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9 Steps to Building a Referral Program that Lands Happy Hires


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Join us for a webinar to learn how to build the ultimate referral program in 9 simple steps.

Joshua Zywien, Content Manager at SmashFly
Mallory Brown, Content Marketing Manager at Glassdoor

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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9 Steps to Building a Referral Program that Lands Happy Hires

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  4. 4. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Featured Speakers Mallory Brown Content Marketing Manager at Glassdoor Josh Zywien Content Manager at SmashFly
  5. 5. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires agenda talent landscape has shifted why referrals are essential for employer branding and recruiting 9 steps to a top notch employee referral program key takeaways Q&A
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  13. 13. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Referrals Are Essential to" a Recruitment Marketing Strategy REFERRED EMPLOYEES ALSO STAY LONGER BECAUSE: 1.  They joined a company with a person they already know and trust. 2.  They are better informed about the expectations of job and culture. Source: Glassdoor DataLabs, July 2016
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  17. 17. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Invest in your brand first. Reinforce your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) through communications and events so employees can tell a consistent, compelling story to referred candidates. PRO TIP: 1
  18. 18. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Investing in Your Brand
  19. 19. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Get leadership and hiring manager buy-in. Send leaders and hiring managers referral statistics on a regular basis, and encourage them to highlight the referral program and key " job openings at team meetings. PRO TIP: 2
  20. 20. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Provide the Data
  21. 21. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Establish your program incentives and guidelines. Create and share a referral guide that explains referral policies and procedures. Include an FAQ section on your company intranet or referral landing pages. PRO TIP: 3
  22. 22. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Simplify your " referral process. Question all the assumptions of your existing referral program. Do the policies and procedures take current employee and candidate interests and behaviors into account? If not, determine how you can simplify the process. PRO TIP: 4
  23. 23. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Find the right technology. 5 Consider a holistic technology like a Recruitment Marketing Platform to manage referrals alongside your other recruitment marketing tactics. PRO TIP:
  24. 24. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Get the word out. 6 Provide templated copy and trackable hyperlinks that allow " employees to easily share job opportunities in a few clicks via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. PRO TIP:
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  26. 26. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Broaden your " referral network. 7 Source: SmashFly, Beyond Employees: Employee Referral Programs Redefined, 2015 Companies that reach beyond employees get
  27. 27. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Measure your success. 8 Source: SmashFly, ERP Survey, 2015
  28. 28. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires COMPARE KEY" REFERRAL METRICS TO" OTHER SOURCES OF HIRE: •  Referral to hire ratio •  Time to hire •  Average cost per referral TRACK EMPLOYEE AND" USER ENGAGEMENT WITH YOUR" REFERRAL PROGRAM: •  Open rate and click-through rate on emails •  Number of referrals per department •  Number of referrals per different networks like alumni, vendors, etc. •  Number of social media shares from employees
  29. 29. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires " Continue to " nurture referrals. 9 Keep communication open with both the employee who referred, as well as the candidate. Transparency and honesty will encourage employees to continue to refer, as well as turn referrals into brand " advocates, if not potential future hires. PRO TIP:
  30. 30. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Key Takeaways
  31. 31. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Key Takeaways Invest in your brand and refine over time Keep it simple Build relationships through timely, targeted nurture Measure in order to improve 1 2 3 4
  32. 32. © Glassdoor, Inc. 2017#HappyHires Mallory Brown Content Marketing Manager at Glassdoor Josh Zywien Content Manager at SmashFly
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