Authenticity Attracts Talent


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This presentation goes over VMware's "corporate crush" campaign and the 5 steps that they use to ensure transparency within their organization.

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  • Daniel will introduce each speakers name and title and hand it over to Alison to give a brief overview of Glassdoor
  • Alison will cover today’s agenda
  • Each stat will animate in one at a time:1)51% new employees have buyer’s remorse, 88% looking to leave within 6 months because hiring process failed to paint accurate picture of job.As a result, today’s candidates are looking for more than just the employer’s perspective (career site, job description, recruiter conversations).They’re seeking out information from new channels that didn’t exist even 5 years ago and actually putting more trust in.According to Nielson Research, 70% trust online reviews and ratings as a source of brand information 2)Today’s candidates are no different. 95% say reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work.And a company’s reputation has more of an impact than you might expect.3)69% of today’s candidates wouldn’t take a job with a company that had a bad reputation… even if they were UNEMPLOYED!84% would consider leaving their current job if offered another role at a company that had an excellent reputation, and most in the $75-$100K salary range would only require a 1-10% salary increase to consider the job.What’s this mean? A company’s employer brand reputation directly impacts their ability to attract and retain top talentSo it’s critical that employers are promoting their brand where today’s job seekers are looking for it
  • [Alison will speak to this slide and prompt Daniel when to advance the slide]
  • Just to tell you a little about the influence GD has on candidates, 48% of job seekers are using it.  Glassdoor has become the most trusted & transparent place for candidates to search for jobs and research companies.  [Alison will speak to this slide and prompt Daniel when to advance the slide]
  • [Alison will speak to this slide and prompt Daniel when to advance the slide]
  • [Alison will speak to this slide and hand it over to Judy @ Vmware]
  • Hi everyone. I'm Judy Phung. I manage employment brand and recruitment marketing at VMware. I'm excited to share with you some perspectives on how we go about communicating our story of what it's like to work here, what motivates our people, and what our workplace is like in authentic way.Before I begin, I want to share a quote that many of you may have heard from Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos "A great brand is a story that never stops unfolding." At VMware, our employment brand story is what we are focused on telling and what we will share in the next several slides as it relates to our workplace and people.
  • First and foremost, conveying our employment brand story starts with our very own people. That means we strive to highlight the true experiences of our people. As an HR group overall, we are employee-centric, and use employee-based research through focus groups, surveys, and real-time crowdsourcing to fuel campaigns. For example, we go straight to the source and talk with our employees and have them tell their story, which includes having them star in our campaigns. Not only do our employees relate to seeing familiar faces of their own colleagues, potential new hires relate better to real people versus stock images.Most importantly, we share these stories to show how our people are part of a larger whole which in turn inspires our current people and attracts potential new people.
  • Architects of What's Next is our most current and prominent example of an employment brand campaign where we started with employee focus groups around why they came to VMware and why they stay to do their best. What we found was a common and resounding thread -- to make a difference and be on the leading edge of imagining, defining and delivering what's next in the IT industry. Here you are seeing a snapshot of employees across disciplines filling in the blank of "what's next." Through engaging our global people with the campaign, we created personalized and authentic content.
  • In the previous slide, you saw the employee engagement aspect of the campaign. Here you are seeing the imagery, visual identity and messaging on our Facebook profile, Glassdoor ads and other social media content posts. These employees in a sense became our reoccurring characters sharing their real and authentic stories. With the Glassdoor ads in particular, we found a high engagement rate and click through at the time of the initial launch as people responded well to the creative.
  • Outside of Glassdoor and or social channels, the approach of communicating our employment brand story with authenticity is carried over. In this print ad, we thanked our employees for making the workplace recognition possible and featured a long-time tenured employee.
  • An integrated marketing approach is a key component to getting our authentic, employee-based stories out to potential new hires. Here you are seeing trackable and interactive newsletters where we re-packaged content for social sharing on our major channels.
  • The Corporate Crush campaign is one of my favorite campaigns. We launched this over a year ago. I wanted to share this with you because it follows the approach of being authentically employee-based, employee-inspired, employee-crowd-sourced and employee-shared. We used both our internal social network and external networks to share the stories that unfolded throughout the campaign. This campaign was actually inspired by a focus group of our top engineers. We had been discussing a variety of topics around "why they choose VMware as workplace." One of the engineer's fondly spoke of the first time he used the technology and was immediately amazed by what was possible. There was no other technology that could do what VMware was doing at the time. For him, it was a moment of both awe and respect - at that moment he had a "corporate crush" and fell for VMware. So from that focus group, we wondered how many others have a "corporate crush?" We asked our employees why they loved VMware. From the images you can see we all had fun with it. Then we re-shared the responses back internally and externally.Perhaps, the funniest thing was that our VMware bobble head (given to employees who participated) became somewhat of a celebrity - travelling around the world and appearing in Instagram postings.
  • There are many channels and opportunities to share our story. Jumping back to our current Architects of What's Next campaign, you can see that we aim to connect with potential new hires on these channels and use image rich, authentic and relatable content whenever possible. Now I'm going to hand it over to Price Smith who manages our VMware Careers' social channels to share how we keep authenticity at the core of what we do in content planning and generation.
  • Thanks for passing the baton, Judy. How is everyone on the call? Have you taken away any relevant strategies for you and your team at work? Great! I’d like to quickly pass it over to Daniel to take a quick poll and then willdive into 5 steps that my team proactively takes, and your team can take as well, to ensure transparency and connect with top talent.
  • The first and one of the most crucial steps, is building out an editorial calendar. At the beginning of each year, the VMware Employment Brand team sits down together to pause and reflect on where we’ve been, what’s next (i.e. hiring initiatives, campaigns, key messages and stories that we want to convey), and how we plan on executing on these plans.  From this initial brainstorm we build out an editorial calendar for the year. As Judy mentioned earlier, the story never stops unfolding. Due to this, we’re always looking for opportunistic story leads to infuse and refresh the editorial calendar – it’s always a working document.  Some examples of stories and areas we look to amplify in the editorial calendar include: people & team stories, academic conferences, hiring initiatives, holidays & cultural events, and awards & recognitions. After we’ve identified the key focus areas for the editorial calendar, we then connect with various directors, managers and employee brand journalists to help drive and identify key VMware people across the globe to help bring the story features to life in an authentic and compelling way. Here you see an example of an employment brand editorial calendar. Our team currently houses our master editorial calendar in the Cloud in an Excel document.
  • We leverage Glassdoor reviews and our First Impression Survey, a bi-weekly internal survey that goes out to all new hires at VMware, as check points to get a pulse on our strengths and weaknesses. These findings help inform and shape our editorial calendar.  In 2012 we noted several Glassdoor reviews highlighting growth & development as a pain point for VMware. We took these findings back to internal stakeholders and created editorial content to help amplify the fact that our people can leverage a variety of development opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.  An example of this is the Take 3 (T3) Program. T3 is a program intended to drive continued innovation by giving eligible employees an opportunity to take a break from their usual work responsibilities for up to three months. The time is spent by rotating into another team at VMware to learn and contribute expertise, work on an advanced development research project or learning activity, go out into the field with the sales organization, or participate in an extended Service Learning giving back experience. We empowered VMware people that had participated in the T3 Program, to share their takeaways – both internally and externally – on the VMware Careers social channels in blog post and YouTube interviews. Our hope is that by doing this, current employees that weren’t aware of these opportunities previously, can take advantage of them in the future, and future employees can be informed on the available opportunities to grow and drive what’s next at VMware.  The First Impressions survey allows new employees an opportunity to shed light on their initial interactions with VMware, the hiring process, what is working and what we could improve upon as an employer. When reviewing the survey results, we noticed comments around the need for more regular communications from recruiters. This feedback was shared with staffing directors who then relayed this information with their teams. These efforts are examples of our continuous drive to be transparent and effectively convey our employment brand.
  • Be responsive, listen & answer with a human touch. These are all important characteristics to future employees and current employees.  No matter the social channel we’re active on from an employment brand perspective, I try to be prompt and transparent with inquiries.  When we were transitioning from one vendor to another as our main host of VMware jobs at the end of 2013, community members and candidates experienced some technical issues when trying to apply to our jobs. Several people reached out socially inquiring about the issue.  We listened. We responded on our social channels, highlighting the fact that we were aware of the apply issues and any frustrations that it might have caused - showing transparency & a human touch – and provided a direct link to successfully apply to all jobs while the job site issues were resolved.  Community members were appreciative of the fact that we acknowledged the issue in a timely manner externally as you can see on the current slide, which shows our LinkedIn communications on the topic.  Overall, I’ve noticed that people are often surprised when they receive a quick and genuine response in the social space. Acknowledging a communication, whether positive or negative, can go along way and ultimately helps foster a thriving talent community.
  • Our internal social network, VMware Link, powered by Socialcast, allows our people across the globe to easily connect and share information with one another. The VMware Employment Brand team leverages VMware Link to identify story leads, highlight people and team stories, engage in two-way conversations, and share employment brand campaigns with our people.  Here on the slide you’ll notice communications around Engineers Week 2014, which was from February 16-22. We spotlighted four VMware Engineers from around the world in a social blog post that was shared internally and externally. This image shows the thought share around the topic as another employee shared relevant information to learn more about Engineers Week and ways to get involved. It’s inspiring to see the collaboration and thought share that VMware Link provides for our people.
  • We use both free and paid tools (ex: Spredfast, Radian6, Omniture, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Quora) to listen and track sentiment and conversations around life at VMware (employee culture at VMware) These insights also help shape our employment brand strategy. An example of this is a 2013 social collaboration with our global Recruiters. We connected with our Staffing employees on the top 10 most frequently asked questions from candidates that they received at VMware. From these findings we created a social postisode series that highlighted each question, a VMware Staffing employee, their response to the question, and ways for candidates to socially connect with that particular staffing employee.  This project is an example of how we strive to continuously listen to our talent community, and be authentic by providing a means for two-way communication.
  • Architects of What’s Next “15 Ways to Be a Talent Brand Expert” Infographic The Employment Brand team in conjunction with Staffing leaders in the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa), & APAC (Asia, Pacific, Japan) empowered VMware Recruiters & Sourcers with an infographic task sheet This task sheet was a fun way for employees to engage and amplify our people stories and create a sense of community while piquing the interest of potential talent around what’s next at VMware, their careers and the technology industry Active participants received an Architects of What’s Next t-shirt and the site with the most participation received a happy hour
  • [Judy will speak to this slide and give a recap from her portion]
  • [Price will speak to this slide and give a recap from her portion]
  • [Judy will go over the results VMware has seen on Glassdoor and then hand it over to Daniel to open it up for Questions]
  • Daniel will see if there are questions or ask the 4 staged questions provided and advance to final slide on how to get in touch
  • Authenticity Attracts Talent

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    4. 4. What We Know About Today’s Candidates 51% have buyer’s remorse due to an inaccurate picture of the job 95% are influenced by reviews from those inside the company 69% wouldn’t take a job with a company that had a bad reputation …so why is it so hard to find the right job and company? Confidential and Proprietary © Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2014 #Glassdoor
    5. 5. What We Know A company’s Employer Brand Reputation directly impacts its ability to attract and retain top talent Confidential and Proprietary © Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2014 #Glassdoor
    6. 6. Helping People Find The Jobs & Companies They Love 48% has become the most trusted and transparent place for today’s candidates to search for jobs and of job seekers use Glassdoor research companies Member growth over 4 years (Source: Software Advice Report, Jan 2014) 22M members 6M content 300K companies 190 countries Confidential and Proprietary © Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2014 15M jobs #Glassdoor
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    25. 25. Action Plan Externally:  Employees make our brand  Give employees the chance to help convey your company’s message  Authenticity builds trust with candidates Confidential and Proprietary © Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2014 #Glassdoor
    26. 26. Results Challenge: • Hard-to-fill engineering positions in SF Bay Area • Competing for talent with other well-known brands • Aggressive hiring goals (300 software engineers) Results on Glassdoor: • 10 hires in first 90 days with Glassdoor • 36 total hires from Glassdoor • $2,200 CPH – one of most cost-effective channels • Best conversion rate from applicant to hire Glassdoor Solutions: • Employer Profile • JobAds Confidential and Proprietary © Glassdoor, Inc. 2008-2014 #Glassdoor
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