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Dallas Best Places to Work Roadshow | Grand Rounds

Liz Gerstung, VP Corporate Relations
A Grand Rounds Approach to Culture and Values

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Dallas Best Places to Work Roadshow | Grand Rounds

  1. 1. A Grand Rounds Approach to Culture and Values Liz Gerstung, VP Corporate Relations
  2. 2. SKILLS BUILDINGCHARACTER BUILDING cleaning hotel rooms waiting tables admin asst apt rental sales sales support market dvlpmt integrated product mktg corp mktg & comms washing dishes hauling garbage waiting + legal asst acct / ops mgmt direct mktg product mgmt prod / corp brand strat service fashion healthcare Not to chronological scale INTERNAL RELATIONS FOCUS
  3. 3. An all-access pass to the best in American medicine
  4. 4. Employer pays a few bucks per employee per month. Employees engage with Grand Rounds as the first ally and last word in their healthcare. They pay $0 for (virtual) expert help and the “usual” for local top doc care. Each case generates thousands in savings… …and moves us closer to eliminating the $1 trillion+ in wasteful U.S. healthcare spending. Follow the savings
  5. 5. Put patients first. Hang up on the CEO if you need to. Act with integrity. Do right, especially when it’s most difficult. Be courageous. Imagine what health care can be, then fight for it. Debate and collaborate. Debate ideas, not people. Have confidence, not attitude. Deliver results. Maximize your do:say ratio.
  6. 6. Three philosophical tenets
  7. 7. Put employees at the center. (They know who keeps the lights on.)
  8. 8. Good employee relations = good brand = good business.
  9. 9. Abandon “focus on fit.” Instead, attend to amplification.
  10. 10. EXTRA CREDIT: Claiming perfection is a sure way to convince folks otherwise.
  11. 11. Three things to try (tomorrow even!)
  12. 12. Get serious about silly.
  13. 13. Give the everyday employee airtime.
  14. 14. Glassdoor: go for it.
  15. 15. EXTRA CREDIT: Make your values stick.
  16. 16. Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. Simon Sinek
  17. 17. Learn more / connect Why Grand Rounds aims for Best Places to Work How a table changed my perspective on hiring great talent Why I joined the Grand Rounds mission Questions? Feedback? | liz.gerstung at grandrounds dot com @raegerstung
  18. 18.