. external information. Perhaps mostBy definition, Top Performers are However, real business value requires critical, they must coordinate withcomprised of the top quartile ofqualified survey respondents (QSRs). more than getting the software to run. the sales department to ensure the Companies must set realistic goals for programs are delivering valuable leadsThe KPIs used for distinguishing their project and measure progress and that those leads will be handledTop Performers focus on towards those goals. They need to effectively when sales receives them.performance metrics that speakto year-over-year improvement inrelevant, measurable areas. Notall KPIs are weighted equally. • The KPIs used for this Gleansight are: • Reduction in the cost per lead • Increase in customer acquisition rate • Increase in return on marketing investmentTo learn more about Gleanster’sresearch methodology,please click here or This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post-ing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use.Entire content © 2012 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  4. 4. Gleansight: Marketing Automation Part 2: Reasons to Implement Marketers know their ultimate job is to increase revenue. Marketing automation can help by generating more and higher quality leads, which will eventually turn into new customers. Greater efficiency and reduced costs are important because they free up resources for the primary objective. Improving results from existing customers, through higher cross sell, upsell, and retention, are still largely the job of sales people, although marketers have an increasing role to play as customers interact with the company through Web and social channels in addition to direct contact. Better measurement is key to improving performance, by learning from the past. But measurement is a supporting capability, not a goal in itself, as is sales alignment, which contributes to better results even though it doesn’t generate revenue directly. * According to Top Performers, based on 312 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2011 survey on Marketing Automation. **According to Everyone Else shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top Performers Increase Revenue. Marketers are that produce high-quality leads and sometimes stereotyped as more modify or discard programs that don’t. interested in clever advertisements or Marketing automation also provides customer attitudes than in concrete tools to capture lead information and to business results. But, in fact, driving use that information in scoring models. revenue is their most important concern. The resulting scores give marketers an They see marketing automation systems objective quality metric that is available as a tool that supports this goal in many immediately and continuously, without different ways. But many marketers also relying on salespeople to give their own recognize the difficulty of calculating subjective assessments. the impact of marketing programs on revenue. These marketers are likely to Generate more leads. Top performing focus on other objectives that can be marketers focus less on lead quantity measured directly. than lead quality. But all marketers recognize that creating more leads Generate better leads. Low-quality is important. Marketing automation leads waste company resources, systems are the primary tool for making them worse than no leads outbound lead generation efforts,Note: This document is intended for individual at all. Marketing automation makes primarily email, and for taking advantageuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- it easier to identify the source of of traffic generated by other channelsing on a personal website is in violation of theterms of use. each lead so as to expand programs such as advertising, blogs, tradeEntire content © 2012 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.
  5. 5. Gleansight: Marketing Automation shows, and social media. Marketing happens after a lead is passed to automation helps capture more leads sales, this attitude is changing as moreCore Technologies on the company website by providing companies envision revenue generation tools that let marketers build micro-sites, as a unified process managed jointlyThe basic components and core surveys, and special-purpose landing by marketing and sales. This approachcapabilities required for a marketing pages without help from the company IT makes sense as prospects andautomation system include: department or webmaster. customers interact with marketing-Outbound email. Users must managed systems throughout theirbe able to create templates to Improve marketing efficiency. The relationship with the company. Beyondgenerate personalized emails from biggest obstacle to better marketing generating higher quality leads fromthe system database. They mustalso be able to import email listsfrom trade shows, print advertising,CRM and other sources. Emailsmust contain trackable links tosystem-generated landing pages.Social media. Users can post contentto social media, track social media-generated traffic, help recipients sharecontent to their own social mediaaccounts, and monitor social mediaconversations. More sophisticatedfeatures include forms and personalized * According to Top Performers, based on 312 Qualified Survey Responses to the Q3 2011 survey on Marketing within social platforms, using **According to Everyone Else shown only when a notable disparity occurs relative to Top Performerssocial sign-on to capture more data,and building more detailed profiles results is often lack of time for marketers the start, marketers can contribute tobased on activities, consumption, to experiment with new programs and higher close rates by running nurtureconnections and influence. to refine existing programs. Marketing campaigns. automation systems enable marketersLanding pages and Web forms. Users to spend less time on mechanical tasks Improve marketing measurement.must be able to create Web forms and such as program set-up, and to do for Marketers need good measurement,landing pages that can capture leads themselves work that would otherwise both to understand which programs arefrom system-generated emails and be sent to another company department working and to justify their budgets.other sources. Forms are designed to or an outside agency. As a result, But measurement projects compete forcollect prospect information and marry marketers can run more projects, deliver time and budget with other marketingthis with cross -channel behavioralresponse patterns allowing the those projects more quickly, and react tasks, which often have more immediateorganization to identify which prospects faster to new opportunities. impact on lead volume and revenues.are ready to talk to sales. These pages Marketing automation systems Improve customer retention. assemble much of the informationare hosted by the marketing automationsystem and post data directly to the Marketing automation systems provide needed for better measurement andmarketing automation database. an effective, low-cost way to keep in provide new measurement reports, contact with existing customers, through reducing the additional effort required to both scheduled messages such as achieve improved measurement. newsletters and event-driven messages such as follow-up to a customer Improve marketing-sales alignment. service request. These automated Because closer integration between programs build a positive relationship marketing and sales is a growing that can result in higher retention necessity, both departments are without requiring personal effort by a looking for ways to achieve it. Most salesperson or account manager. sales departments already have basic operating systems in place to distribute, Increase close rates. Although track, and manage leads and customerNote: This document is intended for individualuse. Electronic distribution via email or by post- marketers have traditionally not contacts. Marketing automation providesing on a personal website is in violation of the concerned themselves with what a corresponding infrastructure for theterms of use.Entire content © 2012 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.