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Genentech GDRoadshow Presentation


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Learn how Genentech practices purposeful recruitment branding in this Glassdoor Best Places to Work presentation!

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Genentech GDRoadshow Presentation

  1. 1. Genentech’sJourneytoPurposeful RecruitmentBranding Glassdoor Roadshow, February 19, 2015 Traci Scovel, Principal Program Manager, Corporate Staffing
  2. 2. Topics • In the beginning… • Compare & Contrast • Attract & Engage: It’s a new day • Purposeful Messaging • Designed Differentiation • Fun Facts & Social Storytelling
  3. 3. In the beginning… • Existed in a very different (local) environment • Past recruitment campaigns were often derivatives • Creative execution followed a pattern • Relied heavily on Genentech’s reputation • Messaging wasn’t differentiated
  4. 4. Compare & Contrast
  5. 5. Compare & Contrast
  6. 6. Attract & Engage: It’s a new day • BE BOLD: command attention • BE THOUGHTFUL: share relatable messaging that speaks to core Genentech values • BE PROVOCATIVE: disrupt and inspire • BE DIFFERENT: we are not a me too company • BE BETTER: it’s in our DNA…encourage new thinking
  7. 7. Purposeful Messaging Goal: To create consistent meaning in the minds of those who matter most to our success. • Revitalize how we are perceived externally througha campaign that furtherdifferentiatesus from competitors • Focus on candidate’s hopes and ambitions, positioning GNE as a vehicle to achieve those hopes and ambitions • Inspire currentemployee community and further peak the curiosity of prospective candidates • Invigorate people and expose themto opportunities to join a tradition of inquiry that helps change the face of medicine
  8. 8. Designed Differentiation AJob With a Future
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Passion,Purpose,People • Passion: We invented biotechnology. And we’re driven to do it again, every day • Purpose: Doing your job well positively impacts the lives of millions of patients • People: Our one-of-a-kind culture is built on diversity, dedication and celebration
  11. 11. SocialStorytelling • Optimize relevance, reach and candidate experience through vivid story telling, bold imagery and differentiated content. • Long Form Post (Relocation, HR landscape, Compensation)
  12. 12. Why“OpenCompany” We have an opportunity to show employees, as well as candidates that we are a company that doesn’t rest on its laurels. We strive to be better so that Genentech is a place where people can do their best work! Be bold: address concerns head-on Embrace opportunity to be proactive Tell the Genentech story Transform negative experiences Explore & experiment Resiliency through risk
  13. 13. ItTakesAllofUs